July 11: Day 25 of the 10+ Minute Fitness Challenge

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today's Fitness
I did 41 fitness minutes today (July 11) – can you tell that I used to be an accountant with my odd fitness minute totals down to the minute :)?

Today's Highlights
Today's fitness highlight was increasing my number of leg lunges. If you haven't tried lunges, they are an amazing exercise to build leg strength! I'd recommend starting with a small number and working your way up or otherwise you'll get – in technical terms – "Lunge Legs" and be barely able to walk the next day. I once did a bunch of lunges after having not done them for awhile and then the next day I walked all around San Francisco – or at least tried to – BIG mistake! Learn from SparkGuy's mistakes :).

My other day highlight was playing a game with the boys outside in the great weather. I'd kick a plastic ball high in the air and they had to chase it and then whoever got it first had to run it back to me without getting tackled by the other one (my 7yo came up with this idea). They each had to run at least a mile, but didn't notice because they were having so much fun and squealing while out-running each other. Unfortunately, the game ended when the 4yo tried to tackle the 7yo and got the wind knocked out of him for the first time ever which freaked him out, but I grabbed him and let him know he'd be able to breathe again in a few seconds.

Member Post
Here's one of my favorite member posts from yesterday – I had several great ones to choose from today!

Title: 69 Pounds Lost!!

Message: I never in a million years thought that doing something as simple as eating healthier and exercising more could bring results like I have seen. Any time you see people on TV talking about how much weight they have lost there''s always some magic pill they took or some magic exercise equipment that they used or some special deliver at home meal system. Well guess what? I haven''t done any of these things and I have still lost 69 pounds!! Not that anyone who uses these systems are wrong or anything. Whatever is good for you is good for you! I eat healthier, feel better, get more sleep, and exercise like there''s no tomorrow and I still find myself smiling and laughing and enjoying my life. When I first started this on the first of this year if you would have told me that I would be 69 pounds lighter by July 11, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. But as crazy as it seems if you give yourself the chance you can do amazing things! It''s not over yet and I know that tough times are to come, but right at this very moment I want to celebrate my feet having 69 less pounds to lug around. Thanks for all of the support SP! Could not have done it without you!

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How was your Monday? Did you get at least 10 minutes of fitness? What's your highlight?


Chris (SparkGuy)

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