10 reasons my scale can suck it

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I weigh in on Fridays mainly for maintenance purposes….which I have been successfully doing for over a year now. Maintaining 131-134. Only once did I see 130. But that’s Ok. I have been doing great in other areas.
Now lately—I’d say for the past 2 months I have been on the higher side of that range (134-137)….. and it’s kinda freaking me out little. I know my nutrition can be so much better…and there were a few weeks back in April and May that I slacked in work outs…I know I can push harder. My clothes still fit fine (although some pants are getting a little snug in the waist); I think I look the same……

So reality is that I will not see 130 on the scale by July 4th as I wanted. I weighed 136 last week and I wish it was lower. But I CANNOT and WILL NOT let this bring me down. You know why?

1. I get that groove on my shoulder when I work upper body
2. I love tank tops - hello toned bis and tris!
3. I can see my obliqes! And that “V”…
4. My quads pop even in jeans
5. My calves look great in heels
6. Sweat stings my eye when I’m spinning- that’s how hard I work it!
7. I go straight to the small sizes when I shop
8. I run 3x a week, and am running 4 races in July
9. I’m the go to person for fitness advice….Personal training in my future?
10. My thighs do not rub anymore

So take that stupid scale. You do not own me, define me or rule me. I am more than a freakin number on a scale. I am strong, sexy and confident. You're flat and plastic.
I am still gonna do this darn thing in July (even though I cannot believe half the year has gone already)... Seriously, where did it go????

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