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July Goals

Thursday, July 07, 2011

It's 5:57AM and I pull open the living room draperies. The sunrise is breathtaking, the deep pink of dawn coming on...tufted clouds like a sky mattress pad cover release their stitches and I'm feeling a need to write to you.

I know you are filled with gratitude for yet another day in this lifetime, this is established, this is your way, your practice, a tuning within of when to open up to the outside world...

The blueberries taste good this morning, yes? -on top of your steel cut oats and the slivered almonds give it that crunch but what I really wanted to "get down on paper" or in this moment is

I understand there are many directions you could go and yes, you do know how to juggle but "the mat" has helped you quiet the restlessness down so that my desire for you is that you might SEE your way clear of all of this that you're going through right now.

I know you woke up early, early enough that you could have chosen to go downtown, you could have made it in time for that step aerobics class but you chose instead to think about the goals you set for July regarding your homework for the anatomy for your yoga teacher training. I know you wanted to do the cardio, I know you wanted to escape into the steam room

but the real work was the discipline you found in settling your self down to work on the study guide. I know you were vascillating with the choices while washing up the dishes, you found the counter and poured yourself a cup of coffee.

I know you were being pulled in so many directions, you pulled your orange shirt out of the washing machine and yes, it looks like the stain came out. This shirt that you wore to the rally in Cincinnati to teach the chair yoga, this shirt you want to wear at the retreat next weekend...

so you set the timer on the stove for 16 minutes, it was 5:00 and you dissuaded yourself from looking for the FLYLady timer in the bottom of your purse. The dining room chair was hard and sets too low, you really should acquire some cushions someday but for now, you just grabbed your indian blanket, the one you carry with you to classes and placed it on the chair.

I'm pleased that you were able to tether your wanderings and really look at the "Study Guide for Feet and Lower Legs." I know you made the flashcards last week, but now you moved forward and found the four compartments of the lower leg in the handouts: you wrote them down (Anterior, Posterior, Lateral and Deep Posterior). You named the major muscles of each compartment.

Anterior compartment: anterior tibialis, extensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longus and peroneus tertius are the major muscles and their function is dorsiflexion and inversion.

Posterior compartment: gastrocnemius and soleus are the major muscles and their function is plantar flexion.

Lateral compartment: peroneus longus and peroneus brevis are the major muscles and their function is eversion and plantar flexion.

Deep Posterior compartment: tibialis posterior, flexor hallucis longus and flexor digitorum longus are the major muscles and their function is inversion and plantar flexion.

You found delight in noting the nickname of the popliteus muscle as "The Key which Unlocks the Knee." And in that, you answered the question that its function is to unlock the knee joint.

When the timer went off, you got up to make the steel cut oats and wrapped your yoga strap around your back and up over your shoulders and made it into a shrug, cinching it tight through the D rings to help hold your posture. You reset the timer for your studying, for your oats, to mark the time within your discipline.

Aah, but now you need a refill on your coffee and tell me what muscles attach to the Achilles tendon and what is the term for them?

You set some goals for the month of July and printed them out, but now you can't put your finger on that printed page. But you know the first goal was to work on your anatomy homework to prepare for the retreat which takes place just a week from tomorrow on the 15th of July.

And you wipe up the spill as you take the coffee cup out of the microwave and look for hawk on the tower...the term for the muscles that attach to the achilles tendon is

"triceps surae" and even though it reminds you of the back of your arm, it's a term for the muscles in your lower leg, the gastrocnemius and the soleus. These both attach to the Achilles tendon or the strong calcaneal tendon.

And now, I urge you to turn your attention toward leaving. The sun is beginning to peek over the tree line. I know how much you dislike playing "beat the clock" as it gets in the way of the "flow" of energy, perhaps as you look at all of this with more discipline,

it will get you to where you want to be. And yet, at some level, you already are...in this moment...
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you Lee for reminding me of the focus that I lack so often. I wander in my unstructure. I blink too many times. Persistance, diligence and purpose; points for me to remember!

    2714 days ago
  • no profile photo FITJANE6
    Really good post! (I'm also a FLY baby!)
    Making the right choices to move forward each day is really rewarding!
    2714 days ago
    You are where you need to be, my friend. Making those decisions that move you along the path. I appreciate so much this "peek through your window" this morning as you prepare for the day. Some say 'time' is man's construct, created to help order our days but isn't it the moment that you make these 'little' decisions that radically alter the steps for the day? It's in the moment and being present while respecting the time construct that rules so much of our waking hours that is the challenge....time is ours, we choose to give some of it to our job, to study, to play..can the clock become our servant rather than our master?
    2714 days ago
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