My First TATTOO!!!! (w/ pics!)

Monday, June 20, 2011

I got my very first tattoo on my anniversary this weekend! AAAAHHHHHH!

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous once we were in the shop, but the tatoo artist, Travis, was wonderful! Although this was actually quite spontaneous - I literally blurted out the night before our anniversary, "hey, let's get tattoo's!" - I had been thinking about getting this for a long while. And we did our research the night before and honestly we couldn't have picked a better place. If anyone lives in the San Diego area, I highly recommend Propaganda Tattoo in Point Loma.

Anyhoo...we both got bird tattoo's! Sparrows, to be specific. We have a thing for birds and we call each other birds, so we'd always wanted neat bird tattoo's. Plus, in the navy, it is common to get a sparrow tattoo once you've sailed so many miles, so it has an extra bit of meaning for B. Apparently, if you drown at sea, the sparrows will come carry your soul to heaven, so at least we're covered if we ever drown! ;) Plus, sparrows mate for life and symbolize loyalty and fidelity. LOVE :)

Me right after.

Closer up.

We took these on my phone, so I'll put better ones up from my camera once I load them to my comp, as well as a pic of B's. His looks almost exacty the same except on the wing where I have the "om" symbol, he has a fish. I like mine better! (But I still love his, too.) It was a really neat experience and I'm honestly totally in love with my new art. I think it's really me. :)

Gotta go to class now, but I'll update you on the rest of my fantabulous anniversary weekend later!
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