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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm taking part in the BLC #11 for 20 somethings with 100+ pounds to lose.. and part of our weekly challenge is to set out goals.
Since I can type them out here and be able to look at them daily, i thought here might be a good place for them to go. here's hoping...

Long term goals: Well, eventually I plan on losing 125-130 pounds. I want to be healthier, and set a good example for my kids. I want to break the cycle of bad food habits that i grew up with. Eating does solve emotional issues.. I really have to get that through my head.

Hm.. timeline for my goals. Well, i'm already showing my daughter better food habits than i ever knew before discovering sparkpeople, and I;m definately a whole heck of a lot more active than i was, so I think the big one here is the weight loss.
So, I want to be 275 at least by the end of the challenge. After that i would like to maintain a wieghtloss of 5=10 pounds a month ( 1-2pounds a week) (minimum). I think that's a good milestone to aim for.
how to do it?1) Defiantely keep up with my water and no caffiene.. have foudn that caffiene just makes me blow up like a balloon ( *sigh* I miss coffee).2) keep active: I have found that i can't workout like most people because of the kids ( seriously, my daughter HAS to be involved in what i'm doing when i'm home of she loses it), but if i can include my kids in the process its easier. walking/dancing/gardening with my preschooler, while carrying my 5 month old helps with the cardio at least. Strength training is ok if i can find things that Peanut likes to mimic. So i just have to keep it up rather than let it slack. Yup.. i'm rambling. Anyways...
3) Nutrition: Now, I think this is my bbiggest hurdle. i'm an emotional eater. I know it. if something is going wrong, i eat. If something is going good, I eat. And I don't crave good things. i was going pretty ok there for a while with substituting veggies and some fruits for my snacking .. but I've gotten away form that, and back to the cookies and chocolates.
I need to change that. I also need to change the emotional eating. So to reach my weight loss goals, i'm going to have to work on things here. Set mini goals for nutrition. I guess would be to start bby changing the snacking back to veggies and occasional fruit rather than cookies.. eating carrots rather than fudgie-os and the like. To do that, means i'm going to have to not have that stuff in the house for a while. I found the last time i went that route it really helped me to have a coupel week break when i was transitioning to new snacking where i couldn't just open the cupboard and grab the cookies or chocolate. Next step after getting the snacking back to carrots ( i say carrots because I LOVE the things, and will eat 10=15 baby carrots as opposed to 6-8 cookies if no cookies are around), is to get the emotional eating under control. I realize i do. i just.. i don't know. i guess its a comfort thing. it always has been. Up until i had my daughter, i never was worried about my wieght. I knew i was obese, morbidly so, but it didn't matter to me. infact i was proud of it. It was my defense. Weird how that's changed and i realize how unhealthy that thinking is, and how much it has started to matter. Right, rambling again.
Back to getting the emotional eating under control. I can honestly say I have no idea how to do this. I have zero support from my husband in trying to lose weight, or in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I am doing this alone. I have sparkpeople, but when it comes to real life. Nothing. If anything, I get guilted by the people in my life because of it.. and then made to feel like a fool when I give into the guilt, or stress, or even just when I mess up, because they knew I'd fail. which, btw, just makes that vicious cycle so much worse. I honeslty have no clue how to break that cycle and get the emotional eating under control. I know I have to. Even snacking on healthy foods isn't a good long term solution, but I just don't know how to do it.

*sigh* I don't know if this even covers what the challenge about writing goals was for. I know i haven't articulated what i mean here, but i do knbow that this has helped me to soldify what i want a bit more in my head. andthe rambling has helped me get some of my thoughts out at least. i really should have waited to write this until I had sleep to write this.
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    Yeah, reading this i've decided i whine too much.
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