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Monday, June 27, 2011

FIRST BLOG! Yay! Forcing myself to write this b/c I believe it will add an additional element of accountability. So rather than procrastinate any longer, I'm starting today!

Started my "conscious eating" habits about 3 weeks ago, and I am most surprised at how easy it has been to stay within my calorie range.

Week 1 - I ate normally, used the nutrition tracker, and read a TON of articles. Of course I was shocked at how easy it is to rack up calories. It's not like I thought I was eating healthy...certainly not...but it's another thing to see just how many calories are packed into the NORMAL things I eat...not even including fast food. I knew right away that if I was going to be successful in this new lifestyle I was going to have to end a life-long relationship with the processed food industry. My mother has been a vegetarian for maybe 20 years so I'm very familiar with whole food stores and all kinds of soy creations :-) It's like everything she's been PREACHING through the years is all coming back to help me :-) I prayed and asked God to change my taste buds...literally. I asked that He help me to develop a taste for foods in their natural state and that He would help me to enjoy food as He created it. My prayer has certainly been answered.

Week 2 - Went grocery shopping! This was a test for me, and not b/c I wanted junk food, but b/c I started couponing 2 months ago! It HURT me not to be able to get all the great deals! I could have gotten Frosted Flakes for about $1/box, but I wanted to buy a healthier cereal like Kashi, which was $3/box. I'm a full-time student & it's summer time so my $$ is SUPER tight right now. This definitely wasn't an easy choice. I know it will pay off though. My main staples are broccoli (love it), brown rice, green beans, kidney beans (chili!), eggs, CEREAL, fruit, and whole wheat bread/bagels. Btw, I'm a "cereal killer". Love cereal - anytime, anywhere, morning, noon or night :-) Got a couple different kinds of Fiber One, and some "all natural" wanna-be cinnamon toast crunch by a company called "Isabel's Way"...it's not Kashi, but it was right next to it (LOL)...and B1G1 free. It's my "gateway cereal" :-)

Week 3 - Still reading a ton of articles and finally started measuring my portions. I've decided to put my food in a cup when I can. I am definitely conditioned to "clean my plate" and I find that it's just better for me to put my food in a smaller dish so I won't see this mountain of white space on my plate...mental tricks. Why make plates/cups/bowls so big in the first place??? All these things are working against someone who is trying to eat responsibly. As I'm realizing how many factors are working against me, I'm learning to forgive myself for getting to this point in the first place. And now that I'm "awake" and hip to the game, I can choose not to eat mindlessly anymore. When I say that it has been "easy" to stay in my calorie range, it's only true b/c I am not eating many packaged/high density foods. I'm able to eat small portions all day long and never feel hungry. Can't imagine trying to do this without changing the TYPES of food I'm eating; I would definitely feel deprived. Only drinking water and crystal light. This is also a HUGE blessing! I certainly have to give God the honor for helping me through this and for releasing my MIND so I can make better decisions. That's half the battle. So grateful for that. Also, I did weigh myself this week and I've lost weight, but I would rather focus on my clothes size than my scale. I don't plan to weigh myself every week...I don't even own a scale. Maybe my mind will change about that in the future, but for now, I'm just happy knowing I'm being good to my body and I know that, in return, my body will be good to me.

Up next - Physical activity! That will definitely require more prayer! I can do it though...one day at a time.
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    You can do this! and you are right...one day at a time. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to lose so much weight! I've lost 125 pounds and I'm still on the wagon! keep up the great work!
    2518 days ago
    Good Luck!
    2519 days ago
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