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Saturday, July 02, 2011

I was commenting on a blog and my comment became my blog - CaptainJerry, a new sparkpeople member, blogged "I Crave Organization,"
and the following is my reply:

Nothing about my life has ever been "ship-shape and Bristol fashion" but I can "C-clamp" with the best of them. So there, I used them!

Not entirely true - my life is ship-shape and Bristol fashion because I am able to prioritize - living well is more important than living "neatly" - to me.

For all my clutter, I know that my DH comes first, nourishment second, the last room in the house to ever get straightened out is my own personal bathroom. Why? Not because I am not worth it - I am worth it.

But I married a man 30 years my senior and while my bathroom will always be there and always be messy, my loving DH will not.

Uh-oh! I see a blog here - thanks C.J.!

P.S. Yes, I do envy those people with spotless homes, but I am just not one of them and accept the fact that I most likely never will be. I thank God every day for my DH, my loving family and my own good health.
Think I should pray for cleanliness?
emoticon Nah - I'd really rather just be healthy and happy.

Before she died, Erma Bombeck said if she had it all to do again, she would clean less and play more. I'm with Erma!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have always put people first, stuff is just stuff! You are no fool, you know your blessings are people, not a house.
    2514 days ago
    I'm with you....better happy and healthy children and husband, then a clean house. We were always on the go and now I see my own daughters with happy, healthy children. Yeah to dust bunnies! Also....Mcd's ice cream cone is a good alternative to any other ice cream. Thanks for the blog post. emoticon
    2514 days ago
    My house isn't as clean as I think it should be but I'm sure having fun camping, relaxing in the pool, enjoying my shelties and have a good time with my DH. Of course when we are expecting company, we turn on the stereo and kick it into high gear to get the house in a presentable state.
    2515 days ago
    I'm with Erma too!!! :P
    2515 days ago
    Good for you Linda! As for me, I'm a total chaotic mess. Half the time I try and put things in it's place, the other half trying to remember where that place is to begin with!

    2516 days ago
    What a relief to read a blog like this!! I'm domestically challenged (that's a kind evaluation, actually) and given how hard I work, if I spent more time cleaning I'd have no time for exercise, healthy eating, or friends and family.

    So: my priorities are clear enough . . . not likely to change . . . and I have a little help once a week from a very very kind and competent lady to handle the pressing household tasks. Worth it to me.
    2516 days ago
    Ooops. I'm wrong. You commented on my blog yesterday, not today. How about that? We were both having some similar thoughts today. Take care!
    2516 days ago
    Oh, Linda, I blogged about housework today, too. Oh, yeah. You know that because you commented. I think here you have pointed out 2 things to me: I need to prioritize a little more and I need to value that prioritization so that I can overlook a few things, knowing that the more important things are getting accomplished. Thanks, Linda.
    2516 days ago
    glad you have those priorities straight. I too put off housework (more than I should) for spending time with family, Girl Scouts etc
    2516 days ago
  • MILLIE5522
    Totally agree with you! emoticon
    2517 days ago
    Healthy & happy is a pretty good combination! I vote for your way of LIVING! Love ya, Dawn emoticon emoticon
    2517 days ago
    Work will always be there-hugs!
    2517 days ago
    I too married a man 14 years my senior and we each brought our children to this union we loved and cared for them all ..
    We had 7 children between us of varied ages .. our life had been mixed, some up and downs but mostly ups ....
    I wouldn't swap my life for any other ...
    Enjoy the time you have together.... houswork will wait...
    Quality time with your love is fleeting .. Enjoy!!
    Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon
    2517 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/2/2011 8:15:45 PM
    My place used to be so clean we joked "even her dust falles in aphebetical order", but not any longer ! Now its a little dirty (not much), though still organized, and I've relaxed so much more. I laugh a lot more, and love A LOT more. Welcome over to my side Linda, welcome over ! My family didn't matter than, only my "things" did, now it's opposite,,,my family does and things are things, though I still enjoy the nice ones.
    2517 days ago
    LOVE your philosophy of life, Linda!
    2517 days ago
    I relate to that! I, too am one of those folks who will never have a spotless house, but it's "lived in"!!!!! And it looks it! hehe Our family is so much more important. We just gotta keep it healthy. Neat is a perk!!! emoticon
    2517 days ago
    Love your new background on your page. You lead a contented life. emoticon
    2517 days ago
    Controlled clutter works quit well , as there are many other priorities .
    2517 days ago
    Like you, a clean house isn't my top priority. I know where everything is though - although it looks like I don't.

    Enjoy your time with hubby!
    2517 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I agree with you. Our family should come first. Not a clean house. I would like a clean house but I enjoy fun and family time more.
    2517 days ago
    What a great blog! I didn't realize CaptainJerry had written a blog yet! I'll have to go read it! So glad that you read it, Raylin! I loved your blog, by the way, and especially BELIEVE-IT's comment, about "clean clutter"! My grandkids are here right now, and I am certainly ignoring a lot of "clean clutter" at the moment! emoticon
    2517 days ago
    Your priorities are in order!

    Have a good wknd.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2517 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/2/2011 12:37:05 PM
    Amen to the healthy and happy! Sounds like you've got your priorities right! I am trying to do the same as I enjoy the summer at home with my 3 children. I would rather have fun filled memories with them than worrying about the house being spotless!
    2517 days ago
    Great blog!
    2517 days ago
    Great blog Linda.
    I don't mind chaotic mess but can't abide dirty mess, but I have keeping my castle ship shape and Bristol fashion down to an art.....and DH ALWAYS comes first emoticon

    2517 days ago
    My DH lived away for 2 years before he retired; I spent my mornings before work cleaning house. Now that he is home, I spend more time with him. Plus, I can't run the vacuum early because he is still in bed. So, he does most of the vacuuming. Having a clean house is something I always strive for, but the clutter often gets ahead of me. WHERE does all that junk mail come from???
    2517 days ago
    Great blog! I think we need to be balanced. A senior friend of mine put it well when my kids were little... she called it "clean clutter" ~ sometimes it can't be avoided. But the clean part is really important to me, mainly because I have learned that, it stays cleaner a lot longer than I realized with little effort, but when it is actually "dirty", I spend way more time at it, strange enough -- it's hard to get to that point, but like looking after our bodies, worth the effort!

    Way to have your priorities straight!!!
    2517 days ago
    Very sweet and lucky man !
    2517 days ago
  • MARTY19
    At work, I am very organized because I have to be in order to be a good teacher. At home, I am a bet less organized because this is my safe place, It doesn't have to be perfect. I know where everything is.

    Love you,
    2517 days ago
    Great blog. I keep promising myself I will get more organised but it doesn't happen - Oh I know - I need to MAKE it happen. DRAT!!!! emoticon
    2517 days ago
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