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Friday, July 08, 2011

Dear Lee,

I'm so glad you found your goals for July and taped them up on the dining room wall right above the dimmer light switch.


1.) to study hard, to keep my head in my homework and to catch up on the reading for yoga teacher training before the retreat on the 15th of July.
2.) to continue making anatomy flashcards, I'm a visual learner
3.) to eat less in the evenings
4.) to strive to eat more clean and more raw foods
5.) to drink 8 glasses of water every day
6.) to get my bike out of the garage and take a bike ride
7.) to hike at Potato Creek State Park to the top of Vargo Hill
8.) P90X Ab Ripper X three times per week
9.) to weigh 171 or below by the 31st of July, by the retreat on the 15th would be even better


I understand you had trouble sleeping last night, but the house was real quiet when you turned on your lamp and put your "nose into" Ida Rolf's book, "Rolfing, Reestablishing the Natural Alignment and Structural Integration of the Human Body for Vitality and Well-Being."

A small squirrel shows up at the end of the driveway and is off again across the front yard as I remind you to look again at what you underlined with your magenta colored pencil while the rest of the world slept:

"In terms of the over-all gravity problem, the pelvis has a unique place. The weight of the torso transmits downward through the hip joint to thigh, leg, and foot, and thence to the ground. Since the earth's surface cannot adjust itself to human movement, man[woman] must solve his gravity problem by making a change in himself[herself]. The ball-and-socket joint of the hip is by design best able to achieve this accommodation." ( Rolf, 34)

And dear Lee, I can't help but urge you to keep pursuing your weight loss when considering what Ida Rolf refers to as an "over-all gravity problem."

"Ideally, all of the blocks of the body would offer a symmetrical balance that allows rotation around their three axes - horizontal, vertical (sagittal), and coronal. The nearer the blocks approach this symmetry, the greater the well-being of the individual." (Rolf, 34)

And this symmetry and well-being is what I know you continue to strive for...

In her 3rd chapter on Fascia-Organ of Support, Ida Rolf begins: "Our goal is to establish a new point of view, a new way for a man [woman] to understand himself [herself]."

I WANT to understand my SELF...

Rolf continues: "We are in an age of cultural transition. We no longer honor the understanding of body structure developed by our Victorian forebears, with their emphasis on posture, nor have we found a satisfactory substitute." [I must inject my thought of Yoga here as being more than a satisfactory substitute]. "Our conscious understanding of structure is not yet sufficiently developed. As a result, our bodies tend to become physically random and mechanically disordered; the lawlessness of the body then seems to gain ascendance over the individual's life. Order or lack of it begins in the unconscious, the insidious level that is below man's awareness of what's going on..." (Rolf, p. 37)

Lee, I know you just mentioned yesterday in a conversation while walking along the river that you were trying to put more order in your everyday. I know you used the holiday weekend to try and catch up on things and find more space, clearing away, and organizing a few items.

But now, squirrel is back and sitting upright, begging you to look at the time, you don't want to be late for work. Let me just tell you how thankful I am that you continue to try...

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I enjoy yoour blogs Lee, very introspective and thought provoking for me. Illustrates to me things I can do to help with my perserverance and persistance.
    2844 days ago
    Perfect! I love your focus, determination and self-respect.
    2844 days ago
    Moment by moment we become......
    I really appreciate this insight into your work. Stay true to your studies as you can this weekend. Your preparation is not only for the weekend ahead, but for those you touch daily along your path now and in the future.
    2845 days ago
    Sounds like you found a book that really speaks to you! emoticon

    Best of luck with all of those posted July goals!
    2846 days ago
    You are so amazing! I wonder how you ever have time to work? LOL I too am doing some decluttering around the house. Not the basement like I wanted to do last year but the back room that was used for an office/ craft room.
    2846 days ago
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