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my battle to break my Diet Coke addiction

Friday, July 08, 2011

Why is Diet Coke, or any Coca Cola products for that matter, so darn addictive? It truly is like a drug that is so hard to break free from and is a battle that I am raging daily.

But I do believe that I am winning. In the past, I could easily buy a 42oz Big Gulp at 7-11 and not have a second thought on finishing it before lunchtime. I usually do not buy pop products for the home because as a family, if it is in the home, we go through it like water! And if it is in the home, I can easily drink a six pack during the day without blinking.

Since July first, I have only purchased Diet Coke for myself three times, and always the small size. I have enjoyed it for what it was and didn't look back.

I have not been craving it too much, which is great. But I have been having headaches, and the moodiness has been Atrocious!! With a capital "B"!

But I am really working hard on this as this months goal. By the end of the month, I will be off of the "stuff", and will survive on water, Crystal Light and home brewed Iced Tea. Any other drink ideas from my friends out there?

This will be one goal that I will be truly proud to accomplish, and I am on my way to success!

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  • NICKLES8189
    I was never one for soda, but my trick for passing on other cravings (like dessert) is to chew gum. I find that fruity gum is better for this than minty gum because it lasts longer.

    You could also substitute iced tea (supposedly green tea is good for dieting) or something not only healthier, but cheaper. Think of how much money you spend for a year's worth of Diet Coke if you have even one can a day! Think of what you could buy for yourself with that money you save if you forgoe the canned soda.

    The mood swings and headaches you describe are likely from lack of caffeine, just like my mom gets a bad headache if she doesn't have her morning coffee.

    Also, I think they make Diet Coke flavored chapstick, lol. I remember, when I was a pre-teen, there were all sorts of candy and drink-flavored chapsticks at stores in the mall like Claire's. Maybe that could help with the flavor craving.

    Good luck! emoticon
    2840 days ago
    During the "not feeling so good" parts of your day, remind yourself that you do still get to have it sometimes...

    I do herbal or green tea, as it has less caffeine than black tea. I think part of your reaction is from less caffeine. I also keep lemons and limes plentiful to have with water at home so I feel like I'm drinking something fancier. Good luck!
    2842 days ago
    I went cold turkey on Diet Coke a couple of years ago for Lent and it was really really hard. I could TASTE it sometimes. Since then, I've gotten to the point where I might drink it instead of water for a couple of days, then I realize how icky it makes me feel. Bloated, thirsty, and craving sugar of any kind. Hang in does get easier, and at this point, I will have it with pizza or mexican food, but most of the rest of the time, I'm happier with water.

    Just wanted to tell you that you are not alone on finding it addictive and hard to give up!
    2842 days ago
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