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one little step at a time and a public thank you note

Friday, July 08, 2011

Well, since lack of time seems to be one of my major issues these days, I thought I would say one great big thank you to you folks that responded with all your encouraging words to my blog yesterday. Just to be clear, I wasn't really saying I wanted to be a triathelete, I was just describing the blog that had inspired me to write my own blog yesterday.

What I was trying to say is that I talk all the time about doing this, but my actions don't always show that I am willing to do the work necessary to reach my goals. It's easy to talk about getting it done, but not nearly as easy to do it. It was a call to action to myself to shut up and do it. I'm not being mean to myself, just reminding myself that no one but me can do it, and that the time is now.

What I do know is that the most important part of doing this is living in the moment and taking baby steps towards success. I have always known this..call it baby steps, call it streaking, call it "take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time," but ultimately, it is about moving forward regularly, even if you can barely see the forward.. It is about putting it all together. Exercise, though I haven't been as consistent in the past weeks as I have been, still gets done more than anything, but for some reason, even on a day that I have exercised hard, at some point, usually at night, that horrible eating starts and I feel helpless to stop it. And baby steps don't work when you take them forward all day and than take giant steps backwards at night.

So that is my challenge, it has been for a very long time. And it is very frustrating that I know it and have known it and that I still haven't solved it. For some folks, once they figure out what their challenge really is, it's their eureka moment.. But clearly, just knowing my challenge isn't enough for me.. I have always been a big believe in the saying "actions speak louder than words." And as I look at my actions, I realize that if that saying is true, then all my words about wanting to get this done are not and cannot be true, because if I really wanted to get this done, I would have found a way to stop the night time eating...

I wrote a long time ago that I believed my night time eating was a left over habit from long ago settled issues that had just reappeared. I honestly and truly still believe that to be true, but I have not found the replacement for that bad habit..

But I do have one kernel of good news: I did not night time eat last night. No magic formula, I just consciously did not put myself in a position to do it, and therefore I didn't do it. Night one, down. Today is another day...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Here is an ACT question for you...

    Tina : nighttime eating as Lynn : ?
    A: sleep
    B: focus
    C: exercise
    D: intent

    Yes, of course the "best" answer is "c"

    I have had the same inner conversations, and lamentations but regarding exercise. I have the same reasons to do it X3. I have family history that demands exercise, and knowledge that I must.
    I also have had the endorphin rush and the weight loss I'd like to see, when I do exercise consistently.

    I have begun to look at it like my own personal rebellion... I will do this, and that and the other right, but nobody but me is hurt if I don't exercise. I almost feel at this point like it's my own personal control issue. Nothing more, or less.

    I have been working on my "needing time to be me" issues, and I am working from a position of success on the exercise... I usually walk with my girlfriends M-F in the summer, this week my walkers aren't there, but I walked today anyway. And... I started doing my back (core) exercises that I took away from PT....today. MY hope is that I will get into better habits this summer so I can keep up some semblance of it in the fall.

    So, hopefully you have strung together a couple nights in a row, and just flopped into bed after camp W/out a snack.

    I'm with ya babe!

    3432 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    You made one of my goals on that last night. Great going!
    3436 days ago
    I'm chuckling to myself... GOOD FOR YOU! Any success is to be acknowledged. I forget to do that... and I know that is part of my problem... actually not seeing the little successes as something important.

    {{{{{{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}}}}}}
    3436 days ago
    Way to go! At least you know where your troubles lie and you can work on it! You have night time eating...mine is weekend. It's odd, even with dh and myself unemployed, we still have a weekend attitude! LOL!

    Hang in there!!!!

    3436 days ago
    You can do it Tina! Way to go on no nighttime eating last night! Here's to day 2!
    3436 days ago
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