Day 41 A Day at the Allergist

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well, yesterday was spent at the asthma and allergy specialist for my son. He's inherited my asthma. Only where I grew up in subtropical climes and used my inhaler maybe twice a year, he is in good ol' KY, allergy capital of the nation. It still isn't as bad as it could be, but he has to use his inhaler once a week during the allergy seasons and more when he's playing soccer. So, now he's on a nightly inhaler that he should be weaned from in six months. Probably something I should be doing as my asthma has worsened 200% in the 15 years I've been back here. But, kids first. And since they've racked up the doctor visits in the last couple of months, I'll be waiting a bit for me.

The whole reason for going to the allergist, though, wasn't for his asthma or even seasonal allergies. The kid just wanted to know if he was still allergic to peanuts. He'd had a reaction 6 years ago and has avoided peanuts since the test came back positive. The peanut reaction wasn't bad - hives - and he began having it after eating peanut butter every day for weeks - as 5 year olds tend to do. Then a few years ago, he had a severe reaction to a crab sandwich over in Virginia. He'd had shellfish before and it hadn't even shown up on the allergy test. But, that one bite into my sandwich had his throat closing up. So, strict avoidance of all crustaceans. He didn't seem to have any problem with bivalves.

But, then we went in yesterday. The kid had 50 pricks and only one of them had no reaction at all. His back was covered in bumps and welts. He is allergic to all the grasses tested, all but one of the weeds, all but three trees, horses (we have one), dust (we have a lot), all shellfish (including bivalves), still peanuts (he's not happy about that one), and all the mold spores tested. I'm still not sure why the kid seems as healthy as he does with that list.

So, now, we're going to be driving up to Lex twice a week for allergy shots. Yay! I have a high deductible insurance plan (I chose this one because we never go to the doctor and I have access to a good HSA plan). So, that means $200 - $250 every five weeks on top of the gas involved in driving home from work and driving back to Lex where the allergist is. Plus, taking off work early enough to make it home and back before the office closes. We'll more than likely be looking for a closer allergist, but I really like this one and would rather stay with her. Aaaaaaaahhhhh!

Okay. Vented. Life is what it is. No use in bemoaning the issue. Time to move on. It will, of course, all work out in the end. And, most importantly, it could always be worse. The kid is a healthy little monkey and this is manageable.
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  • CEKER9
    Sorry to hear about your son... I have my own allergies... mostly food, thank goodness! If he likes peanut butter so much, I was able to switch to almond butter and maybe he can too. I can have my "peanut butter" sandwiches again and enjoy it *very* much... I actually like the almond better.

    Good luck with your and your son's allergies.
    3616 days ago
    The good news is now you know exactly what he is allergic to. No more questions. Just have to adapt and like you said, it will all work out in the end. Good luck with the shots.
    3616 days ago
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