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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments – Jim Rohn
There is always an excuse… - John Parker

June 27, 2011
Nothing is changing because I have changed nothing. Yes, I run & run & run but that is nothing new. I still suck at strength training, cross training, and good nutrition. I suck at it because I choose to suck at it. I have LOTS of excuses!

Excuses for strength training: “There is not enough time before work to run and strength train”. “I’m too tired after work to do anything”.

Cross training: “I just want to sleep that extra hour instead of getting up to cross train”. “I’m too tired after work to do anything”.

Good Nutrition: Good Grief – I deal with people’s diets 40 -45 hours a week, I really don’t want to deal with mine thank you very much. Cooking is messy – it creates more work than it is worth. It’s so easy to order take out & have Danny pick it up. I do love my Mike’s lemonade after work & no, I will not give that up. It takes too long to sit & plan menus & grocery lists, etc. Yawn – boring too. I don’t make enough money to hire a cook, damn it!

I still have a messy house (I don’t think I have cleaned it since Gail & Mark came to visit), I still eat takeout way too much, I still don’t have any cute clothes cause I hate shopping, I still haven’t gone to the grocery store cause I hate shopping and making out a grocery list. I haven’t done anything to change my negative behaviors. Yes, I am a very naughty girl.

So every evening I come home from work about 5:30 pm. Sit in my nice comfy chair (or by the pool) with an icy cold LITE Mike’s lemonade and discuss where we are buying supper for the evening with Danny. “Pizza? BBQ? How ‘bout Chinese tonight? We could go to Fox’s & get some po-boys. I’m really craving those fries & gravy”.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday Morning I get up at the crack of dawn to run. It takes a lot to keep me from running. I will run on the treadmill if I need to get my run in. But cross training be damn. I will float on a raft in the pool for an hour instead of swimming laps. I will sit and watch endless evening TV instead of riding my bike on a trainer while watching endless TV. I skip over my core & hip flexors exercises and then moan & groan about how my lower back hurts at times. My arms wave in the air like dumbo’s ears cause I will not do a few strength training exercises to improve my muscle mass.

I recognize I have a problem. I recognize that I need to choose what I will do about it. I know that by doing nothing different I will change nothing & I will not accomplish my goals.

This leads me to discipline… setting goals means being discipline in the actions it takes to accomplish the goals.

I asked my Sparky Marathoners, Spark in the Dark, and Road Runners spark buddies to let me know their definition of discipline. Pretty much across the board it is taking action to achieve the goals you want.

July 20, 2011
I am happy to say that I finally made the choice to clean up my act. After writing out my frustrations on June 27th, I wrote down some goals.

1. I HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE – on the Fourth of July weekend I started cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning some more. Once I got started, my husband & daughter pitched in. Before you know it, the house was neat & clean. All those naughty little spider webs were GONE!
2. I have gone swimming 3 times for cross-training. It is a start for me. There is something very relaxing about doing the freestyle & back stroke over & over again.
3. I have added one strength training session to my training schedule.
4. As of July 17th, I gave up my Mike’s Lemonade & other alcohol. Doing this turn my focus over to better nutrition. I haven’t had a Lay’s potato chip (which I normally eat while drinking the Mike’s) since July 17th either. People, that is progress! Let the Streak continue.

My marathon training is going well. As of today I have ran 707 miles this year. I will be ghost running for DeeJ with the HTC gang in late August. I will run the St. Jude Marathon in early December. Then I will meet up with some of my favorite sparkers to run the Goofy in early January. I am not training for any PRs this year. I’m just training for the distance. I hope to return back to New Orleans in early March to attempt a new half marathon PR.

My new mantra: Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments – Jim Rohn
(There is always an excuse… - John Parker) No more excuses – Tammy Pennington

