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I am SOOOO UNHAPPY with Myself!!! Being Addicted to FOOD is worst than CRACK COCAINE!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

This is a personal, honest & much needed blog I feel for me to get out....

WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY!!!! I truly must admit that being addicted to food is officially worse than being addicted to drugs. Yes, I said it b/c I will always need food to survive & you don't need CRACK or METH to survive. However, there will always be some Christmas, Birthday, or Work party to attend & guess what food temptation will always be there. I won't say that getting off drugs isn't hard for people had to overcome or kick the habit but how do you kick not eating??????

I mean I will ALWAYS need to eat to live. It's always much easier said than done. Eating the wrong foods will destroy your life & those who love you lives also in the process. It's like watching a speeding TRAIN coming towards you & you think you can cross over the railroad tracks before it comes; this is how I feel about being addicted to food. You see the weight gain is taking over your joints, your breathing, clogging your arteries, problems with high blood pressure & sugar but yet you continue to eat the foods that are slowly killing you, slowly eating us away. Our friends & family sit back & watch us destroy our bodies, we put on a front that we will ONE DAY LOSE THE WEIGHT!!! Well my ONE DAY has been over a year now!!! Honestly I may not have too many ONE MORE DAYS left before my body says "NO MORE DAYS!!"

It's like I am always finding myself thinking about food, I CAN'T STOP Thinking of FOOD!! What will be for lunch or dinner, or my next snack. It's like the thought of FOOD consumes my life & it's like the bigger I get the more it consumes me & this is not the life I want to live forever. I can truly see how people can weigh 400 or 500 pounds b/c it had to have started with the same thinking pattern I am dealing with. I mean I have gained 45 pounds in less than a year which I used to think would be unheard of but its not, when you have thrown in the towel, stopped exercising & just let food consume you.

I spent the weekend shopping for clothes b/c I have gained weight again leading to increased clothing sizes!!! I needed some more clothes for work b/c I am just gaining & can't fit clothes that I bought just a month ago, so I know I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM!! I mean that is ridiculous, to go up a whole size in a month!! So I know I must get serious about trying to lose weight b/c I can't keep buying clothes the next size up!! I spent over 2 hours looking for something to wear on Saturday & was damn near in tears emoticon b/c I hated the way everything looked I tried on. I know something has got to give.

I am unhappy with the way weight has taken over my life. I need to get a grip BUT CAN'T seem to find the grasp to make the changes that are needed. My face looks soooooo pudgey & soooo round. Living this life just isn't pleasant or a happy one for me. emoticon
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  • VCZK2TJ17
    i feel your pain and am there with you. what ONE small change can you make and stick with? walk daily for 15 minutes in the morning? NOT have that extra roll (as an example)? eat half the amount of pasta that you normally do? What ONE thing can you do TODAY that is healthy for you? When I was trying to change too many things at once, i came crashing down quickly and got myself VERY miserable. When I realized that this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix diet that i can go back to old bad habits with , I realized that as long as i am making the effort to change 1 thing a day, that is what i can do.
    I love food, just like you, but I can't afford to keep eating like I have been for my health. When there is a food day @ work, I look for the homemade stuff or the "store bought" stuff I don't eat very often. Then I take a SMALL amount of those things to taste them. I have learned that after the first few bites, it tastes the same, and therefore I don't need to eat a HUGE helping of it. But i will NOT completely deny myself the things I like.
    2523 days ago
  • SUNSET24
    My sweet angel, please know we are HERE with you and you are not alone

    2523 days ago
    Hugs & Prayers headed your direction! To put those words out there is a huge step in the journey to begin identifying what is holding you back. I just recently was able to put my ugly roots out of the picture and the food stuff has been incredibly easy now. It can happen once you work through the "why" behind the gaining, etc. It's hard work and took me years!
    2524 days ago
    emoticon I just wanted you to know, that I understand that its hard, and I am praying for you.

    Take one day at a time. One meal at a time. Try to make at least one healthy choice, don't try and do a total overhaul, or its going to be too hard.

    You can do this!

    2524 days ago
    wow, you have gotten really good advice already. Once my friend and I went to a group called OA. Overeaters anonymous. When we saw the seriousness of the actual problems there, we were ashamed that we even went. But if you need it this could be a real resource for change. Either way what it did was put things in perspective for us. We realized our problem were not as serious when we saw what real food addicts looked like. And it helped kick us into gear. This may help you whereever you are. They are compassionate and educational. This will help you to overcome.
    2524 days ago
    You need to increase you protein and fat intake and it will help with the hunger and eliminate. Cut back on the carbs until you have it under control.
    2526 days ago
  • CKC7670
    You make valid points and it was very courageous of you to say them. Now I wonder if you need to step back and nurture yourself just a little bit.

