Soulful Commitment

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The commitment to be your best originates from the depths of your soul. For those who profess we have no such entity, they fail to grasp the beauty of our being. A soul is fragile and delicate yet remains indestructible and unceasing. It can grow and shrink by the magnanimous or contemptible nature of ourselves. Since very few of us truly comprehend infinity, thoughts of the beyond lack substance and awareness. Nevertheless, I profess a soul is part of our being and we must nurture it as we do our minds and bodies.

Nurturing ones soul can be a formidable task if we fail to recognize its origin and purpose. The spirit of our being is a reflection of our soul, which exists in the ethereal. Thus, our spirit, which permeates everything we do, is often mistaken or misidentified as the soul. Remember the outward spirit is only a reflection subject to the lenses with life through which we see.

When you look in the mirror, do you perceive a creature of beauty, grace, or worthiness? These characteristics are us. Each of us is worthy of love, friendship, companionship, and desire. Tell yourself this truism often and aloud. This simple act may refocus your efforts during the day as difficulties arise. These words will feed your soul helping you find that spirit of commitment to yourself and others.

A life lived for itself provides nothing in the end. It is living our life selflessly for and with others where the soul growths and its reflection soar. See yourself for more than the physical reflection looking back at you from the polished surfaces. Know there are other dimensions to your being.

Think it. Know it. Do it.

Be at Peace
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