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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Has anyone ever watched this show called 'Being Erica'? I'm really enjoying it. A girl has SO many regrets in her life and through time travelling (!) therapy she finds a way to deal with them.

I feel watching the series that I don't ever want to feel regretful. I have been and can be at times, but never do I want to let it gnaw away at me.

At the moment I am facing a dilemma... I feel that Sparkpeople has helped me so much, but that I also do not want to be too dependent on it because essentially, this is about a lifestyle, one that I want to maintain even if I were to live in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. So at the moment I have found tracking my food, or more like, the motivation to track my food impossible on that basis. Inside of me, there is a desire so strong to want to be able to do this ALONE and feel confident by myself. Does that sound familiar to any of you guys?

That said, in order for my fitness regime and my yoga practices to go well, I need to be able to write them down and make sure I log them in. That I am finding quite easy because I am so proud of myself! For the moment, I am trying to save money which means that I am not always in my flat, instead I am living with my boyfriend's dad and brother and in the house there is always a very random mix of stuff. Some days we can have a chick peas casserole with rice and green beans, other days it's fishing the pizza and chips from the freezer. It's completely random and although I can ask his dad to buy specific things, I just don't want to be a burden and to seem picky. So...tracking food is hard for me...

I am trying to judge it myself which at times can be very very challenging. The most important thing I feel though is having my inner voice to tell me - you can eat that but DO NOT OVERDO IT! That has really been helping. Especially with the alcohol consumption which can also be difficult when there is so much to celebrate - like this evening, it's my sister's birthday, last week it was Summer party, the week before, my results etc etc. But food (rather than alcohol) is a daily thing and much more difficult to manage. What I feel is vital at the moment, is that I am not pushing my stomach to the point of being overfull, but the issue is still that I am not eating 'right' all the time which means I cannot necessarily lose the weight I want to.

So, in part, this whole thing explains a little why I didn't come by on Spark for a long time and also why trakcing my food every week has not worked itself out in a LONG time (I think the longest I've tracked in the last 3 months, has been 3 weeks...). That said, I really want to be on Spark and I want to hear about other people's stories and also have some feedback from what I say.

Anyway, a little bit of a confusing blog for a Saturday morning - hey-ho!

As updates:
I've been applying for jobs EVERYWHERE (and this time, although it pays well, REFUSE to do admin work), so I had an answer back from a sushi place and a really nice Bombay Cafe- I'm having my trial on Monday for the Bombay cafe and REALLY wanna get in. Check it out!


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    I wish I could be better at it. I am so inconsistent. When I am writing down everything, I know it will be a positive thing, but it's so hard to actually do it. After I get home from vacation, I plan on tracking at least 4 days a week. Hope you find your tracking balance and that I find mine, too. We can do this.
    3018 days ago
    I completely understand what you mean by wanting to do it alone - to be honest, it's this way of thinking that has encouraged me NOT to actually take measuring cups and scales to the kitchen. I try to do gauge everything by eye so that I don't become dependent on measuring utensils.

    I still religiously track my food, but that's more so I get an idea of the calories I'm eating and, like someone else says, to see what needs adjusting!
    3018 days ago
    Thanks Mrs Radish! That sounds super good, I will look to understand my body more. I think that might be the way I should be heading...through different practices, learning to properly understand and listen to my body. Will still take a lifetime,but it's worth it... :)
    3018 days ago
    I completely respect that, OWENSAUNT and thanks for your comment. I'm finding it difficult though to understand what would happen when things aren't entirely in our own hands. I would like to track now, knowing that one day I won't need to...know what I mean? But I understand that food can be so problematic that sometimes...trackign is the only way
    3018 days ago

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  • no profile photo MRS*RADISH
    I track on paper, but I also need to track every day.

    I wonder if you should look into "intuitive eating"? It's where you pay really close attention to your body's hunger signals, and you don't need to count calories; you just figure out when your body says you're full. It might be worth a try, anyway!

    Best wishes!
    3018 days ago
    I HAVE TO TRACK. I don't know what it is about it. I would hate to admit it has something to do with having a sense of control. But, I know, for me personally, tracking is the key. I actually get frustrated when I can't find nutrition information or can't find an item on the "add" page. Even if I go over my calories or fat or whatever for the day, I like KNOWING whehter I went over by 50 calories or 500 calories so I know how much I need to adjust my habits for the next week or so. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But, I have to know!

    As soon as I stop tracking, I know I'm in for a downhill slide. As soon as I start back up, I know I'm making progress.

    Good luck in your struggles!
    3018 days ago
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