90-Day Challenge Day 1 - Fitness Victories

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today was a rest day, but I promised a blog on yesterday's fitness. I just KILLED it!!

I did 2 hours total over 3 workouts.

First Ultimate Body Cardio, with my man, Bob Harper!

This 60 minute workout incorporates free weights with cardio. Bob gets your heart rate up with cardio bursts like jumping jacks, high knees, skaters, and vertical jumps and then brings it back down with strength-training segments for upper body, lower body and core.

Now, since it's my Lower Body Workout day, I used heavy weights (2X10 or 15lb dumbbells) for the lower body strength exercises like lunges and squats, whereas all the gals on the DVD were using 5's. For upper body I used my light (5) weights. So, obviously, I was wiped by the end of that one!! And it was sooo hot! By the time I was done I felt like I'd just gotten out of a swimming pool!

I gave myself about an hour break, then it was time for more lower body - Kathy Smith's lower body segment.

It's only 20 minutes but, for me anyway, it's really tough and it takes a LOT of concentration. I added to that workout the step-ups Carolyn suggested. I used a small step (a little higher than a stair step) because of my hip and balance problems. I also held 2X15lb dumbbells. 25 reps each side.

Later in the afternoon I threw in The Biggest Loser PowerWalk and did Walk 1 and Walk 2. Walk 1 is more of a warm-up, and Walk 2 adds some light weights.

I was so proud of myself, because (PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!) I used 15lb dumbbells!! Well, I used a 10 and a 5 in each hand... I decided to see if I could increase my weight, and I DID IT!! I use these heavier weights for bicep curls, rows, dead lifts, squats and lunges.
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