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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 2011 Summer 5% Challenge will be starting this Saturday. It will be my fourth 5% Challenge; however, I have yet to lost my 5% during any of them. I'm also halfway through the BL Summer Slim Down Challenge, and I am not going to meet my goal in that challenge. So as of today, I am making a commitment to myself, that for the next 8 weeks I will follow my eating and exercising plan.

Eating Plan: Vegetarian Weight Watchers
This is my Achilles heel, my downfall, my biggest issue. I just have such a hard time following my eating plan. Maybe if I think in terms of it is just 8 weeks I can succeed. Who can’t control themselves for 8 weeks?? I am making a commitment to myself to faithfully track my food and follow my plan for 8 weeks. Can I do it? I hope so!!
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Exercising Plan: At least 10 minutes each and every day
I have discovered how to make my exercising fun! I have Wii Fitness Plus and Wii Walk It Out, and I love those games! They don’t feel like boring old exercise! So if I’m in a funky, pissy, I-don’t-want-to-exercise mood, those are my go-to exercises. I also just purchased several new exercise dvds: beginner yoga, exercises specifically for back pain, basic step aerobics, and 30 Day Shred. I have an upper body routine and a stretching routine that I like, and I will put together a core routine and a lower body routine before Saturday. So, I have plenty of choices and no excuses! I am making 10 minutes a day my goal, but I do plan to exercise more than that.
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To help me succeed, I am writing down my reasons why I am here on SparkPeople, why I am doing this:

1. I want to be healthy. Seriously. As in, feel good, pain free, do whatever I want to healthy. My husband and I attended a funeral a couple of months ago, and I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in ages. These people are MY age, that I went to school with, hung around with, shared dreams with. And several of them were…old. Not as in age, because I am 49 and I don’t think that is old. But in their bodies, and consequently in their minds. They couldn’t get around very easily, they talked about all their various illnesses and competed with each other to see who had more health complaints. They reminded me of my grandparents! And my friends, I refuse to go there. I want to be like my hero, a 90 year old stitching friend of mine who goes to all of the embroidery guild seminars, brags about driving a dually pick up truck on her farm, and is just a dynamo!
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2. I want to shop in the regular size clothes department. Women’s size clothes are fugly. I want to be cute!
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3. I want to quit snoring. I have to share a room when I go to the stitching guild seminars, and I don’t want to ruin my friendships.
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4. I want the firemen or other rescue people to be able to pick me up if necessary without hurting themselves. (Yes this is an irrational fear of mine.)

I know if I keep trying, I will succeed!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    A little late answering so it appears you've already gotten the advice I would have given - that any eating plan you have to trick yourself to stick too probably isn't the right one for you. Seriously - diets are temporary, and their results are temporary too. If you want the weight to come off and STAY off, you need to find something you can live with long term. I lost 60 pounds last year, just going by the motto "anything in moderation", measuring (so I'd know how much an actual portion was) and tracking my food. (And exercise, but this is focused on the eating portion so I'm sticking to that)
    2501 days ago
    After reading and replying to your most recent blog, I read this one, and want to agree with CAREN_BLUEJEANS's comments. I worry about setting goals that can set you up for failure. Pushing yourself to make big, uncomfortable changes for a set length of time may not be encouraging you to develop healthier long term habits that can last a lifetime.

    I've been taking the slow, steady "Babysteps" approach, and have lost 40 pounds since last fall, which I just figured on my calculator is 18.6% of my starting weight. Little, gradual changes that aren't hard, but do add up have been working for me. I offer them as an alternative to consider.

    Blessed Be, Amanda
    2504 days ago
    Yes, I'm thinking the same thing the others are saying about maybe selecting a diet plan you like better. I've had to tweak my diet every single 5% challenge, because I just haven't found something that I can stick with long-term. My current one feels right, but it's only been two weeks!

