Recap of the Past 6 Months

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today concludes the end of my 6th month. I thought I'd take a moment and recap my progress :)


My sister and I started the first week of January (like so many other people). My starting weight was 266. My game plan for the month was eliminate as much of the calories that I was drinking (goodbye coca cola) and eat when I was hungry as long as it was a healthy choice. At this point, I was not doing any exercising. Results: I lost 20 pounds


My starting weight for this month was 246. Since the previous month, I had managed to avoid ALL junk food and to not eat out (I use to eat out at least once a day). I continued sticking to my meal plan. I found I was less hungry all the time, but I was still missing my junk food. I still wasn't exercising, but I did start increasing my activity (park farther away on errands, make more trips when putting away laundry, etc...). Results: I lost 12 pounds


I started off March at 234 pounds. This month, I ate out in a restaurant for the first time. I went to great lengths to find one that had its menu values posted so I could avoid bad choices. I was amazed at how many restaurants prepared food that was enhanced with sugar and added greatly to the calorie count. I have mastered my proportion control and find it is not hard eating good food choices :) I am still not exercising. Results: I lost 14 pounds


In April my starting weight was 220. This was a familiar "weight" for me. Often times when I would go on a "diet" I would manage to lose enough to get into the 220's, but most of the time I would backslide and the weight would return. I was pleased that for the past 3 months I was able to prepare for situations where I would need to avoid eating bad food choices and that staying on course was no longer a chore. I started walking a few times a week this month a mile to 2 miles in distance. Results: I lost 10 pounds


My beginning weight for the month was 210. This was a hard weight area for me. I have lost to this point a few times before, and when things got slow, I would end up quitting. I really worked hard at staying focus. I really started to enjoy my walking, so my exercise routine increased. I was walking at least 5 days a week and my distance would fluctuate 2 to 4 miles. For my sister's birthday, we ate out and even shared some candy. We found it helped having someone to "share" the goodie item with helped, so we wouldn't overindulge. We also discovered that if there was a food item that we were missing, we would save that choice for a "special" occasion. Results: I lost 10 pounds


So far June has been my favorite month. I started out at 200 pounds and early on entered one-derland. I also hit my 1/2 way milestone. I have begun walking daily and have increased my walking amount to 6 miles a day. Most of the time, I break it up into a morning and evening walks. I have a new bike and although my riding excursions have been short, I am pleased that I haven't fell off of it lololol. Also I went hiking for the first time in Lord knows how long. Results: I lost 15 pounds

So to summarize, I have currently lost 81 pounds.

Did I have weeks where I lost nothing? Yes My longest stretch with no change was 2 1/2 weeks in May.

Has it been hard? In the beginning it was hard. I use to eat 2000 to 4000 calories a day depending on what junk food I was running into. I would think a bag of Doritos and a container of sour cream was a meal. I WAS the human carbohydrate. Now I don't even considerate hard work. It's routine :)

What have I learned? That I didn't have to be content with being "chunky". There was a time when I thought...I'm middle aged and it just the way it is that I've gotten "well-fed". That exercising everyday isn't a chore, but a selfish pleasure. That I can consistently control what goes into my mouth and be happy about it. Sorry for the long winded version :)
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