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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I would like to post this describing the many ways I have mastered organization, but I'm afraid that would be a fictional post. I am working so hard to clean up my workshop and get it organized, and as I work I can hear my dad in my ear talking to me.

Years ago he gave me one of his old drill index sets - it looks very much like the one in this photo. With the exception of a fully loaded index with each bit in its place. It looked like this when I received it, but I have broken many bits, I have lost some bits, and I have some bits laying on shelves and at the bottom of a toolbox. This does not set well with my dad when he visits. It disappoints him to see me disorganized. To my dad, tools deserve near reverence... every time I purchase a tool, I understand why - they are very expensive and when you need a tool, they can be invaluable. So, it makes complete sense that you keep them clean, organized and in their place. I am getting closer to having the shop organized. I want to be able to say it is "ship shape and Bristol fashion." Mainly because I like to say "ship shape and Bristol fashion."
I have a challenge for you... pick your area of least organization and let's get obsessed with organizing it. If you do take the challenge, I would love it if you send me some "before and after" photos. I have some before shots and I'll take some "after" photos as I progress. This weekend I built an overhead rack and stacked my boat lumber overhead... nice. I also organized my "C" clamps... well actually all my clamps, but I have a zillion "C" clamps. (I always wanted "C" clamp to be called a sea-clamp... one of life's disappointments for me.)
Okay, I have one more challenge for you: Find a way to work, "ship-shape and Bristol fashion" into your dialogue today... and just for fun throw in a "C" clamp!
Have a great day and I hope everything is ship-shape and Bristol fashion for you today!
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    I have found in the past two months that I have started to thinking in terms of organization...this is amazing to me. As I get one area organized, then as I progress, it is helping as I go to other areas.

    I shall look for more blogs on your progress in this area emoticon
    2539 days ago
    I love the comments from this post. Because today begins a new work week following the holiday, I am going to spend the first 30 minutes in my office organizing and getting ready for the day. I work so much better when the area is neat and clean. That makes me sound OCD, trust me... I'm not. I really struggle with this. When I am working, I don't usually stay tidy, I make a mess.

    This weekend I replaced the windshields in my boat and now I have a HUGE mess to clean up in the boat. Tools, aluminum shavings, rivet posts, tools, etc.

    2539 days ago
    I am the least organized person I know. I truly admire organized people and wish I were more like them, but its a process like this weight loss journey. I'll get there I hope. I did finally get my bathroom in ship shape and Bristol fashion. Next I hope to hit my closet!!
    2541 days ago
    Ok, I get the gist of it but I had to google 'ship-shape and Bristol fashion' to make sure- and I married into a seafaring family -my son is now a yacht captain.
    I tend to be pretty organized (all those teaching years) but there's always room for improvement!

    2542 days ago
    Jerry, we have found a great answer to the "ship-shape and Bristol fashion" dilemma! Drex built me a 990 square foot house, and no longer can my mother send me the things she used to that would stack up in our previous houses that we rented! This house is so much easier to mess up, but it's REALLY easy to clean up! Now, when we have unexpected company, like my mother-in-law, we can sound the alert and have everything "c" clamped and in it's place before they get down our dirt road! emoticon
    2542 days ago
    I keep promising myself I will get more organised particularly with paperwork. It doesn't happen!!!! I know - I need to make it happen!!. emoticon
    2542 days ago
    Nothing about my life has ever been "ship-shape and Bristol fashion" but I can "C-clamp" with the best of them. So there, I used them!

    Not entirely true - my life is ship-shape and Bristol fashion because I am able to prioritize - living well is more important than living "neatly."

    For all my clutter, I know that my DH comes first, nourishment second, the last room in the house to ever get straightened out is my own personal bathroom. Why? Not because I am not worth it - I am worth it.

    But I married a man 30 years my senior and while my bathroom will always be there and always be messy, my loving DH will not.

    Uh-oh! I see a blog here - thanks C.J.!
    2542 days ago
    Organization can get overwhelming, especially if you're the only one in the house who does it. Try not to organize and plan to the point where you are just organizing and never doing. This is a trap I frequently find myself. I have all of my meals all planned out and everything in the fridge set up and ready to cook, my workouts planned and then I fail miserably to follow through. I wish you all the best and I'm quite jealous that you have enough room for tools. I too grew up in Dad's shop and being in a small apartment with "mini" tools is driving me crazy.
    2542 days ago
    I love organization!!! I try to spend at least 15 minutes a day... doesn't get overwhelming that way!

    I also LOVE before and after pics!!! of any and everything!!
    2542 days ago
    I am having a lot of difficulties when it comes to organizing things.
    2552 days ago
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