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Friday, July 15, 2011

So yeah, I haven't blogged in a while . I stopped taking Decaslim. It was doing nothing for me energy wise, or weight loss wise, but it sure did make my skin look nice! Not worth the money to have nice skin though, so I will be seeking a refund!
I am losing weight again, just weight that I had gained back a month or so ago, but still a good thing. I started Paul Mitchell Academy for Cosmetology this past Tuesday. I went to a different Cos school a million years ago, but was a "beauty school dropout"
I have committed to some for of exercise every day. Yes, 7 days a week. Whether it be walking, jogging, bike riding, swimming, or Pilates, I WILL do something. I have to. Honestly, I LIKE to! Never thought I'd would utter those words, but yes, it's true, I now ENJOY exercise. Or, at least, the feeling of accomplishment I get from it.
I need to take some new measurements, I think I will do that a week from today, which is my next WWO "weigh day".
I am learning to celebrate "small victories", things like, being able to go up stairs without getting winded, going that extra mile on the bike ride, knocking time off the length of time it takes to get around the block with the dog, etc.
I think my attitude in general is improving, and my disposition along with it. I am rambling on, and I will end this now, just wanted to anyone who care an update. Keep sparking!
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