Blood Tests and THE Doctor's Appointment

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I got the results from Friday's blood tests. I got my thyroid levels checked again and a CBC (Complete Blood Count). These are the results:

TSH: 4.36 (last month it was 3.77) - high (range: .36-3.72)
Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin: 31.7 - high (range: 27-31)
Red Blood Cell Distribution Width: 10.98 - low (range: 11.5-14.5)

FT4: .65 (last month it was .75) - within range (range: .59-1.28)
White Blood Cell - within range
Red Blood Cell - within range
Hemoglobin - within range
Hematocrit - within range
Mean Corpuscular Volume - within range
Mean Corpusular Hemoglobin Concentration - within range
Platelets - within range
Neutrophils % - within range
Lymphocytes % - within range
Monocytes % - within range
Eosinophils % - within range
Basophils % - within range
Neutrophils count - within range
Lymphocytes count - within range
Monocytes count - within range
Eosinophils count - within range
Basophils count - within range

So my thyroid is still sending up warning flags. That's really all those mean to me, since I'm not a doctor. I don't know what the MCH or RDW values mean or if it's even anything to worry about. I guess we'll see.

Anyway, I just got back from the nuclear medicine specialist. I was pretty nervous... after all, this is the closest thing to an endocrinologist I've been allowed to see. I went in, she had my labs ready and stuff highlighted already, and she basically said, yeah, your TSH is climbing. She then explained to me that there are many reasons that could happen, but from looking at my labs, I don't have Hashimoto's. So that was a good thing to hear. Then she said she was going to ultrasound my thyroid to see if there were any cysts or nodules and to see if my thyroid was larger than it should be, because looking at my neck it kind of did look that way.

They checked my blood pressure (something like 134/93 when normally I'm like 117/76... told you I was nervous), and then I went to get ultrasounded. She was right there, interpreting it. She noted that my left thyroid lobe was 2ml and the right 5ml, both within normal range. I did think it was odd that they were different sizes, but I was a bit out of it and didn't ask about it. She then noted I have two cysts, one on each lobe--6mm on the left and 3mm on the right, if I remember correctly. It could have been cm. I know that's a huge difference, but I really was nervous and she didn't seem concerned at all. Basically, she said everything looks normal, at least as far as the shape and everything of my thyroid goes.

Before she ultrasounded my thyroid, I started to ask her about my friend JoyAh's observations on my last blood tests (the ones before Friday) that could potentially point to a metabolism problem, but she said she wouldn't know where to start with that one because she's not an endocrinologist. So, mental note: try to get a referral to an endocrinologist. I'll probably want to do that right after I get blood tests done in about a month and a half (which is after I get back to the States).

Why am I getting blood tests done in a month and a half?

She prescribed me medication. She said I had an elevated TSH and that she thinks the problem is my thyroid isn't responding like it should (her exact words were, "You have a lazy thyroid.") and that she thinks that I should take a low dose of thyroxine to see if that helps my TSH levels any, because my T4 levels are low (and declining).

I haven't filled the prescription yet because the pharmacy was closed by the time we got out but I should be getting the medication tomorrow and can start it. She gave me instructions on when to take it and told me I need to get blood tests in 5-6 weeks, which I fully plan on doing. She also said that she doesn't think all my symptoms are related to my thyroid, which I totally understand and figured as much.

I am hoping that between that and the new birth control a lot of my problems go away. If not, well, we have to keep on trucking. I'd love to feel better though, and I'm really hopeful.
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  • BEFIT020
    Well, it sounds like you are FINALLY getting the tests, etc that you've been needing. YAY for that!

    Hope everything turns out well for you!
    3394 days ago
    I simply hope you feel better soon while doing all the things to make sure of it! How's that given I have no idea about the results of your test. Good Luck!
    3394 days ago
  • YICHE12
    Your TSH is elevated but not too terribly so. With your medication, this should help to stabilize your levels. You seem to have a good doctor there because she wants to do more tests in the near future. Good sign!
    3394 days ago
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