June - Week 3 Review

Monday, June 20, 2011


Monday - Rest Day. Take an easy yoga class this evening. - Great day for a rest day. Jon had a procedure so I had to pick him up and take a half day, and a couple of friends came over. Very relaxing... I did some yoga at home later because my friends stayed later than I had planned on and there were no yoga classes that late. That's okay though... I did my yoga and it was a designated rest day.

Tuesday - AM yoga, lunch run, cycle after work. No AM yoga! I got a ton of sleep which is always more important, especially if I can do the exercise later. I ended up doing strength training on my lunch, taking a bike ride after work (which was amazing) and I ended up doing yoga at home because I tried to go to this class at a new studio and could not find ANY parking because there was a cubs game (next time I know to check or ride my bike) and I ended up not being able to go and drove home defeated and pissed at the wasted time haha. I did get yoga in though so it's all good!

Weds - AM swim lesson/20 min endurance swim, ST at lunch - full body, PM yoga - I went in early and swam before my lesson to work on endurance and this went all right. My swim teacher said she noticed a lot of improvement, so the swim clinic must've been valuable! I ended up doing an easy treadmill run and I did a Hot Yoga class with my friend after work.

Thurs - AM yoga, PM 5k predictor run - optional core workout @lunch - I could NOT motivate myself to do any AM workouts this week except for my swimming lesson where I have to show up to get my lesson! haha. The predictor run went well, 9:56 pace even though it was humid and unpleasant. I went out to lunch Thursday because a coworker was taking me out for my promotion (very nice) and I did yoga at home, but I did a good routine! I actually did some serious sun salutations and a bunch of great 'runners yoga' style stretches that were perfect after my run. I am getting more confident in my home routine, which is awesome.

Fri - Hot Power Fusion yoga, run after work - My day didn't go exactly like this. I started off doing incline walking since I had run the past 2 days and I jogged a little up a hill. Then I got bored so I completely went all out on the spin bike and sweated everyyyywhere. super workout! After work I thought I was gonna have no time for yoga because I had initially had happy hour plans that got canceled. So I got a yoga class in - hot vinyassa, very exercisey!! and then I went and got my wetsuit! wooo

Sat - Open water swim clinic, yoga class from 11:30 - 1pm - I did exactly this! It was challenging.

Sun - I'm going home for the rest of the weekend after my yoga class Saturday (for fathers day)I will try to talk my dad into playing tennis and/or going on a bike ride instead. - I ended up working out like CRAZY yesterday. I got up and ran 3 miles around the neighborhood, my dad went with me on his bike. Then it stormed like crazy so I took a shower and relaxed a bit. Once it cleared up again it was nice the rest of the day (albeit humid). I went to the public pool and worked on endurance swimming again - just trying to take it nice and slow and concentrating on an efficient stroke and good body positioning. I'm actually really liking swimming so this has been a positive experience. I'm improving quickly and it's motivating. I swam for 45 minutes and it was nice to swim outside! I hadn't been to the pool since I was a kid, it was awesome to get to go to 'adult swim" hours hehe. After this I ate some lunch, and then my Dad and I headed out to play tennis for about 45min-hour! I was pretty exhausted at this point, but I had a great time. I did a yoga video at my parents house when I got back and I took shower #2 and had a great dinner. My Dad grilled steaks and I had peppers and onions and mushrooms and hashbrowns (random). I was so hungry again when I got home that I ate some granola cereal and a lean cuisine pizza before bed haha.


Make TWO meals and adhere reasonably closely to my meal plan. - Failed. BUT Jon and I did only order out once this week, and we just got sushi rolls.
Eat lunch "out" at work only once this week - twice, because someone else bought me lunch one day
Order out/eat out only once with Jon at home - Yes, this was a success!
Go to the produce store to replenish so that I have healthy fruit and veggies to snack on - I didn't actually need to as I had bought a lot the week before. I need to tonight though! But I had plenty of fruit and we had carrots/celery and hummus for snacks so this was all good.

I had an OK week over all, but I just got into a vicious cycle with the carbs that is still carrying over to this week! I do not appreciate this! I didn't even weight myself this morning with the "why bother" mentality, and also I'm very obviously retaining water since my period will be starting aaaaany day now. blech. I feel puffy and gross and none of this is helping my positive healthy attitude! I kind of feel like this past week was a fail, but I am trying not to feel too down about it and let that distract me from learning from the mistakes and doing better this week! I will get all my workouts in, but I actually need to make some baby step toward food preparation. Maybe rather than just trying to say "I have to completely make 2-3 meals a week!" I just need to start smaller so I'll actually do it, because I'm totally shying away. Week 4 to come soon! Hope you all had a great weekend
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    How do you work out on your lunch break? I ask because I have tried and I am usually sweating after I clean up. I feel so groddy without a shower. Do you get an hour or longer?
    2500 days ago
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