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Pedometer Experiment

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I promised a fellow spark person that I'd do a review on the pedometers I've tried recently. In the past month, I've tried three different pedometers and I have yet to find the perfect one (and looking at other offerings, don't know if I will), but here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of each one I've tried so far.

Sportline 370 Multi-Function TraQ Any-Wear Pedometer

This was the first one I purchased. I was surprised by the high price, but figured it would be worth it, if it did what I needed in a small package. I loved the exterior design- It was small, had a place to use a clip/cord, and it came with a comfortable clip holster, which worked quite nicely and held tight. Accuracy seeemed fine, as I kept it on my waistband. One feature I liked was the ability to set an auditory "pace" sound, so when I was working on my aerobic steps, it gave me a little pressure to keep a specific pace, which kept my heartrate a little higher then if I'd self-adjusted. The buttons were the cause of "failure" for me. It only comes with two, which means you have to go through a long line of items in order to get the information/setting you are looking for. The set up is not particularly user-friendly. The worst part of it, which caused me to return it, was that in three days, the pedometer RESET itself twice with no warning - Since the buttons are raised and not protected from accidental bumps or pressure, when I crouched down I apparently pressed the buttons and reset it. Obviously, if I can't move around freely, without worrying about the pedometer resetting itself, then all the design and features are useless.

Omron HJ203 Multi-Function Pocket Pedometer

I was attracted to this pedometer because of it's very compact size and "promise" to total steps accurately. I was wrong. These pedometers do not even come with the option of clipping to your pants/belt- you HAVE to place them in a pocket.. and the only pocket it works with would be a shirt pocket, not a pants pocket like most people would assume. I didn't try it around my neck because that's a little to obvious to the public for my comfort, plus I could see it getting uncomfortable or tangled if I wear a necklace (which I do often). I tried it in my pants pocket, and it was useless - jumped steps all over the place. The only way to get a halfway decent reading was to wedge it in my waistband, which of course does work long term, not to mention not be very comfortable! This pedometer went back after just one frustrating day. If the company added a clip holster, it might make all the difference for the popularity of this product.

Omron HJ112 Multi-Function Pocket Pedometer (Consumer Rated #1)

This is my current pedometer, which I've had for about three weeks now. It is accurate and the buttons are nice- three soft buttons, easy set-up and mode change, yet not susceptible to accidental bumps. It comes with a clip holster and safety leash, but it is a bit bulky and the clip is not the strongest, so it has a tendency to slip up and off the waistband if you're not careful. Up until this one, I haven't had a pedometer long enough to get a real feel for the recording features.
On your current day, you can rotate between four screens: Total steps/time; aerobic step count/minutes walked; approximate calories burned/grams burned (which seems totally useless to me); and total mileage/time. I'd like to see it give me a way to check my average mileage per hour. I'd also love to have a separate "routine" mode- something where I could flip to that mode, then be able to reset it at will while the rest of the daily features continue to record and be memorized - So I can gauge the above information for one particular workout session.

This product, though it has a 7 day memory feature that's easy to check, ONLY allows you to see your total steps for that day. I'd like to be able to see not just total steps stored for a 7 day period, but total mileage, as well as my aerobic steps and time walked aerobically for that day.

Future considerations:
I'm considering the Omron HJ303 Multi-Function GOsmart Pocket Pedometer. I like the smaller size then my current one and this one, unlike the Omron HJ203, comes with the holster clip. It appears to have the same recording features as the HJ112.

Also, along the same design is the Brookstone pedometer, which I believe has the same features, though it seems to have less positive reviews.

I bought my current one online, so returning it would not be cost-effective, and I don't know if I want to drop another 40 bucks on another pedometer just for the different size/exterior design, so I'll give it a little time first...

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    Thank You it's great to get peoples veiws on these things as some are so damn expensive lol
    2819 days ago
    2826 days ago
  • SKAUT77
    This is great information - I'm going to pass it along to a friend of mine who is looking for a new one!
    2826 days ago
    Thank you for the info.

    I need to replace my pedometer and/or its battery... otherwise, it was good enough for my use for a couple of years. It was a bottom-of-the-line one from Walmart; cost way under $10, clipped to my belt and kept accurate track of my steps.

    For my use, that's all I wanted -- a step counting gadget that did little other than counted steps and did it for a reasonable price. I see Walmart isn't advertising anything with thaqt particular feature set now, and I never saw it anywhere else. :(
    2826 days ago
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