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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love running on the trails by my house. I don't have to cross roads and the trails are newly paved and wide so there's plenty of room for runners, walkers and bikers. Lately, I have been feeling so guilty when I lace up my shoes and get ready to head out. My dog, Hazel, knows that I am going out and starts begging me to take her with me! It's pathetic, really. I have taken her many times and just walked my route and she seemed pretty energetic and spry for the 10-year old girl that she is. I have also read blogs about other sparkies running with their dogs. I decided to give it a try.

So I waited till the temperature cooled last night (about 8:00) and leashed her up and headed out. She was delighted and could barely contain her excitement, I mean literally spinning in circles, whining, barking at me.....(SMH) Did I mention that she is pathetic?

I have a flexi leash that I use for her as she is a lab and loves to smell everything. When we walk, her nose does most of the leading and she goes this way and that way..... She is all over the path. The last thing I wanted was for her to suddenly change her direction and cause us to crash or stop suddenly (been there, done that while trying to ride my bike with her). So, I put that on her for the first bit and then when we got down by the river on the path, I let her loose. I am not supposed to do that in my community, but she is my shadow and would never stray too far, thankfully, as we literally ran into a bunny and a deer and she didn't chase them.

I felt wonderful running, nice and strong and I had my buddy by my side! We did it and I was so happy.... that is for about the first mile. Then she began looking at me like "Really, we're going to continue this running????" Of course, I didn't want to overheat her, but she does have four legs to my two and then I thought about her coat... it's a lot thicker than mine and she can't sweat like I do to cool off, so after about a mile and a 1/4, we stopped running. We walked another mile to a spot where she could get into the river for a cool down and a drink and then we walked home. I must say I was a little disappointed to not be able to finish the run, but I do enjoy time with her and maybe if she "trains" a little, she can work up to a longer distance and be able to keep up with me!! One thing is for sure, next time I lace up my shoes, she will beg me to take her with me..........
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    Sad to tell ya, but your dog will only get older and able to do LESS running.
    But, it will still be good for her health to be taken out, even if it shortens your run. After all, what are buddies for?

    2775 days ago
    I love running with my puppy. She's a 7 month old chocolate lab. She is FULL of energy and she doesn't go too far yet though. Her momma, my yellow lab goes further, but it's hard to get her to go, she's lazy and much more comfortable being a couch potato! I can't take them together either, so they take turns :-)
    2808 days ago
    Mine didn't even make a half a mile before he just plopped down in the grass! He was so over it! And it was just a walk. I have mental plans to train him but he is still very young, not even 6 mos yet. I hope you find a way to share your runs with Hazel, she is adorable.
    2836 days ago
    Awww... that is such a cute puppy face!
    2836 days ago
    Just saw this. How sweet! My little dog Boots, loves to go with me, but we can't right now as it is too hot for me and him. But as soon as it is cool, we will be out there too!
    2837 days ago
    Just some thoughts. emoticon

    Hazel needs that time first, before running but after lacing up.
    I can see her tortured rejection. Since lacing always means some sort of an excursion, can't she go round the block at least and then be let back inside so you can run? I feel her pain.

    Seriously, I have had to leave my pup home when I wanted to move too fast for him, and it's not a problem if I time my behavior that create his triggers of expectation, and help him cue that he's not going.

    2843 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/7/2011 8:30:27 AM
    Wish Hazel could write a blog about your run. I bet she would be so positive about your run!! emoticon
    2853 days ago
    My dogs LOVE it when I take them out for a walk. We have lots of fields so they can all burn off alot of energy.
    Sounds like you will soon have a "full time" running partner. lol.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2858 days ago
    Awwwww I love this =) I have a pathetic 9 y/o pup. I call her pathetic and a goober quite often, lol!
    Even tho you didnt get in your full run, it sounds like a great time out and well spent with her. Love the pic =)
    2858 days ago
    That is so sweet. Good for you for taking the dog. Ya, I'm sure that with a bit of training the dog will learn to keep up with you. And good for you for running. I am still in the desire stage of that. I've not been feeling well lately and feel so fatigued so quickly after I exercise and then for days afterward. Going to the doctor this week to get things checked out. I'm a bit nervous about the 5k I am doing with my daughter this coming Sunday. I hope I have stamina. But I don't have to run the whole thing. Have a great week.
    2859 days ago
    My parent's dog is the same way. For the first mile she does really well, but the second mile she sometimes sits down in the middle of the road and refuses to move! Hopefully you can train your dog to go the longer runs with you!
    2859 days ago
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