UH OH..... What have I gotten myself into????

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I did something yesterday I thought I would never do and I am rather nervous about it.

It requires a serious commitment of at least 3 days a week, traveling 40 miles round trip, and time usage of 3 hours or so each day. Also, this will cost me $$$$$ and a personal commitment to myself requiring accountability.

You may be asking, "What has this woman gotten herself into........................?"

I purchased a membership at a new gym and most important, bought a large block of time for personal training. I try to get my fitness in how and when I can, but it is oh so easy for me to cheat on myself. Common sense tells me, "Well silly, who is really hurting who here?" But somehow in my moments of weakness, that concept n e v e r seems to matter. I have the type of personality that produces better when I must answer to someone or something else other than myself. In other words, I do best when someone is watching me. That's right and I recognize I need to have a regular appointment and obligation SCHEDULED!!!

My first training session is Monday evening, July 25 at 6PM with Max the trainer. They have about 30 different trainers. I questioned whether Max was suitable for women my age and I was assured he was. Phew!!!! I would hate to collapse after 15 minutes on the gym floor in front of everyone. At least let me get out of there before that happens.

Yesterday, I set a new personal goal, which is to be at my target weight of 145 by November 14, my 55th birthday, or 116 days from now. Can't believe that 55 thing...when did that happen?? This involves a weight loss of about 30 pounds. I also want to reduce my body fat, which is at 32% (blaugh) to 25% or lower. My goals are NOT outrageous and very reasonable. Max is also a degreed dietician so I am hoping to tap into his expertise in that area.

This new gym has much more to offer than my former gym. It is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week, has a huge lap swimming pool, weights, hot tub, cardio, sauna, steam room, and has about 100 exercise classes a week. There is also a full service spa and for those that care...tanning. No excuses and something for everyone.

My approach will be to think of this personal project as a serious obligation, healthwise and egowise. A job to do, but one that I can enjoy and be proud of. Pride of course, after I begin to see some progress on my part. In the end the success is up to me. Wish me luck and I will keep everyone posted!!!
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    emoticon HOORAY for you!!! I, too, needed someone else to whom to be accountable. Being accountable to me was just to easy to cancel out on. This is by far the greatest investment you can make in yourself and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in not only your fitness but other aspects of your life. I know I continue to be amazed at the changes taking place in me. I never cancel a training session and I have two per week. On days I don't see Sergio, he wants text messages on what I ate and what I did at the gym. My only day off from the gym is Sunday. Expect to be pushed beyond what you think is possible to endure ... emoticon Max will soon come to know your abilities better than you know your own. Trust him to take you where you want to go -- even if it hurts. emoticon Stay positive -- keep a "can do" attitude -- make it fun and laugh a lot (mostly at yourself). One more suggestion -- no one is watching you but Max and he's there to help you. Everyone else is focused on their own workout. Good luck! Do keep us posted!!!

    3645 days ago
    you go girl!!
    3646 days ago
    3646 days ago
    Congrats! You are braver than me!!! I intend joining a gym (the kids are on my back), but I do want to fit into the right clothes first, lol!!! Well done. emoticon emoticon
    3657 days ago
    This is awesome!! Sometimes spending the money is the best motivator! You figure, heck, I spent a LOT, I'm getting my money's work!

    You get it, girl! Good for you!
    3661 days ago
    Committing is the first step to acceptance. WOW! Congratulations! I am sure you can do it!!!!
    3662 days ago
    Good for you!!! I thinks that was a wise investment that you just made on yourself. I finally bit the budget bullet and joined the local fitness center this past winter. I would like to think that I am pretty good about staying active, but truth be told, it is way too easy for me to find excuses to slug out and not get it done. With all the monthly expense, consistent temperature, classes etc etc etc....I can't avoid getting at least three days and if I'm being good five days of 30 or more minutes a day.
    3662 days ago
    Like you, I'm 54 and I joined a gym in March. It was an awesome decision. I didn't use a personal trainer but I've been regularly on the weight machines and using the pool. I sometimes use the other cardio machines, but in the summer I prefer to be outside for cardio. Like you, I have to travel to get there - it takes me 30 minutes each way, and I'm at the gym for 1-2 hours each time I go. They say that the majority of people stop going to a gym after one month, so I am pretty excited to still be going strong. I use my gym after work and my evenings of fitness are much more gratifying than sitting on my butt watching a movie or reading a book. I still do that stuff too, but afterwards!
    3662 days ago
    You are VERY brave! I cannot imagine paying money for pain and humiliation, lol! I'm glad you are ready to do this, it shows commitment to a healthy lifestyle and I really hope it works out well.
    Best wishes, Sandra
    3662 days ago
    Best of luck to you! I hope you don't hate Max after the 1st day! :)
    3662 days ago
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