Catching up and a new decade on the scale!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gaaah! I have so much to catch up on I don’t know where to begin.

1). Doing RUNTRILAUGH’s 10 day food tracking challenge was an EPIC fail. My trip to the Twin Cities was totally insane starting the night before we left when United called up telling us our flight out of Savannah was canceled. From there, all my plans of the trip faded away as I tried to just go with the flow and not freak out. I tried to make informed, healthy decisions about what I ate but there were some seriously splurges. Chipotle, full fat/sugar drinks from Caribou, desserts from local bakeries, wedding cake and lots and lots of liquor. Seriously, my family can’t stand to see anyone without a drink in their hand. I made sure to have lots of water as well and I was never drunk. Still, I had way more than I normally would in a weekend. Despite that, I only gained 0.4 lbs at my official weigh in yesterday! Not bad indeed

2) I haven’t run more than 4 miles in two weeks. That should make the 8 miler on Saturday interesting. I did get in one run while in MN. It was AWESOME! I started off on the hotel treadmill because I didn’t know the neighborhood of the hotel. After 5 minutes I realized that was stupid because it was a gorgeous, cool morning and I won’t see those in Savannah until at least October! Even if I had to run laps around the hotel, it would have been better than the treadmill. So I went outside and just started running. It was great! I found a nice neighborhood and path. There will hills! It was cool! It was perfect. I was under a time crunch but got in 4 miles, mostly because I got lost!

3) Weight Watchers started back up at work again! WOOHOOO! I find meetings so inspiring but I had such a hard time making them when I had to go to the center. I think I went once in 2 months, though I at least went to a few more weigh-ins. This is the kick start I need to start eating right and tracking again. I have to be much more accountable as I know I won’t be missing any weigh ins. Plus, I’ve lost more than anyone else in the group so people look to me as inspiration. I need to be true to myself if I want to encourage other people

4) This morning the scale said 189!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!! I was my personal scale and not the official WW weigh in but still- it’s hardcore encouraging. I’ve been stuck in the 190s for months and months. This makes me feel so much more optimistic about getting to 175 by my half marathon in November!

5) On my trip to the Twin Cities I received so many compliments from friends and family and frankly I LOVED IT. I totally let it go to my head and basked in the fact people noticed all my hard work. I drank in all the amazement when I told people I was training for a half marathon. Honestly, I want more. I’m trying not to sound super selfish, but if I’m being honest, a large reason I am losing weight is to look good. Yes its for health reasons, yes it’s to inspire my son to lead an active lifestyle when he grows up and yes it’s because working out and eating well makes me feel great but ultimately, I’m doing this so I can be happy with what I see in the mirror. So I can shop wherever I please and not be limited to one or two stores when I need a new outfit. To borrow clothes from friends or steal a comfy t-shirt from my hubby. The endless compliments showed me that what I am doing is working and I need to keep it up. I look good now but technically, I am still obese. I can and I will look (and feel better).
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    Sounds like you had a great trip, despite the challenges with food. Soak up all the attention you can get. It's very motivating. I'm glad you got a chance to run in a new place. I always love trying new things out and probably wouldn't have been able to pass up a run either. How did your run go today? It can be hard to adjust to the longer runs when you've been doing short for a while. I found that out last weekend on my long run. Congrats on the scale victory! You have great goals. Liking what we see in the mirror is one everyone needs to have. I am finally starting to appreciate the girl who looks back at me and can see what she has done and is accomplishing. You've done great so far and will continue to do so.
    3122 days ago
    great blog. congrats on getting into the 180's!!! And I loved your honesty! It's true, I think a lot of us like seeing our reflections change for the better!
    3123 days ago
    You deserve that praise! Soak it up! Congratulations on your progress.
    3123 days ago
    I love your honesty! So often we are made to feel vain or egotistical if we say that one of the reasons we want to lose weight is to look good and feel good about what we see in the mirror. Yet I cannot imagine one single soul who has lost weight that didn't have that as one of the goals. I guess it's possible, I just don't think it's likely. So it's really refreshing to see someone be so honest about it. Way to go! :)
    3124 days ago
    How inspiring your page is and this blog too!
    Keep it up, I love running too, and good on you for exploring an unknown neighbourhood- I find the treadmill tedious but jump at any opp to find a new track.
    3124 days ago
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