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A very good day!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

So, I was really really excited that we finally had the money for me to go to a gym. I have been bubbling all week knowing that we were going to purchase a monthly pass to a place with a gym and a pool. YEA!
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So, we get there and I was crushed to hear I HAVE to wear a swim suit. I even asked if shorts and a tank was good enough, its all I have worn since the last bathing suit incident... but their answer was no.
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So I am driving out of their parking lot, and trying to think about what to tell my son, because he was so psyched to be able to swim, and you can't even be in the pool area without a swim suit on... I began to remember the incident...

It was about a year ago... Me in a little room, with mirrors all around. That should be against the law, by the way, it should be illegal to show that many sides of your ass, seriously! So, I had went to the largest rack the store had, (and it was a plus store), and I was crushed to hear they would only carry a 28... for those who are size challenged like me, that's a 4x. Well it would have worked great as a set of knee pads because that was as far as I got it to come up on me. I was crushed! emoticon

Since then, I managed to find some spandex shorts on the same web sight that provides for the Biggest Loser participants, and that is what I have been wearing ever since.

So, I am driving and remembering this little incident, and just almost in tears about what to say to my son, who had not quite caught onto what was going on yet.

So I was going through town, and for some reason I looked over to where I knew that place had been, and there was a new store there, the Fashion Bug Plus. Well, I thought, couldn't hurt to at least ask if they have sizes bigger than a 4x. they can't shoot me... so I stopped. Went in, and asked the lady, who was very polite and actually very sweet. When she said the biggest size they carried was 28, (in bathing suits), I again, felt my heart fall into my feet. So I thanked her and began to walk out when she said, "Well I am not sure, but why don't you at least try one on, you know it couldn't hurt. We do have some styles..." (I am having flash backs of the most expensive knee pads I had ever seen, and me in the changing room, with all those mirrors, and sweating and...)... I didn't even hear all she said, I was stuck on, "it couldn't hurt" part. I am thinking, YEA IT COULD HURT! It can crush my feelings and drain the blood from me, and make the sky fall! ARE YOU KIDDING?

Then I remembered my new philosophy... at least try, even if you think you can't, at least try... So, I said what the heck, why not. I have had a lot worse happen lately and have still survived. So I did. I went in and first tried on the two piece, shorts and top which comes down over the shorts, thinking this was my best chance. The top was so short, I just could not wear that in public!

Then it hit me... I have it on! OMG! I have it on! I looked at the door where all the other suits were hanging... No way, I couldn't...

Well I did, and as a matter of fact, I did with one that was my favorite but she had warned me it was a style that run a bit smaller to size than the other hideously stripped, and patterned bathing suits. (I mean come on, do they really think big people need to wear all those patterns, don't we stick out enough just by being big? We don't want to advertise it more!)

But the one I tried on was really nice, not gaudy, and it looked great! (for my size of course). Then it really hit me... OMG I am a size 28!

Yes, I am celebrating being a size 28!
I am a size 28! WooHoo!
I used to be almost a 7x... that is bigger than they even make bathing suits!, so now I am a 4x, and yes I will shout it from the roof tops and celebrate with a smile!
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I will not celebrate being a 28 for long, as of course I do not wish to remain there, but for now, its all good! Plus I got the bathing suit at like 60% off, so that's even sweeter!

It was indeed a very good day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh, Kat. I'm teary eyed. I have felt the disappointment and the joy you describe. The most incredible part is the change in your new philosophy to at least try, even if you think you can't, at least try...Enjoy the pool with your son! emoticon emoticon
    2518 days ago
  • REBKA97
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2519 days ago
    That is so awesome friend! I loved this blog and the way it was written! What a truly amazing day! Sometimes its so hard to get past certain complexes we build in our minds (my friend is like you, she feels that everyone is looking at here... where I guess I just dont care as much LOL) but I have different complexes, like ordering food when we go out, I always think they think nasty stuff... haha.... so I know what its like to worry and feel distraught! But I am so glad that you fit into it and that it made your day, any victory is exactly that, a VICTORY! and you should be super proud of yourself! Congrats and I know you can reach your goals! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2519 days ago
    OH my gosh, what a great blog!! It read like a short story, the suspense was building the entire time and I couldn't wait to hear what happened. And then....VICTORY!!! You rock, girl! I was smiling the whole way through. You have a really tough spirit, and you will therefore NOT be in a 28 for long, I predict you will need a new swimsuit before the summer is over!

    I think you are very brave and courageous to do what you've done. Kudos to you.

    2519 days ago

    My favorite pattern is the big polka dots. I feel like a oversized silly cow in this pattern. Ultimately, who gives a sh*# ! Right? I mean, we might was well have flashing neon, there really is no hiding it. I, like you, am just trying to be respectable. [I went to this waterpark recently with my tank top suit inside out with the soft, puffy boobie parts all defined and exposed. Like I needed that extra "Huh?"-look. Scheisse! C'est la vie!] Life...she trots.

    More so... AND most Importantly, is Your Experience and THAT I must say, is T.I.double grRR..IFIC! It is so hard to find a size that fits (let alone have choices) in any store OR for a nice person to help. I am so dog gone happy for you.

    THIS IS A GOOD DAY!! I find this a Strong Triumph.

    Good for you, Lady!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2519 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/30/2011 11:00:20 PM
    Great job! Enjoy and best wishes for your continuing success...and enjoy the swimming!
    2519 days ago
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