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Week 9 with a 1lb gain

Monday, June 27, 2011

Well I haven't been blogging much lately. I haven't really felt much like it. I've been worried about a bunch of different things.. like canada post being on strike and not getting the 2 cheques I'm waiting for before we leave for our trip. We leave friday! It seems like it snuck up on me cuz I'm totally not prepared for leaving yet. We have been slowly cleaning out the house of food that will spoil in the 2 1/2 weeks we'll be gone for but there are lots of clothes that need to be packed and stuff for Adam to worry about.. diapers, cups, toys, wipes, etc etc.

My weight and exercise have kind of gone on the back burner.. sort of. I only exercised two days last week. One day for an hour, the other for almost 2 hours. Both were walking days. I walked on monday and then again on wednesday I think it was. But after my long walk on wednesday where I thought I was super woman and ran for 2 minutes I was SORE. I did the first minute and was sure I was gonna die afterwards.. but after I calmed down and started breathing normally again I said "eff it!" and took off running again. 30 seconds into it my body hurt, my lungs hurt and I wanted to die again but I pushed and pushed for that 1 minute and the result was not good.. I got home and my back hurt, my legs hurt and my right hip was burning. I stretched, showered and sat the rest of the night and went to sleep and woke up barely able to walk. So I have been doing nothing since then. My hip is fine again and nothing else hurts but it's done nothing but rain the past few days and I've basically been very lazy.

The result? A 1 lb weight gain. Sh!t. I'm not really sure where it came from though. I've eaten at the bottom half of my range. And actually I'm not really even worried about it either. I've lost continuously almost every single week since I started so a gain was bound to show up eventually... right?

Maybe this is the wrong attitude to have about a weight gain but honestly I don't really care. I know this gain won't break me. I'm not freaking out over it and I know I'll push harder this week (when I have time). But to have this "meh" kinda attitude bugs me a bit. Should I care? If someone else saw this happen to them, would they care about it a lot more than I do? I mean every single week thus far as been 2 lbs, 3 lbs, 1lb, 5 lbs gone minus one week where my weight stayed exactly the same but that was a few days before TOM showed up. I know I'm not giving up. I want this weight gone and I'm not going back to how I was before cuz that would mean everything up to this point would be for nothing.

On the plus side of this stupid 1 lb. I had a bath yesterday just to relax in cuz my back has been bugging me a lot lately. It's been about a month since I had a bath, maybe longer and I was surprised to find out that my hips no longer touch both side of the tub (we have a somewhat small tub width wise.. this isn't me being fat.. Jason tries to get in it too and finds it somewhat squishy and he's skinny.. I hate him) In fact I had a good inch maybe 2 on either side of my hips and was pretty excited. I started thinking about winter time next year and how I always have a bath after my son's hockey game to warm up from being frozen for 2 hours and being able to sit comfortably in the tub with lots of space around me. And not only that but the stupid bleacher chairs at the rink and how ridiculous I feel in them.. to actually be able to fit in them next year and not look like a huge whale stuck in a chair lol.

Okay yea another long blog. I won't be blogging at all after friday for about 3 weeks cuz we leave for our vacation. I'm nervous about it because I don't have control over what food is served but I know there will be lots of exercise from walking to this persons place and that persons place and going swimming in the ocean a lot ( if the weather cooperates) My dad also has a gym room in his house so I'm gonna take advantage for the one day we're at his place. At my mom's everything is flooded horribly so I might go for a few walks just to look at the damage all the flooding has done. But once we hit NS exercise should hopefully be easy. I'll take lots of pics and share them in my blog when I come back from my holidays.

emoticon Have a great Canada Day or 4th of July everyone!! emoticon
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  • HOLLY1977
    Enjoy your trip and make the healthiest choices you can out of the options given to you! Offer to help cook some nights as well, then you can see exactly what is being done to it before it is being served! Who knows, you may just recruit some family to the healthy side of cooking!

    The "meh" attitude ... well that comes and goes :) Next one you may freak out a bit :) But you have to remember that you are doing your best at the time and it is your actions and choices that dictate how you feel, not the number on that scale!
    2824 days ago
    Don't worry about it. I have weeks where I go up all the time, whether I'm on track or not. Heck, today I'm up 1.3 pounds, and I suspect that's just my muscles getting back at me for making them work yesterday. Even if it's not, a few days of watching what I'm doing will bring that number down. Just keep in mind that a pound is nothing in the grand scheme of things - you'll gain and lose that (and a couple more) over the course of a single day. You've made tremendous progress so far, and catching the scale at the wrong time doesn't change that :-)

    When I do find myself getting worried about what my weight's doing, I just make sure that I clamp down on the behaviour stuff. Somehow, knowing that I'm on track with food and exercise calms me down, because I know that I'm in control, no matter what the stupid scale says.

    Focus on the upcoming trip. You've got some great strategies in place, but most of all... enjoy it! Hope you have a fantastic time!
    2824 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/27/2011 6:21:06 PM
    emoticon attitude about the 1lb gain, Have an emoticon holiday! Congrats on being able to comfortably enjoy your bath as well!
    2824 days ago
    You know... when I have a gain, sometimes I try to understand it, but I try to keep a fairly "ok, whatever... next!" attitude. Maybe it's not the right one, but it seems healthy to me. You're doing what you can, and have been mostly losing. So the scale went up a pound. You're shrinking, and striving. :)
    2824 days ago
    Hey, sounds like you have a great plan for your vacation to stay on track! I'm really bored of my workout routine so I was thinking of trying to jog outside (or at least walk/jog something) but I couldn't walk for 4 days afterwards last time I did that, either. That was almost 2 months ago, though, so maybe it would be better this time? It's also kinda hot outside.. ha ha I'm GREAT at excuses! I think it's a GOOD sign that you're not devastated by a week where the scale didn't show what you wanted. Weight loss is becoming part of your life instead of an obsession. I hope you have an awesome trip!!!
    2824 days ago
  • MOM2FAT1
    enjoy the trip. don't stress to much it dose not help.
    2824 days ago
    Do what you can one step at the time.
    2824 days ago
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