    I was in a car accident that left me with 3 broken ribs. I was unable to do anything for 9 months which led me to gain 40 pounds. I am still working on taking off that weight a year later! I have also been addicted to drugs and know the feeling of trying to get a grip on my using. Some things that I learned in Recovery might also assist you in your food addiction.
    1. We can restart our day at any time. If you feel like you have lost control, stop and take a second to regain your composure. You are in control, not the food.
    2. One day at a time. We are only given one day at a time. Take that day and don't think about any others. If the day is too long to handle, break it down into hours or even minutes; whatever increment yo feel like you can control.

    Be good to yourself and continue to reach out for help. Find someone who can keep you accountable while also encouraging you to hold on.

    You are not alone. We can do this!
    2527 days ago
    I felt like I wrote this blog - I too have gained weight back, my clothes don't fit ans I'm completely disgusted with myself! Let's hope we both turn it around! emoticon emoticon
    2527 days ago
  • KITT52
    my doctor told me, I would never loose the weight till I found out what was eating at's not really the food, it's the way you choose to help cover emotiions you are not ready to deal with...there is lots of help out there

    good luck it can be done.

    BTW I have lost over 200 pounds and have kept it off nearly 2 years now
    2527 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/22/2011 8:44:21 AM
    You are not alone. Just wanted you to know that!
    2528 days ago
    Well I have been there and done that. Time to go forward. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Speak life even though you think you are stuck.
    2528 days ago
    It rakes a lot of strength and courage to say what you have. You've just exhaled the negative, now deeply breath in the positive. You are 29 years young, and from your words the power IS in you to achieve your goals. A lot of excellent suggestions have been made, and good advise now all you to do is choose. Choose to believe you are a blessed person 'cause you are, deserving of all the goodness life has to offer and you are going to get it. Decide to pick the towel up, yet again (as parents we won't let our children do it, so neither can we). Take it one day at a time, one step at a time, one breath at a time. YOU..CAN..DO..THIS! If you want to bounce ideas around, just give us a shoutout or SPMail me directly. You are not alone here. emoticon
    2528 days ago
    Have you ever read any of Marianne Williamson's books? She helps deal with food addiction.
    2528 days ago
    I had a friend once in college who had suffered from anorexia. She said that she could never be a good judge of her looks/if her weight was appropriate because of her eating disorder.

    You make an excellent point. We must eat to live. It's not like an addiction to alcohol or cigarettes or drugs. You can avoid those things entirely and still live, but food-you have to eat.

    Try looking at which certain foods you tend to overeat. Personally, I'll choose a roast beef sandwich over a piece of cake anytime...keep the pie-I'll take a second helping of mac and cheese! Again, I'd suggest a food diary. Look at what you're actually consuming and what is going on at that time of the day. Are you stressed, bored, tired?

    Seriously, though, as others have said, you might be eating to avoid feeling some other emotion-anger, boredom, etc. You have to deal directly with the feelings in order to stop substituting food for those emotions. As women we are trained to "play nice" when we should really be more direct.

    And are you eating enough good-for-you foods? Are you plain old hungry? If you're restricting calories, you'll end up eating more junk. Are you getting enough quality sleep? If you are tired, you might be eating more. There is a connection between the two.

    Acknowledging your feelings is a good first step. Don't stop-keep going! Each of us does indeed have a relationship with food. In order to change any relationship, you have to figure out what the current one is and then make the needed changes.
    2528 days ago
    You've already received such awesome advice, there's really nothing more there that I can add. But I can say that I totally get how you feel. Trust me. I get it. But you have such amazing determination, I know that eventually you will beat this. xoxo
    2528 days ago
  • NEWSUSAN2119
    I agree with all the commentary and great advice you have been given. You were brave and smart to reach out! Its the first step sometimes in NOT eating your emotions. Keep everyone posted we will be pulling for you:) (( ))
    2528 days ago
    I promised myself NO new clothes until I loose weight and then I won't need them. I did buy some new bras and some recycled clothes I have a wardrobe full but only about 20 items that fit.
    All the replies connect with how you are feeling, you are not alone.
    Stay strong
    Hugs Brenda
    2528 days ago
    You CAN do this. I can relate to this. I have had many last suppers because tomorrow is the big day when I start again-only to find I cheat at the end of the day.
    Put yourself first.
    Keep us posted.Right now my house is full of leftovers from my DD's graduation party and I'm having a hard time but I'm going to take it one meal at a time.
    I'm throwing out,giving away and feeding the kids the healthier party foods-
    It has to begin now-progress not perfection.
    2528 days ago
    The best thing yoiu could have done for yourself is to share. Yes, this journey can be difficult, and perhaps small steps at a time may help you move a bit forward - like take a walk, but don't beat yourself cause you did not run, or do Zumba, or lift weights. Add more greens to your food, in a smoothies as part of your salad. Small changes also help you move on this journey without a lot of stress.

