July 10: Day 24 of the 10+ Minute Fitness Challenge

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Today's Fitness
I did 77 fitness minutes today – WooHoo for weekends and getting outside!

Today's Highlights
Today's highlight was running sprints in the neighborhood. I love these because you can get a great workout in a short time. I think sprints do more than just about any exercise I do to help me with clear thinking.

With the great fitness this weekend I slept well and feel good today. I'm ready to make this a great week and hope you are also ready for this!

Member Post
Here's one of my favorite member posts from yesterday:

I began this journey to better health, (again), on April 30th and found SparkPeople shortly after. I am so glad I did!!! Today I got on the scale expecting it to be about the same since I had shown a loss yesterday. Well.....I got on, looked, couldn''t believe my eyes, got off, got back on and then screamed with delight! I had broken the 250 mark, weighing in at 249.8!!! That makes 18 lbs lost (and I don''t want them back - so if you see them just ignore them they''ll go away , I hope emoticon ) I think everyone on my side of town must have heard me! What a motivator! All those minutes of dancing in the living room to Electronica/Disco music on cable are paying off - plus the walks on the days that aren''t to hot and humid! I set my first goal at 10% of my body weight and I am well on my way to accomplishing that goal. Small goals make a difference - when I look at the amount of weight I have to lose it is overwhelming! Small goals are the key in all of this! (for me anyway). AND the KISS principal - keep it simple sweetheart! Anyway, I''m rambling -which I tend to do when I''m excited! I hope all of you the best in your journey! Take care of YOU!

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How was your Sunday? Did you get at least 10 minutes of fitness? What's your highlight?


Chris (SparkGuy)

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