WOW I am amazed... Lesson LEARNED!!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ok, well I set out to make dinner pretty much based on SERVING SIZES which were marked on the labels of each product, along with half of a large chicken breast. Oh and let me tell you, I was so proud of myself (me planning a meal based on calroies and serving sizes, seriously?) and trust me, I was thinking there's no way this is going to be enough food, surely my plate was going to look like it came from some fancy french restaurant with tiny miniscule servings........ because after all there were four different items on my menu but all for only 367 calories!

Ok, so here I go with my measuring cup, the labels says a serving size is; 1/2 cup for corn, 1/2 cup for peas and new potatoes 3 servings per can, plus 6 oz of chicken breast... oh and the light alfredo sauce at only 1/4 cup per serving, I was thinking really?! What is the even the point.

So ok, I NOW KNOW WHY I AM FAT -- I was seriously amazed in my (cough late-ish) 40's to realize just exactly what a 1/2 cup of corn and peas actually look like on a plate - aka, a lot! A third of a can of new potatoes is pretty much 3 potatoes and 6 oz of chicken breast consumes the entire plate!!! Then came time to dish up the 1/4 cup of alfredo sauce still thinking that's not a lot of sauce -- but are you kidding me? A 1/4 of sauce is more than enough!

What kind of weirdo serial eater have I been all these years? Have mercy!! As I stood there spooning and spooning and spooning the alfredo sauce (that I never thought I could have on a "diet") that I didn't think was going to be enough and is now taking over my already heaping plate -- I was absolutely amazed, and all of that for only 367 calories!! (and 8 grams of fat!)

That truly is a massive amount of food but is NOTHING compare to my normal dinner say from Captain D's;
2 pieces of fish 364
fries 310
crackins 320
2 hushpuppies 200
3 tarter sauce 300
large cokoe 276
= a whopping 1406 calories

So, I shaved around 1100 calories off my typical dinner and MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, the plate of food I made tonight for only 376 calories, that I thought was going to be tiny, was actually way too much! I would be just fine eating only HALF of what was on my plate - which would save half the calories (and half the cost of food)

I've learned so much this evening just from taking the time to look at labels and realizing what a portion size looks like - before when I'd see or hear a description like "a piece of chicken is the size of a deck of cards or the palm of your hand" I'd be like "yeah right" but now I am like yeah, seriously -- right!

The fat has been peeled from my eyes and hopefully soon from the rest of me!!

Please forgive my zeal but what an awakening!! I am more thrilled with my discoveries than I am appalled at my life long ignorance but at this point all I can say to myself is, I did what I did before I knew better, but now that I know better, if I gain another pound from this moment forward, then I will be a complete idiot.

Lesson LEARNED!!
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