New Low Weight!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today was my weigh-in day. I stepped on the scale this morning like I always do, about half asleep, and not expecting much. I looked at the number and thought OK, that’s good, I’m still hanging in there about where I have been. Then I realized what the number was and I weighed again just to make sure. The scale read 186.6! I could hardly believe it! This is my new low weight since I started my weight loss journey. My previous low was 187.0 and that was almost a year ago (August, 2010).

I have been yo-yoing between 187.4 to about 191.5 every since August of 2010. I have been on a plateau of maintaining for about a year but I was maintaining at a weight I didn’t want to maintain. Nothing I tried seemed to work (eat more, eat less, work out more, work out less, work out at different intensities, etc., etc., etc.). I’m still not really sure what has happened this time that finally made the scale move in the right direction again but I will take it!

Here are some thoughts about what I think might have helped get me to my new low weight:
1. Building more strength.
2. Increasing my workouts. I have gone from doing boot camp twice a week to three times a week, for about the past month. Also, I have been part of a Thinner Winner competition which is an extra boot camp type workout each week, plus an extra 30 minutes with a personal trainer each week.
3. Riding my bike, even though it hasn’t been much.
4. Really focusing on staying in my Spark ranges.
5. Water, 60-100 oz most days of the week.
6. Increasing my fiber.

I hope this is a trend that I can keep going! I really want to get to 160.0 pounds by the end of this year (2011).
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