Measurements - 6/29/2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Can you BELIEVE it's almost July?! Omg! Why is it about summer that makes it so much harder to stick to what I know I need to be doing? Am I the only one like this? In my case, I think it's 3 things. 1- Family gatherings, 2- Destiny being out of school.. she adds a LOT of stress, and 3- A less strict schedule. My family thrives on schedules. I'm not so big on them, but my husband is lost without a strict one, my sons are easier to deal with if they are on one, and my daughter's behavioral problems makes it a must. So, I'm really outnumbered lol.

So, with that in mind... I'm still not doing GREAT, but I'm still doing GOOD. Mostly it's not going over my ranges, it's what food I eat altogether. But I'm still truckin' along. Let's see what's in store for me this week.

Neck - 13.25" - 13.25" = 0"

Bust - 41" - 40.5" = -.5"!

Ribs - 34.25" - 34" = -.25"!

Waist - 40.5" - 40.25" = -.25"!

Hips - 42" - 41.75" = -.25"!

Thigh - 20" - 20" = 0"

Calf - 13.75" - 13.75" = 0"

Arm - 11.75" - 11.5" = -.25"!

I lost 1.5"! Wowza! I'm having a few guilt issues where my EPIC challenge is concerned. Technically, certain days I go under and some I go over. I just can't make myself eat when I'm hungry (I don't believe in it, never have) and I don't think I should feel like I'm starving if I've eaten well that day. So what I've done this week is try to keep as close to my range as possible, but if I go over ok, if not ok... but I'm giving myself a point (as long as it's ok with my team members that read this).

This is b/c what I've done this week, and plan on keep doing, is I took my range x 7 (days) then added up my total intake from each day and since I came nowhere close to going over the range x 7, it all evened out. I honestly think it's a good plan, and I can stop feeling as though I'm yo-yoing. It's showing results. My weight last week was 169 and is this week too. That's ok. It still feels good to be in the 160's!

And get this. Yesterday my BFF sent me some of her clothes that she couldn't fit into since she had her baby. All the way from HI lol. She wubbs me. Anyway, there was some that's "my size" (14 - 16's) that I fit into and a couple of smaller ones. One was a size 12 pair of shorts. They fit. Now, this is not surprising since they had already been worn and were a little stretched right? Well, they didn't look stretched, but hmm.... So then, for kicks, I figured I would try to squeeze into the brand new, with tags, size 11 jeans she sent. So, I tugged them on. It wasn't just slipping them on, but that's usually how it goes for me anyway. I'm kind of small in my legs and my stomach is pretty big so I figured I'd have to lay down and huff and puff and about blow the house down to get them on. I didn't. Now, they didn't look great with my big ol' muffin top, but they weren't killing me. Umm.. yeah. Someone in 14's getting into 11's. Wow.

So that encourages me! It makes me feel like maybe I can do this after all. And it also reminded me of when my 14's fit like that.. and now look at them! So, I'm not doing wonderfully, but I'm not going backwards. I can feel good about that.

Now off to post my end of EPIC pic!
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  • TBID227
    WAY TO GO!!! Look at you, shrinking bit by bit! And the smaller clothes, way too cool! Keep up your hard work!
    2576 days ago
    2578 days ago
    I love that the inches are coming off even if the weight is staying relative, and I like your plan about the up and down on your range. And size 11!!!! Congrats! :D
    2578 days ago
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