Lost My Groove

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ladies and Gents and dear friends -
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It's official. I have soooooooo lost my groove! Ha. Where in the hell did it go? I have absolutely no idea...!

It's been since mid May that I have not been in the gym or out exercising regularly which is highly unusual for me. I feel like my body, though slimmer now, is getting flabby again, lol. Haven't cared to walk, run, hit the weights or anything.

I am still eating rather well, but hate the gym at the moment. I have hit a plateau yet again, no doubt cause I haven't been exercising. But this time it's THE plateau. The one I knew would happen. You see, years ago when I had great weight loss, I got right to this level. 175-178 lbs. My body just loves this weight. No matter what I did, my weight just stayed here. And here I am yet again, just stuck stuck stuck... at 177, 175, 177. No forward, no backward. Just everyday 177, 175. I now hate the 170's... just like I did the 180's back in the day, ha.

Alas, the summertime is here and I'm just out having a good time on the weekends, and then during the week, all I want to do after work is be home and chill. Inside. Because it's soooo HOT outside in South Florida. And I mean HOT, most times with humidity, like today. And the evenings is usually the opportunity I would take to go to the gym, ride my bike or take a run. No desire to do any of the above. Boo...

So once again... I am at my mercy's end. Got to try again to take my own advice.

***1- Try again every day.

***2- Dress for success - so change into workout gear the moment I get home. But I don't even want to do that anymore. I just get home, take off my work clothes and prance around in the undies. No care for any other clothing. (sigh) Have to get over it.

***3- Take advantage of ANY inkling of wanting to workout, no matter the time or circumstance... (like when you feel to clean, you have to do it right there and then, cause you know that feeling is never coming back, lol).

***4- Search for my motivation to make it in once again. Gotta, gotta find it. What's my motivation anyway? I think I forgot, ha.

Before when this happened really bad, I hired a personal trainer. And the process of another person in the mix holds me accountable. And my PT was wonderful... and I did not want to disappoint him. Next thing I knew, I was in the gym at least 3-4 times a week outside of getting in my session with him. But alas, he still has not returned from being on military leave even though he was supposed to be back in June. Plus I really can't afford it, even if he was back. Ugh... can't even think about it at the moment.

So, here I am. Plateaued and without groove. I just don't care to work out at all. I think it's mainly because I lack the energy too. I just get wiped out so much quicker lately. Odd.

Are you going through this right now? Or is it just me? I sooooo need a push...lol...can anyone please come over here and just give me a good shove? emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Aprile, sorry to hear you are in a funk right now.... it can be hard to motivate in South Florida in the summer. I would suggest signing up for a race, but there aren't too many in the summer.

    I love your advice to yourself. And you know, even if you don't have a "real" personal trainer, you should just pretend like you have one. Put it in your calendar and "fine" yourself if you don't make your scheduled workouts each week. It could be motivating.

    Hang in there!
    3675 days ago
    I feel ya, I am stuck in the 170's too! I just keep moving along because i am losing inches more than scale weight which is better. I hope you get your spark back soon you have worked too hard to get where you are now to give up now. We all get that way too, but hang in there. We are cheering for you!!!!
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    Change some things up girl and go grab the bull by the horns. I have had to do the same thing...
    emoticon and emoticon


    3679 days ago
    Gotta Love that honesty! i think sometimes our bodies and minds need that break.
    maybe you can work on a NEW goal/motivation collage to get you going? go buy a couple of fashion magazines, fitness magazines, some paste and a big piece of cardboard to glue your favorites to.

    take your camera out for an inspirational shopping trip. get pictures of the clothes you would like to see yourself in and maybe even buy an item of clothing for a challenge. i had a pair of jeans hanging inside my closet door for 2 years, just DARING me to fit in to them. hopefully you wont have something that takes to years to get to though!

    Keep us posted on how you are doing!
    3680 days ago
    Hi sweetie!
    Consider this: Let's partner up and commit to attending at least 1-2 yoga classes per week. Doesn't have to be hot yoga! I just remember your excitement and energy when you were doing yoga. We can even start off with just one class a week, and keep in touch on our adventure. Let me know if you'd like to try!!!

    Thinking of you...

    Kay emoticon
    3680 days ago
    Hello, (Chris)Stella here, trying to help you get your groove back!

    I just went through my own funk, losing a job which I felt defined me for the past 12 years, and a hefty paycheck. I was wallowing in self pity. I gained 10 pounds in a couple of months. I was committing acts of self saboutage. I knew what I should have been doing, but chose the opposite option. We had just fenced in the yard, so I didn't even have to walk my dogs anymore. I had an excuse for everything. Then I took a long look into the mirror, not just on the wall but also into my soul. If I didn't respect me, who else would?

    A couple of weeks ago, I picked up my dog's leashes. They were literally overjoyed, jumping over each other, tails waggin' furiously. We've resumed our daily 4 mile walk, only now I'm just excited as they are. I resumed my weight training. Thankfully, my muscles started firming up post haste.

    I've taken back my control. I'm taking care of myself. I'm the right thing. But most importantly, I FEEL GREAT!

    I'm sure you remember how your p/t was working you before their deployment. Won't it be great to show them how good you look when they get back? Get your exercise program back on your to-do list! Make yourself your #1 priority! Make YOU happen!!!
    3680 days ago
    Sorry to hear you are in a funk! What ever happened with hot yoga? Thinking about you, friend!

