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Monday, June 20, 2011

In late April I learned that my blood glucose was in diabetic range, and my doc termed it pre-diabetes, saying however that we would work to pre-vent full onset rather than assume ti was inevitable. I liked that, and took it as my focus and challenge. Every time I'm faced with eating a large serving of something overly sweet or too high in carbs I ask myself which I want, brownies or feet? Cake or eyesight? Ice cream or a kidney? I'm moving further away fro mhaving to be so drastic in my personal scare tactics, because I'm finally seeing results from this.

For the first time ever my eating isn't all about weight loss - that's a major goal still, but I'm just as focused on BG readings being in a low range, and that's a helpful and very immediate indicator, as well as great motivation. If it's high, I take a walk. High all day, I eat less carbs and try to figure out where there might have been hidden carbs in my food that day. So far so good - I've lost nearly 20 lbs!

My next goal is to get down to having fewer than 100 to go, and that's in sight now. I'm also determined to walk every day (I've only missed five days since April 28--my own D-day). My posting status a while back was saying that "I was exercising even though it's not fun yet" and now I can honestly say I enjoy it. I'm hoping cravings for sweets abate some, but until then I'm working with low carb bars (Detour ones are great!) and tiny amounts of such things worked into my eating plan when I truly am hungry only for the real thing.

Verbalizing my intentions is helping too; "I'm finished eating for the day now." Sometimes I have to say that one twice, out loud. "I walk every day, today is not an exception." "I am not eating unless I'm tracking my food." "Packing my lunch at night means staying on-plan tomorrow, so I'm going to do it NOW even though I'm tired." And so on.

I look forward to my next endocrinologist visit and finding out what my BG and A1c numbers are after so much hard work. I'm hoping for the best, but I know I can get help both from my doc and from Sparkpeople if it's not where my health should be.

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    Kate, I'm so happy that it's working for you. Another "sweet-tooth" reducer: the BariWise high protein gelatin. It's completely protein (15g, 60 calories), so no carbs at all, but it tastes like a sweet jello treat. Good luck,Kate!
    2560 days ago
    It does seem that when we decide we just want to be healthy, and not think of losing weight, it becomes easier. I can't say I really enjoy exercise, but I've come to know it's just something I NEED to do for my health. It was when I learned that I had a condition that makes me very high risk for diabetes that I got the incentive I needed to be as healthy as I could be! You are on the right road!! Good luck and good health!
    2561 days ago
    It sounds like your doctor is an optimist. You are very lucky to find such encouraging doctor.

    I am sure your heard of the new option here at SP for diabetics? Well, hopefully you won't be needing it anyway but you may what to check it out.

    I too have sweet cravings. It can be hard if you lean on your teams for support it could help the cravings pass. In fact, just blogging helps me a lot.

    Good Luck in your continue success at this healthy weight loss journey.

    2561 days ago
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