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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

and down 5 lbs! Tomorrow will be my 2 week anniversary (I know! Like a middle schooler, I too celebrate the 2 week anniversary) following the Primal Blueprint/Paleo diet and I am pretty hooked. I do still eat berries (no other fruits) but I don't eat any dairy and I haven't had any cravings--because if I start to feel like a sweet, I just eat some berries. I didn't do any planned exercise on my vacation, but the hardest part about losing weight on vacation was the amount my family eats and how late. Like after 8pm we would have steak and salad and berries and I wouldn't lose any weight because it was the third BIG meal of the day and only an hour or so before I fell asleep (they're in Pacific time, I live in Eastern--so I woke up at 4 and went to bed around 9:30). On the couple days I didn't do that I had no problem losing weight.

I haven't been able to kick the diet soda habit, so I'm back to just cutting back. I have one two liter at work and it's going to be my last--but I don't know how long that will take (i.e. I needed caffeine this morning, but I have been craving water so I only drank 8oz and then switched to h20).

Now to the fun part (okay, it was fun for me anyway): my mom, sister, and I all wear about the same size! My sis is still heavier than she would like, but it was crazy for me to be able to fit (comfortably) into her shorts. And my mom gave me a pair of size 9 jeans (!) that make my butt look fantastic. I'm almost in a size 8 jean and I'm in a size small for most dresses and shirts! My mom took me to a couple stores and I was pretty surprised to not just fit into the smalls, but to have the mediums fit so loosely.

Although nearly everyone commented (positively) on my weight loss, with my dad and sis doing HCG most people thought that was how I did it. I felt at pains to explain that I am losing weight "the hard way"--but the thing is, since I've switched to Primal eating I don't feel like it is hard. I love love love eating berries, and as long as I eat enough fats I am full on less food. I'm definitely eating healthier, but I also love it and haven't had cravings. To top it off I've lost almost 10lbs in 13 days--frankly, I wouldn't do much better on HCG, and I wouldn't be getting enough nutrients and energy to exercise. But it's taken me almost 7 months to lose this weight--a lot of "breaks" (like, all of May) slowed it down, but I have had to remain pretty vigilant. So, I guess, I kind of want my hard work to be recognized--for people to know that I haven't lost it all in a month or with a pill or whatever.

The other thing that kind of...irked me a little, I guess, was that a lot (I mean, like, ALL ) of my family (and some friends) asked if I was done and when I said I wanted to lose another 10-15 (maybe 20) pounds they looked shocked, told me that I would be "too thin," and basically acted like I am talking crazy like nobody's business. Really? That's the reaction? 'Cause I'm at the top of my healthy BMI, 10-15lbs would put me around the middle; I am a size 10 and 10-15 would probably put me closer to a 6. Does that sound "too thin?" Does it sound "unhealthy?"--Yeah, I got that too. Especially, "I don't think it would be healthy for you " Emphasis on "you." ...I don't think that I am striving for an unhealthy weight (130ish at 5"4') and my sister is trying to get to an even lighter weight--and no one tells her not to get too thin...

What are your thoughts on this? If your current thinner weight is someone else's "fat" weight (like mine is for my sister) how do you handle this? Do you notice that others treat you differently, i.e. one person is "too thin" whilst the other is "getting a little heavy" when you are both the same size?

Peas Out.
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    I've never had the too thin problem. When I say how much I want to lose then I hear it. I figure I will see when I get there....
    Good luck.
    2502 days ago
    I get the 'too thin' thing - and my dh saying he's going to 'fatten me up'. I try and laugh it off now.
    2503 days ago
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