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Absolute No to "Bad" Foods

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


OK, it's official -- at least if you are prepared to rely upon a Harvard study tracking almost 121,000 people over a 20 year period. The link above will take you to the whole article, written by Toronto based dietitian Leslie Beck. But here's the condensed version.

Some foods really are bad.

It's not the case that you can eat all foods in moderation.

The baddies? Predictable. All my faves.

That would be French fries and potato chips at the top of the list. And would include "sugary drinks" (what we Canajuns call "pop") and processed meats and desserts and refined carbs and . . . even baked potatoes. Yikes.

People eating these foods put on 17 pounds over 20 years. May not sound like a huge weight gain . . . but often apparently combined with additional weight gain associated with inadequate exercise, drinking, lack of sleep . . . yeah.

I've been trying to persuade myself that a French fry or two (snatched off DH's plate) isn't going to hurt . . . so long as I stay within my calorie range. And I have permitted myself a baked potato probably once a week.

Gotta reconsider this.

Stick with the veggies, fruit, nuts, whole grains and yogourt which are the mainstay of my diet - and which the Harvard study tells us are associated with no weight gain, even moderate weight loss.

Not what I wanted to hear, frankly. But this is a pretty reputable source. So, I'm listening.

Moderation in all things? Maybe not.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WHAT! But french fries are potatoes!!! heheheheh :)

    Strange that studies always shows what we know :)

    *hrmp?.... going to take a look at this article :)
    2548 days ago
    No, this really a case of eating in moderation. There is nothing surprising or new in this study. High calorie food has the propensity to put weight on people, low calorie food does not. The article says:

    "The pounds accumulate gradually and most people don’t know what specifically causes them to struggle with weight gain."

    It's not because they're eating potatoes, it's because they're not paying attention or in fact, some just don't care. It was no mystery to me as to how I got fat.
    2548 days ago
    I"m with Kaligirl on this one, Ellen.
    2548 days ago
    Well, thank GOD cheese isn't on that list, or I'd just have to kill myself. I'm not going to live entirely without cheese, darnit.


    2549 days ago
    Always so informative, gorgeous. You rock!!

    2549 days ago
    Why is it that life is supposed to be so restrained all the time? Unfortunately, food is one of the great joys that we have and to never eat something that is totally delicious just dulls my spirit and makes life such a chore.

    The good thing coming from this is that it adds a thrill to doing something that is supposed to be wicked. (Very occasionally, of course.)
    2549 days ago
    I saw this study in the paper recently. I think they're right that people who regularly eat french fries and potato chips gain more weight. The key is regularly. I think once in a while a serving (or half serving) of really yummy french fries won't ruin anyone's diet and can keep a person from feeling deprived. The trick is not to eat them every day. I'm trying to focus on eating good things, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, peas and beans. If I fill up on those I really don't miss the other stuff. I'm eating less meat, too, even weighing my portions at home so I know what 2 ounces or 3 ounces look like.
    2549 days ago
    I hate to differ, but the article stated: “People who REGULARLY ate French fries, potato chips, mashed potatoes, processed meat, meat, sugary drinks, sweets and refined grains were more LIKELY to gain weight.”

    I'm an EVERYTHING in moderation person unless you have an addiction, and consider a DQ cheese coney, sharing onion rings and a mini oreo blizzard a REAL treat!

    Namaste my friend.
    2549 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I thought I had my kitchen in pretty good order for healthy food, but I do have the odd potato! I have been maintaining for a year and a half, strictly counting calories with the odd fries and chips, but have not regained any because of it.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    2549 days ago
    It not only isn't fair, it sucks, doesn't it? Oh well. (I'm practicing. I actually ate most of my fries yesterday, instead of telling the waitress to hold the fries. Made up for it by having Cheerios for supper. I haven't eaten fries in years, I just really wanted them. Not a smart move, and my stomach is not happy with me today for having ingested all that fat.)

    My niece told me that potatoes are basically void of nutrients - that's why we load them up with fat or fry them or whatever, to add nutrients. One way of looking at it.
    2549 days ago
  • TOOKES519
    Between you and I and now all of Spark.....LOL I WILL eat all of those things....You know why? Because I have already proven that I can. I have eaten all of those things during this journey of mine and I have still lost 140 Pounds. I read a story the other day stating its not about low carb diets or high protien diets etc......., they said that counting calories is the key. I happen to truly believe that cause thats really all I have done (besides a poop load of exercise) when it comes to eating. Mind you I do find lower calorie versions of things I like to eat. I have not told anyone this, but I also have some kind of dessert 5 nights a week, if not more after dinner too. Smoothies, pudding, jello, microwaved smores....yummo!! So I do truly believe the all in moderation thing. Thats truly what my journey has been all about for me. Eating the foods I still love, but less of it.


    2549 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2549 days ago
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