Jabba the Hut Syndrome (3 steps to dealing with setbacks)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(This is how I feel...minus the drink and cigarette, don't do that stuff anymore. emoticon)

In a previous blog, I was kind of worried about my legs and feet swelling almost 3 times their size...well it didn't really go fact, it got worst, so worse that I finally gave in and went to Medical--
Now before I get my head bit off about why in the world didn't I go much earlier other than the fact that I am stubborn and I hate going, first I had to walk half a mile to work to tell my Major about it, then walked almost 3/4 mile to Medical--yeah no cell phone and no car really sucks, especially when your legs and feet feel like they are about to explode with fluid. emoticon
But I realized that since I drink over a gallon of water a day, low sodium, no empty carbs, and no dairy, and even increased cardio my legs stayed in some degree of bloatedness for a while now no matter what I did that it was time to just go ahead and do it.
So I went and got all the tests done and the Doc said to stop taking all natural supplements, including multivitamins--and no exercise until Thursday when I have to come back for the results. emoticon

Me: "Can I just do cardio?"
Doc: "No, that's exercise."
Me: "Walk around the compound?"
Doc: "Just to and from work that's all."
Me: "Yoga?"
Me: "Got it Sir." emoticon

Yeah I think I panicked and freaked out the minute I left Medical but by the time I got back to work I was fine. Yes I was bothered about not exercising and having to change up my eating and the possibility that something major could be wrong with me that can really set me back in my fitness goals...but while on this journey I have learned that getting all upset was the worst thing to do at this moment. So here was my thought process with dealing with this situation.

1. Get it out of my system...for 5 minutes. Hey, I'm human. So I just let it all out in my mind the consequences and the fears of the situation...then I took a deep breath and pushed on to:

2. Realize that none of this is beyond my control. I have serious control issues, I will own up to this. I absolutely hate not being in control of things, especially my own body. But I have learned that stressing over it is only going to make matters worse so I will only focus on what I have control of, which is to monitor what I eat for the next few days and elevate my legs every night, keep drinking plenty of water, and most importantly take this time to relax and get some extra sleep that I desperately need. Finally:

3. Pray and/or have confidence that things will workout the way I need them to. This surprisingly is the most difficult one for me to do because of my control issues mentioned before. But also in my journey I have desired to get closer to God and I have understanding that when given to Him I should not worry or stress over my dilemma. I have to just let go and let God. But I also know that I am capable of being strong and not letting anything beat me down and cause me to lose focus on everything else that I am working on to accomplish.
By the time I got in to work, I was telling them the situation with some jokes included because I have to be able to display strength and courage in this time despite the uncertanity of what the diagnosis could be. This may be difficult for some, but child, just fake it to make it--cause snotting and crying at work in front of everyone is not a good look.

So my mantra for this experience is: No matter what may come my way, I will stay strong with a smile on my face.

I know that in the end, I will still continue on and accomplish everything I set out to do no matter what the results are on Thursday.

So tell me, what have you done when there were setbacks in your life?

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    Dude that is so scary! I too am a total control freak and ended up having major anxiety attacks last year because I didn't feel in control of my body. Swelling legs is pretty scary especially w/ how well you've been treating yourself. But your exchange w/ the dr cracked me up! Do you think maybe it could be too low sodium - since you're in the desert and sweating maybe you're not replenishing the sodium/electrolytes your losing? Have your mom send you some Sustain from Melaleuca - its like gartorade but better cuz it has no hfcs and its what I give my daughter when she's sick. It come in a powder form too so you can just mix it in with some water.
    I'm glad you were able to let yourself process all those freak out feelings, move pass them, and then deal with it. You are an amazing woman! Keep ROCKING it chica!
    3471 days ago
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