Run Strong, sparkers!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Very behind on reading, so I'll just check in instead! Hope that the discipline is coming together...especially now that summer is closing and fall is beginning! :-) Take care and hope all is well with you!
    2430 days ago
    Tammy - thanks for the inspiration!
    2491 days ago
    I am glad to read about someone that is similar to me. I have made excuses. I have not cleaned my house. I get home a little later than you (around 6:30) and I have a husband who loves to go out. I had a stress fracture in my foot and could not run or walk for two months. Luckily, I was able to use our Air-Dyne. But I found excuses for not doing that on a consistent basis. By the time I was able to get back to running I gained about eight pounds. Finally, yesterday I told myself to get back on track. So, I am tracking my food intake which alone helps me out a lot. Today I read your blog and it gave me more incentive to reach my goals. Thank you so much for sharing emoticon
    2494 days ago
    So, I'm your favorite Sparker? ROFL!
    2497 days ago
  • AUNTIE65
    Ohhhh Tammy - I love the lay's potato chips too! I cannot have them in the house or I eat the whole bag! They are a special occasion food (I can't tell you how excited I am for vacation coming up!). I know you can do this!! Keep up the good work my friend!!
    2497 days ago
    Plot your course girl, and sail!
    2497 days ago
    Tammy - thanks for this blog. I know that I am trying to put into action some changes that will lead to my goals, I appreciate knowing someone else is right there with me.
    2497 days ago
  • CANDIS799
    Nicely executed (the discipline part, I mean)! Definitely an inspiring blog! Thank you.
    2497 days ago
    I think it is interesting how we suddenly get the urge to start a streak, make a change, apply the discipline and move forward. I'm in a funk right now, but reading about your new streak is giving me hope that I'll find the motivation soon.
    2497 days ago
    Loved reading this... It's definitely firing me up to restart my regimen again!
    2497 days ago
    "Tammy is my new hero" - John Parker
    2497 days ago
    Tammy---loved this...I see so much of me in here!!! Mo more excuses...love it!!! stay strong, you can do it!!!
    Are you still doing the 40/40/40--have not seen you over there....LOL
    2498 days ago
  • BOBBYD31
    congrats on that new found discipline. how about pittsburgh at the end of march for that new HM PR. lots of us will be here. and giving up mikes, ummmmm i don't think so :)
    2498 days ago
    WOO HOO for you girlfriend!! Jeff Olson, author of "The Slight Edge" (and a Jim Rohn prodigy) teaches that it's all about making those small changes that are easy to do (but just as easy NOT to do), that when repeated over time make ALL the difference!! CONGRATS for making the decision to take action & map your route to where you truly want to be!!

    I'm SOOOO proud of you! :)

    p.s. Your body's gonna thank you for feeding it real food :) can't wait to see your results!
    2498 days ago
    Awesome Tammy! And inspiring, too. I've been sittin' on my butt (except for running) for too long. I think I'll make a list, blog it for accountability and get on things. I have way too much to do before November to be this lazy.
    2498 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    Way to go!! you are SUCH an inspiration! I am taking a vacation next week. My goal, to clean, organize every cabinet, cupboard and closet in my house. Everything will find a home or it will NOT be in MY home! I am actually looking forward to spending my vacation this way!
    Next I will start exercising (regularly) in the mornings! I am don with the "i'm too tired" I am doing it!

    whenever I feel like blowing it off and not getting up early I will be taking my inspiration from YOU Tammy!! Thank You!!
    2498 days ago
    Tammy- step by step youre making Big changes and inspiring others along the way

    thanks for posting the nice blog

    Cheers to you emoticon emoticon


    2498 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/20/2011 6:10:50 PM
  • TIGGER622
    Tammy you rock girlie!!! Way to set the goals and knock em dead!!! I CANT BELIEVE you gave up your Mike's... I have a soft spot for a cold beer or a glass fo red wine... when I drive to the boyfriend's house after driving home from work (approx 80 min driving after working all day) all I want is a nice cold beer to chill away the stress of traffic - and he always has one waiting for me. If I could just give that up... hmmm... you are my hero girl! WAY TO GO!!! Keep it up!!!!
    2498 days ago
    Tammy, you are awesome!!!! I need to get some of your discipline.
    2498 days ago
    this blog is waaaaaay to relatable! LOL

    2498 days ago
  • JEM0622
    Woo hoo! I should give up my red wine. I know I should. But it is a toughie. I don't like cleaning either! Flooded basement is making me change that though. Rock on, Tammy! You are doing great!
    2498 days ago
    Tammy, I love it! You have made such fabulous progress in one month! Less than one month! You are so smart to focus on the little changes... before you know it, those little changes add up and you are sitting in a clean house drinking water instead of alcohol! :D
    2498 days ago
    Excellent blog, excellent goals and I want to be more like you!!!
    2498 days ago
    Good for you, Tammy! You're on your way. It's great that you sat down, looked these things in the eye and made some goals. Way to go!!
    2498 days ago
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