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My journey with Insanity!

Monday, July 18, 2011

So, I am obviously not much of a blogger, my one blog entry throughout the past 4 years is living proof! So why blog now? Good question...My answer is simple:

1) I want to be accountable for making better choices. My husband is supportive, but is also responsible for a lot of my slip ups (going to eat, having a random drink here and there together when we don't need to, laying on a raft instead of working out). I figure that the more people I can have support me, but knowing my plan, the better!

2) I am starting Insanity and will be sticking to the workouts for the next two months, so I can only assume I will have some stories, horror stories, from my workouts which could be entertaining...and maybe after my journey some of you may want to take a similar journey!

So here is my plan:
**Complete my assigned insanity workout 6 days a week
**Stay in calorie range 5 days a week
**Blog about my journey

I know I know, you may say "what only 5 days in range?". Yes...ideally 7 days is what I will shoot for, but I know myself and when I am too restrictive I end up binging anyway. Plus this is summer break and for the next month we have some party or get away at least once a week. I will be mindful, but I want an attainable goal. On my two flexible days, if I am around the house, I will end up tracking which will make me want to have a better day...Also, about the diet, I plan on staying in my range 1,300-1,500. I will take some ideas from the insanity nutrition guide and try to make better choices, but again am planning on being flexible and may not stick exactly to their meals all day every day.

I did complete my Fit Test with insanity today, which is about 25 minutes, including a warm up and cool down. You record how many reps of each exercise you can do in one minutes, with a 30 second break before the next exercise. There are actually only EIGHT exercises, but I have never wanted to have an exercise induced puke more than today! It was so tough and it took about 15 minutes after the video to feel less puk-ish! So yeah, lets add drink tons of water to my goals for this month...oh boy! It was so tough, and throughout the video I thought to myself "there is no way, I need to sell this baby"...but now that I am done I am excited for my actual workout tomorrow!

Here are my results, we will see how I improve (I will be taking it again after 15 days!)
Switch kicks 45
Power jacks 38
Power knees 74
Power jumps 26
Globe jumps 6
Suicide jumps 11
Push-up jacks 14
Low plank obliques 47 (I counted each rep, so I will do it the same way each time, I was unsure it 1 rep= both sides)

Alright, lets see if this program actually makes me insane... emoticon
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