Please show your support for my July goals and a scale rant

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I have been working hard toward my goals. I have been burning THOUSANDS of calories. This past 4th of July weekend, I burned over 3000 calories a day doing things I LOVE with people I LOVE. To climb on the scale and cry today over the number today is SABOTAGING what I want to be, and that is healthy.

I don't know why the scale isn't moving in the downward direction as it should be. I can honestly say that based on calories in/calories out, it should be...and quite steadily I might add. Some people say it is muscle, some say it is water retention, some say I must be eating thousands of calories and not logging it.

I am becoming OBSESSED and DEPRESSED over this. I don't want to be photographed. I don't want to feel this way any more....and all because of the scale.

I am proud of many things I am doing.

I am eating fruits, veggies, HEALTHY foods.

I am exercising DAILY.

I am sitting less.

I am drinking water.

So, for the rest of the month of July, my goal is to put the scale away. I am not setting one toe on that scale. Not naked, not in that "special" corner of the bathroom that gives me the "best" weight. I am sick of the feeling I get right before a weight. Almost like a drug addict guiltily waiting for the coming fix. At this point, the scale is NOT being for me what it is intended.....a tool for measurement. It is becoming my torture device. It is being that negative voice inside of me saying that I cannot reach my goals.

Here are my July goals:

1. Continue to measure my portions and track meals on SP.

2. Continue to get 30 minutes of some sort of exercise everyday, such as a walk after dinner.

3. Continue to drink water.

4. Continue to wear my bodybugg everyday.

5. Say one positive thing about myself TO myself out loud every morning.

6. Not cringe at myself in a photo.

Life is too short to be this crazy over the scale. Please show your support to me this month. I think I will need it.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good for you! I understand exactly where you're coming from! I am SO much happier when I don't look at the scale. As long as we're working our program faithfully, there's no need to drive ourselves crazy by looking at it more often. emoticon emoticon
    2818 days ago
    Make sure you do your measurements every month with measuring tape. Sometimes if the scale doesn't move, I will have shrunk anyway in inches. And have a goal outfit or jeans you try on or take a pic in once a month to track progress. The scale is just one number to indicate how you are doing. I've been much happier since I decided to only get on the scale a couple of times per month. It was ruling my moods, too, and I got sick of it. It may indicate gravity, but it certainly isn't a real indication of how I'm really feeling (fit, healthy, leaner, etc.). emoticon
    2820 days ago
  • GRACE542
    you sound like you are doing everything right, just keep on keeping on. I believe you can do it. emoticon
    2820 days ago
    Nothing to cringe about from the looks of the pic you posted (and this from someone who ALWAYS finds somewhere else to be when the cameras come out) I know it's difficult, but just keep doing all the positive things you've listed above and it will work, the weight will come off and you will feel fantastic! GAL7288 has it right; our bodies do not shed the weight as fast as we think they should. Hang in there! emoticon
    2820 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    Letting a scale dictate my happiness is like allowing a parking meter to tell my car where to go!!! Who or what dictated my happiness BEFORE the scale? ME!

    Every once in awhile, I go fro a few weeks and NOTHING! Then one day after I feel guilty because I gnoshed on something I knew was bad, I am shocked by the numbers all of a sudden!! No one person or thing should ever dictate my happiness!!
    Was I able to see the clock this morning? Walk to the bathroom? Feed myself? Hear the horns of cars, birds, radio? Am I able to bathe, dress and seat myself? Then I am so blessed! Some day my picture will be an inspiration to me or somebody else,,especially when I am gone...
    This blog is an eye opener to me and also an inspiration: you really cranked out the activity!! That is a great feat!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2820 days ago
  • SUNYG4
    I have been going through a very similar thing. The scale at times can be an evil addiction. I've locked mine in my husbands car and he's only allowed to give it to me once a week.
    Your goals are awesome! You will reach them. Look how far you have come already.
    2821 days ago
  • GAL7288
    You have my full support, and your right don't let a number on a scale determine your attitude, count all the changes, all the things that you have done, it's a life change and you took the option to do it, which is what actually counts at the end. You are already doing the right thing, all you have to do is stick to it and you will see changes soon, but don't expect your body to shed as quick as your mind wants to, it's a process.
    2821 days ago
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