    Good luck!
    2505 days ago
    Great plan Lisa! I have faith this time will be it!!! I had trouble with my food the last challenge and didn't make my 5% . Im lighting up alittle this time still tracking all but not going to as picky it didn't do well for me and I ate off plan more. That is one of my goals so to eat better this time. We will just help each other out frequently and keep on track!! I have listed my stuff on mypage. I forget to blog! I will commit to a blog in the am!!! We can and well do this!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2505 days ago
    I totally get the "why can't I make better food choices" part, Lisa. I am telling myself the same thing: it's 8 weeks, only 8 weeks. Come on, we CAN do this!!
    2505 days ago
    I'd probably ask what others have: what is 'hard' about following the WW Vegetarian food plan? Are there foods you are missing when you are on the plan? Can you work those into your plan some how? Do you not like the way it's set up? Maybe you can tweak that. I agree 8 weeks is a great beginning, but it will help if you find a plan you can live with for the next 49 years!
    2506 days ago
    It might help if you changed your goals to process goals. If you have 5 daily goals (exercise 10 min, track food, drink 5 glasses of water, get 8 hrs sleep, don't drink diet soda) then you have 5 chances of winning every day! Better than 1 chance a week on the scale. Every day strive for wins, and your body will catch up & release weight.
    2506 days ago
    I'm in the same boat as you four 5 %challenges and not one met! I usually do better in the summer so hopefully the fourth time will be a charm for both of us. Good luck!
    2506 days ago
    Good post! I just turned 40 last month, and I made up my mind I am too young to feel this old, so by God, I'm going to finally do something about it. Thanks for the add, and good luck with the challenge!

    2506 days ago
    that's the spirit Lisa! I feel younger every year LOL! what's the most difficult about food? tracking ? or you don't like what you think you are supposed to eat?
    2506 days ago
    I am sure you can do it! However just on a side note... If you find your nutrition plan hard to stick with than maybe it is not the right plan for you? Maybe you might want to research some alternative plans that might be easier for you to maintain... I know myself that if I try to be too strict with my nutrition I will fail every time... Just a thought...
    2506 days ago
    Great goals! You can do it! I find that focusing on following my food plan just for the DAY helps me to stick with it and make healthier choices...I have also realized, by using the tracker, that one "slip up" doesn't ruin my efforts...that takes alot of the pressure I read on someone else's piece of pizza is still better than two! Hope that helps. Go Shooting Stars!
    2506 days ago
    emoticon plans and goals!
    2506 days ago
    You can get there Lisa! 8 weeks is a very short time, but 1 day is even shorter. Just take it 1 day at a time and that 8 weeks will fly right by. emoticon
    2506 days ago
    What a nifty blog post! I KNOW you can do it, eight weeks is nothing!! And if you decide to follow the Shred, you'll see results for sure. It is the DVD that got me started on losing actual weight (I also had an eating plan for 30 days and quit alcohol, which was a hilarious experience. People just don't know how to deal with you, unless you're sick or pregnant)

    I didn't know WW even had a vegetarian option. I think it's great!! One of my friends loves their revamped plan and has lost 8 lbs recently just by eating better.

    C'me on, fellow Shooting Star, let's show those other teams what kickass looks like!!!
    2506 days ago
    How sad that people in their 40's are already feeling *old*! It all comes down to your choices-will you choose to feel healthy, and BE healthy, or will you choose to feel old? You're choosing to not feel old, and I think that's amazing! You have a good plan in place. Take it one step at a time, and you'll be successful.
    2506 days ago
  • CEKER9
    You set your goals and wrote them down... you set a time limit and you are READY TO GO! With all of that and a positive attitude you should get to your goal without too much trouble. I have faith in you! Keep us informed... GOOD LUCK!!!
    2506 days ago
    Nutrition is my challenge too. But today I logged all my foods, and so far have a deficit. And I'm full! Well, after 10 servings of veggies, I better be! We can do this, right? RIGHT!

    2506 days ago
    Good idea, make a plan for the upcoming challenge. I'm anxious about it. We have three camping trips during this challenge and it's so crazy at work I'm not getting in as much fitness as I'd like. Good luck with the summer challenge!
    2507 days ago
    I am 46 years of age... and I empathize with you.. never being 46 before.. I wake up every morning with a new ache or pain. I am not sure if that's normal.. but it's my normal.

    You can do whatever you set your mind to... I keep reading on the Spark People site the mind is a powerful tool. Just a suggestion on the diet portion of your goals.. maybe you should start with fewer weeks... just a suggestion.. maybe 4 weeks... I have never done the vegetarian diet.. but I set a goal to quit drinking sodas... and I set the initial goal for 1 week. Small bites.. small steps.... big lifestyle change!


    Good luck!
    2507 days ago
  • KARBA29
    Sounds like you have a good attitude and a lot of great reasons for committing to your goals. I am also 49 and have many of the same reasons for losing weight/getting healthy that you do. Good luck during the next 8 weeks emoticon
    2507 days ago
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