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Monday, July 04, 2011

My everyday wardrobe looks like a t-shirt and expand-a waist jeans garage sale. All of the shirts are either 2XL or 3XL depending on the manufacturer. Most of my jeans have that 'secret' hidden expand-o waist band so they can expand beyond the 43" mark. Face it: if I was into creating colorful tents out of denim and 60% poly-cotton material (most of which either is local advertising or sayings like "I'm a big grand-dad!") I could supply the army of a small 4th world country!
Why do I dress like this?? Easy, Sherlock, so I can feel comfortable. Comfortable?! That's the big lie! I dress in these wannabe tents, because they ACTUALLY reflect how I think I look. Yeah, an old, overweight slob.
Well, friends and neighbors, I woke up on another side of the bed today! I got up, ate, showered, dressed checked my bank account, and went shopping for clothes. At a real men's clothing store! That's right drove right past Wally-Mart. I ended up going to a highly recommended clothier's-Casual Male. Yep, big boy's store.
I told the salesperson that I wanted clothes that fit me and made me look good for my job-teacher.
After about an hours worth of trying on, and getting what I needed., I left the store with two bags full of REAL clothes (and a decent dent in my checking account).
Yes, now I look good! Until I realized that it wasn't the clothes that make the man, nope, its the man, me, who really makes the man. The man I'm trying to be! A man who is not giving in to his past life of over eating by buying expensive clothes that are really just a white flag of surrender. The man I NEED to be, one who can win the greatest battle - the one against himself.

I'm keeping the receipt taped to my mirror to remind me some of the cost of giving in.
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