    3680 days ago
    I hope you find your groove again. I call it my mojo. Hey I am watching soccer this time again but it is not as exciting this time for me. All those i have rooted for lost! emoticon
    3680 days ago
    What about not going home after work but straight to the gym? I know that for me if I go home I'm toast, lol.
    3680 days ago
    Morning workouts are the best for me. I have my gym bag packed at night with what I'll be changing into after working out and the workout clothes laid out, coffee ready to brew first thing. I get dressed and out the door ready for the gym before my brain has fully awakened to protest too much. Some people sleep in their workout clothes; whatever it takes to get the job done! How about an accountability partner HERE, someone who will ask you what you did to work out that day, hmm? Not the same as a PT or someone in person, but it can be motivating, too . . . just a thought. You will figure out what works for you and break through this, I believe in you!!

    3680 days ago
    Get it together girl, as I always say to myself when I am in this situration, FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!
    3680 days ago
  • KARENA228
    Hi April,

    I live in South Florida too so I feel you on the weather thing. I exercise strictly indoors during this time and I go in the morning to make sure I get it done.

    I could be your South FLorida/Broward County buddy if you like, if nothing else, i could write you every day and tell you to get to the gym ASAP! LOL, if that will help.

    3680 days ago
    emoticon Everyone deserves a minute to just say ahhh! This is just a "push pause" moment for you. Look back at what you have accomplished! Celebrate it and then plan that next goal/reward. You can do this! The good thing about a plateau is that it gets our attention. Without those moments we go from satisfaction to complacency. From complacency we start to backslide. You WILL NOT do this! Love yourself too much and value your accomplishments thus far; way too much to let it be in vain. Time to shake up the routine! Pull up those boot straps & go for it! Runner take your mark! Get set! GO...

    emoticon ~Debbie emoticon
    3680 days ago
    Yes, ladies, you're so right... I just HAVE TO DO IT. ugh... when oh when will this mojo return?... lol.

    I have never had anyone to rely on, or to even just workout with on with this journey so, finding someone to workout with is, unfortunately, out. Sidenote: So to everyone with husbands and wives and boyfriends and girlfriends and family and BFFs and stuff, cherish them. You're very very lucky.

    But I think I might try the morning routine. Hmmm.... Sleep in or exercise... hmmm... And, yes SCHEN, flying Trapeze, absolutely!
    3680 days ago
    Hi April, LOVED your blog (as usual). I know that you can do it, and a morning routine would be a good mixer or, when u r at home, comfortable do a workout there (not the same as the gym, but better than nothing).

    It's not just you, we ALL have our issues and challenges, mine is emotional eating. And eventhough I am still exercising and eatign pretty good full meals, I am snacking horrible (had a snickers today and wished I had cookies to go with it. I haven't seen TOM since my grandmother died in April and so I'm a bit concerned about that, but ..... like you I know that I will find my groove, I just have to pursue it. You can do it April. emoticon
    3680 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    I concur with losing the mojo. I'm still kind of exercising, but certainly not going as diligently as I once did. I agree with Laura that the morning workouts are the best because it's nice to get it over with, but my sleeping pattern has been so off the radar as of late that I just can't drag myself out of bed at 5 am when the alarm goes off. But I need to stop making execues because I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. I guess the bottom line is just we just have to do it, every dam day, Just freaking do it!

    P.S., I'm coming to South Florida at the end of the month can we finally do that trapize class???
    3680 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7221782
    You can do it, April!!!!
    Just think of all you have accomplished so far - all that running!!!! Time to find another race to sign up for, then there is no excuse!
    Find another person to workout with or find a running group to join. They will keep you going! That's what I had to do. It really helps - ALOT!!!!

    I know you can get going again - you have the determination. No just do it!!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3680 days ago
    I don't think its just you, I think it is happening to all of us. I think if you want to get into the 160s you are going to have to set the weights aside for 2days a week & go 45mins-1hour of cardio 5days a week! How do you get there? Well you already started your list now make it happen! God bless & come don't disturb this groove! lol

    3680 days ago
  • SHELLEY202
    I know what you mean! I'm still exercising, but I've been eating horribly since early May. Just have to kick my own butt into working on goals again.

    As far as working out, what about finding someone to exercise with? Still gives you some accountability like with your trainer, but it's free.

    Hang in there!
    3680 days ago
    POOHLA711-yes, I'm soooooooo trying... :D

    LAROSE - I like that idea... I've never done a morning routine. Maybe that WOULD be a good change to get me going... hmmm...
    3680 days ago
    Oh man, it's so hot here, I totally feel you. I find that going in the AM before work is the only way I can work out these days. Once it's 4pm and 118 degrees, all I want to do is go home! Maybe start a morning routine? I know you can do it!
    3680 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4416266
    So... if you're at your body's "comfortable" weight having not exercised in over a month... just think of what's going to happen when you get back to sweating! You are going to kick that plateau's behind! Get out there and do it!

    I've got the opposite problem as you... I'm running like crazy (training for my first marathon), but my eating is out of control! Please hold me accountable for what goes into my mouth!
    3681 days ago
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