There is no such thing as spot training (or stomach shrink please!!!).

Friday, July 01, 2011

So this morning I had an awesome workout, killed my shoulders and triceps, abs then a 30 min session on the stationary bike. I love working out Friday mornings because I don't have to get up at 4:30 AM because I don't have to be to work until noon.
After I workout when I shower I take the time to "thank" every part of my body for all the hard work accomplished at the gym.
Yes it sounds crazy and corny but give it a try before you judge me. My self esteem has risen from doing something so simple, thinking praises of my shoulders handling the routine when my right one was strained last week. The weird thing about it (yes, more weird then complimenting my body parts) is that I always end up taking more time to encourage my stomach.
"Ok stomach, good job with the ab workout, do not get discouraged, you will catch up with the others and you will look amazing!"
I feel like my body has changed a lot since deploying and incorporating my 6 day a week routine--except my stomach.
Now I realize that I've lost inches because of the fitting of my clothes and how firm my back is...the issue is how it looks--no my gut isn't sagging over my stomach or anything, but it's not firm enough, like I don't do anything at all to it.
I completely understand that you can't spot train a body part, no matter if I do 1000 crunches a day my stomach won't get flatter (maybe from the vomiting from all of those crunches perhaps) . I have a weight training routine and an ever changing cardio routine and I know that I have gotten much stronger and I really like how my body is looking right now (yes, pics will come soon!), however I have always been subconscious of my stomach because when I have gained weight for some reason that's where most of it would go.
My friend here just screamed at me for this blog, saying that my stomach is flat, lol. But in my eyes, there's a good and chunky glob there just hiding my beautiful ab work. We are our own worst critics, and in my opinion, sometimes it's a good thing within reason.
Despite that, I have the knowledge to know that to see abs I have to drop bodyfat. I am currently doing that right now, so although slow, I will continue with my plan to maintain lean muscle and burn fat.
I will continue to eat clean even though every Girl Scout Cookie that keeps getting sent out here I swear is singing to me to eat them.
I will not allow stress and lack of sleep to twart my goals either (now how many times can you use that word, twart? Nice.).
I will stay positive and be grateful that I am able to do the routine I have now because almost two years ago there would have been no way.
One day I will be able to give my abs a fist bump for the major accomplishment . Yeah a fist bump, because we're that cool.
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    I most likely am with your friend on how critical you are about your abs since I know they have got to be flat and firm. emoticon on staying so consistent with your determination, consistency of 6 day workouts and keeping it mixed up and working all those muscles. You've knocked me off the top of our team roster which is good since I am now challenged. No way, will I be as "driven" as you currently are due to past health issues for me and it would throw my entire family & friend network into meltdown.

    I do understand how you envision your abs and LOVE you give yourself a "pep cheer talk" after each workout to congratulate it on handling what you dished out.

    Saying NO to the Girls Scout cookies shows how strong you are in a situation that takes you so far from home. Continue to applaud your efforts and know you are creating an emoticon YOU not only visualized on the outside but inside as well.

    Bring on those photos.
    3529 days ago
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