Been Sick But I am Back

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I have been sick for 4 days.Altho it has been a rough few days it was not life threatening nor heart related. I went to ER on Friday with some minor stomach pain which turned out to be nothing. Pain stopped after we were there for awhile.Tests showed nothing. But once again I proved why I stay far away from ER’s hospital s etc. I picked up some kind of bug and landed me in bed for 3 days unable to get up except for bathroom. One minute I was freezing and next I was sweating. It was good for my weight. Thankfully the worse when Bill was off work.
We were reminded again how lucky we are to be able to take care of ourselves and also have family that can help if needed. There was an older couple in same room as me on other side of room that almost had Bill in tears. He had just been released from hospital after having a stroke a few days ago.She was driving them somewhere and she hit something and split her chin.She had to have 7 stitches. They had no way to get home.She wanted to drive and then he wanted to. Neither one was suppose to be driving anyway. Bill went out and told nurses he would drive them home and walk back to hospital as they only lived maybe ¼ mile away. But they said they would figure something out. They we head the poor thing crying and asking her hubby why was all these bad things happening. Bill was really fighting to hold the tears in.They finally came in and told them they would call a cab and they would have to get someone to get their car.they reassured them that security would watch their cars. We told nurse again we would do it as I was released but she said she was worried about the liabilities of it. What is sad is that this is so common here.Older people who will not give up driving and have no family around to help. Bill and I have always said we will give up our keys but it will be hard. When I passed out last year I wasn’t allowed to drive and it was upsetting. Not that I needed to drive.It was just the thought that I couldn’t if I wanted to.
But I am still going to check and see what services are available before we need help so we will know what is out there.
The pool is gone. The young man and his son came and busted but to take it they will get the deck.It makes me feel better that it will be enjoyed by a hard working young couple. Bill is getting excited about redoing the back yard, There is a lot of work. The back fence has to have all those white boards Bill put up to keep dogs from getting in our yard and hurting Roxie. It is going to look really good but will take time. Bill’s time table ranges from gunho to hoho. But he gets it done. Will only be extending butterfly garden a small amount. Which is all I want.As long as it and gazebo are how I want he can go to town on rest of yard.
Here are some pool up and pool down pics
Ok No pics now.Trouble getting them to upload will try again later with a blog of just pics.
Needless to say I am very far behind in my sparking. bear with me and I will catch up. Have a great day.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my sweetie pains me to hear that you had to go to the hospital! I DO worry about you and would surely adopt you if you were the least bit 'adoptable'...hee..hee! emoticon I know how fiercely independent you are!

    I'm just so happy that Bill has you and you have Bill..and of course that you BOTH have the Roxy girl! It's a three way love affair...for sure, for sure!

    I'm NOT looking foward to going back to Des Moines at all...and then I feel guilty for not being excited about seeing Don's mom and rotten sister. Geeze...the things we hold onto eh?

    I'll make the best of it...I always do. It's just a shame to leave my old kitty cat when he doesn't eat well and will miss me SO much he just might not make it. I'll have someone coming to the house to feed him...but he doesn't know them and you know how THAT is.

    I told the hubs that I'm sorry but I feel like I'm desserting someone I TRULY love for someone I don't even give a hoot about. I know that hurt his feelings a little bit by the expression on his face...I have a BAD habit of being way too blunt about some of the things I say...then I have to apologize and once again the old guilt guy comes out to give me a boot in the keister.

    I told him I was going back of course to support HIM...truth be known he has a hard time spending much one on one time with his mother himself and he has terrible rows with his sister. It's just SO sad when family can't support each other isn't it?

    I've read that the most challenging people in your life are the very one's that you have to learn the MOST from.

    How I can learn ANYTHING from his mom other than manipulating others through guilt is a REAL mystery to me....must be REVERSE psychology..for sure...for sure! emoticon emoticon
    2494 days ago
    Eleni, glad you're on the mend! Your Bill and my Larry could be brothers...he was always helping someone out and had such a tender heart. He'd cry over a new story or a movie, especially if children were involved. He did alot for his mom and dad, too. They live in West Palm Beach. His sister lives with them, as they can't drive or live alone anymore. My grand darlings will be here about 4:00. Trying to get the house in order before they tear it up again. Will be glad for the company...July can't be gone fast enough, though I know it's a sin to wish your life away!
    2495 days ago
  • KATIE233
    am glad you are feeling better. take it easy for awhile. so i guess number one thing is fence to keep our Roxy safe for sure.the baby is so cute!felt sorry for the older couple it,s to bad the hospital didn,t say ok for you and Bill to drive them home even if Bill walk them to the door.rules are rules i guess.we in Lindsay Ontario have the Limo bus for seniors takes you right to the door just have to phone them day before i think. or the town bus but it will take half hour to get to where you want to get too. but it is there.or taxi and they are not getting any cheaper with the gas up in price. oh well take care and work at back yard slowly little steps.take care and hugs your friend kathy emoticon emoticon
    2496 days ago
    I'm glad you are feeling better.
    2496 days ago
    Hi Eleni........
    I am so glad to see you back. And glad that it was nothing serious............not fun, but not serious!!!
    You are wise to check on the services available now before you actually need them. It is good to be prepared as we never know what the situation will be.
    Bill is such a sweetheart!!! And isn't it sad that we can't be there for each other without the threat of liability?!? I am sure that the older couple would have loved to have met both of you and instead, they have to ride in a cab!!!!!
    Take care and don't try to do too much too soon.
    2496 days ago
    Glad you are feeling better.
    2496 days ago
    I'm glad you're feeling better! Just don't over do it until you're all the way better.

    I love the cute pic of your GGB ! She's adorable.

    The senior drivers can be a danger to themselves, as well as those around them. Most towns have transportation for older folks. It's not as convenient as driving yourself but you do what you have to do.

    There was a couple, in my FL neighborhood, that were both disabled. One of them had working legs and the other had working upper body, so one of them worked the floor pedals while the other one did the steering. It was crazy! They didn't go too far from home, like that - just to the grocery store.
    2496 days ago
    Glad you are feeling better and that it was not serious. Rough way to lose weight.
    Your GGD is adorable.
    2496 days ago
    I'm glad to see you back, and glad you're feeling better. We've missed you here!
    2496 days ago
    The driving thing is a huge puzzle. I can see all sides of it. I don't like to drive now so I will be happy to give it up, but I know it's not going to be easy if I don't have people to take me places.

    Sorry about your illness. It never fails. Hospitals are the worst for colds and flu, etc.

    Well, you ended your blog with an adorable baby picture so that is good!

    2496 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    I'm glad your illness wasn't serious, though it still isn't good to not feel well. Lucky that Bill was home, he seems like such a great help.

    Only my hubby drives, I'm deaf so no license, but turning 80 in a few weeks, he has to take a drivers test and have an eye exam ... this is mandatory in Canada when you turn 80 and every two years after that you take the test again. He's worried because he's slow at writing and with his memory problem, though he knows how to drive, he might forget some rule or another on the test!! Here, we have small special 'buses' for handicap people and seniors so we already know we'll register for that when the time comes. Costs the same as a regular city bus but picks you up at the door and takes you right to your destination.

    I'm gabby, sorry, lol.
    I'm glad to see you back Eleni and to know you're pretty well okay. Sure missed your blogs and photos. Bill has his hands full redoing the yard now but I'm sure he'll enjoy doing it and you'll enjoy the results.
    2496 days ago
    How sad about that couple. I am glad you are feeling better. I hope I can give up the keys before I injure myself or others.
    2496 days ago
  • 0309COOKIE
    So glad to hear you are feeling better.
    2496 days ago
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