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Family Reunion 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Day Sparkfam! Happy Hump Day! I am celebrating because I am out of the office a few hours. WOOHOO!!! I will be at home today & tomorrow & we leave out early Friday for a quick trip to Atlanta & then return on Sunday. So its going to be an action packed 2days. ..

As the family coordinator planned something for every minute cept for when we sleep. I am trying to sleep but I am anxious about not forgetting my phone charger & shoes. Its always something but I plan to the T but something still has to be picked up at the local Piggly Wiggly. LOL We will be doing a meet & greet from 3-5pm. Then an evening beach type party from 7-11pm & then my guess? Nap time. We will rise up early for family pray & breakfast, then off to tour the city & see some sights or kick back & enjoy the pool. We do enjoy driving around & seeing sights but I wanna do the aquarium. Then we come back & do something with the graduates like a mentoring & college prep (my son Tre will be attending). Then we will have an after 5attire banquet. Then we will have dancing or we could go to this park where we can watch the fire work festivities. Or is that Friday? IDK?!! That would be cool to do all this with a group & its your family. WOOHOO! Then in the morning we close out with family prayer & breakfast at 7am. We will be back at the airport awaiting our flight & back to Chicago. So I will come back tired & need to come back here to refresh my goals for living healthier. lol

I think we can all say that we could cram in 30-45mins of cardio & strengthen training 3-6x a week? If we get up & walk 45-60mins daily we could add a few more years on to our life expectancy, right? Well why not try to get 45mins to 90mins of workout done daily. Its for our health & yourself that we do what we do & that's why we are here. I can promise you that there are some weeks when I feel like I don't wanna & I don't. I plan to do my exercise & eat healthy but it never pans out. So what do I do until I feel like doing it again? I just murmur to myself you know you need to be doing this & you know you need to be eating that but I blow it off. We can't continue on this path if we want to be healthy right? I am trying to get in all the workouts I can cause I kinda wanna not have to do anything but walking or body weight exercises while I am there.

So last night I got very little sleep as I am ready to go & have fun with my family. So I got up anyway & did Kickboxing for 60mins & then did a much needed 25mins of abs. I have been up walking & fidgeting all day. I'm so ready to go home & get a nap but my nails need to be done. Hair is out of control so its in a pony tail for now. Maybe a hand band & down in the back will suffice? Maybe not....

God bless Sparkfam & enjoy everyday!

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