    I don't know aboiut your faith tradition, but for me when I over eat and I am foodie - teaching classes, creting recipes, etc, etc, I find that there is another stressor for me that was and can send me to food. I pray a lot, and then I had to decide that I wanted it. Begin again precious, you really can do this.
    2529 days ago
    I am also feeling the same way ..... I am taking this summer off from my part-time job(not like I could afford to do it but i feel like i have to get some control over my weight) so that I can get myself together. I pray that this time i can do this. I don't know what to do if it doesn't work for me. I know what you mean about food being a drug ..but it is much easier to eat the wrong foods. I read the advice that spark friends have given you( they are really good ones that i would like to follow) I would like to add your not alone its a step by step day by day journey emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2529 days ago
  • GGMOM06
    emoticon emoticon at a time and with lots of friends and prayer. Look at your children and know it's for them too. emoticon
    2529 days ago
  • STESS520
    I felt like I was reading about myself. I love food so much it took me off of sparkpeople for awhile b/c I was so embarrassed knowing what I was doing to myself and still did it anyway. I feel your pain and your everyday struggle. It makes it even harder when other people in your family are not on the same plan as you. Making different meals and buying different foods can be hard on the budget. BUT, I am working on a way to make it easier. I will admit after reading Karena228 post...I would follow her advice. I am actually going to take it myself.
    2529 days ago
  • ILEANA77
    I know exactly how you feel. You have to find the way to take control over your life. It is no easy but you can do it. Small changes, one day at a time. emoticon emoticon
    2529 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    you surely aren't alone! we all understand, been there, experiencing that!

    somethings that have helped me was to realize bingeing and compulsive overeating is a real problem for some people, me too... and I wasn't alone... and that we can get better but have to face it, deal with it, and work at it...

    there are some good resources here on teams and IndyGirl's recent blog on how to stop bingeing, and there are a few other favorites that have helped me... like reading David Kessler's book "The End of Overeating" which explained what happens in the brain so I finally get it/understand it, plus what the food companies are doing to keep us hooked.

    I haven't gone to Overeater's Anonymous yet, there is another group called Celebrate Recovery, and these can provide real world support just like Sparking here can provide friends who really get it...

    You've taken a huge step putting this out there, I can hear the pain & desire in your voice... don't give up. There's more than 1 way to skin a cat and you just need to keep trying healthy strategies to find what does work for you, tweak & adjust them as you can.

    One book I read, might have been the Anatomy of a Food Addiction or maybe a Overcoming compulsive overeating workbook, I can't remember, anyway, they said that it is unrealistic to expect anyone to quit bingeing cold turkey. You have to relearn how to cope with whatever is triggering the binges and that takes time & practice to work through it...

    but the battle/struggle is worth it because you are worth it, and you can emerge in a healthier better relationship with food and coping skills for everything... so hang in, stick around & work it... and let us know how you're doing...

    2529 days ago
  • KARENA228
    My dear friend,

    Sharing this must have been painful but It was painful for me to read it as well. I am so sorry that you're feeling this way and I can only suggest that you turn to GOD and ask him to guide you on this journey you started TODAY. I say today because you've identified the problem which means you know what to do. Here's what i'm also suggesting:

    1) Do not buy any more NEW clothes. Find a good consignment shop and buy a few items of clothing that you can rotate for work. You must believe when you're buying them that it won't be for long.

    2) Stay obsessed with food - in the most positive way. Clean out the pantry, refrigerator of all the things you don't need. Go to and find out all the things you need for a healthy pantry. Go Shopping. Plan your meals. Use Spark for good recipes, try new foods. Try not to eat out. If you do end up going thru a Drive-thru, remember, all of them have salads. Do Not Eat French Fries. Pack your breakfast, lunches for work every day.

    3) Enlist the help of your sons and boyfriend. Just like you reached out to us - tell them you need to do this. Explain to the coworkers you're cool with what you're trying to do, you'd be surprised who might help you the most.

    4) Lay low for a while. Stay away from social events and/or family gatherings where there is temptation. You need to learn better eating habits and you need to be around people who support you 100%.

    5) GET MOVING - 10, 20, 30 min a day. You know where to find exercises, walking is free. Put some headphones on with some of your favorite music and start moving that body.

    6) For the next few weeks, everything you read and do should be about getting healthier and fitter. Become obsessed with feeling better, that's a great obsession to have.

    Try my ideas, they will work for you, I'm sure but always remember "We Got Your Back".

    I'll be checking up on you. Be Blessed my Sister. You are a Child of God, your potential is infinite.

    2529 days ago
    I'm sending you a big emoticon . I know, first hand, the pain and frustration you feel. Being addicted to food is worse than any other can't just walk away from food. Three times a day you have to fuel your body to keep it healthy. I'm feeling strong at the moment so let me share that "Just for today I can follow a healthy food plan and get in some exercise". For me I have the greatest success when I plan my meals for the next day and write it down. It's like making a committment. Once your body is rid of the toxic stuff like refined sugars and residue from processed foods you will have a clearer view of what to do next. You deserve to be happy and healthy. I really appreciate your honesty.
    2529 days ago
    I am feeling the exact same way today! And, a lot lately. I've not lost any real weight in awhile and before that it was a few years before I'd lost any. But, I can sure gain it! I'm fed up also. I think about food all the time. When i'm doing good I sabotage myself and I know i'm doing it but I still do it! It's so frustrating. I think we'd be better of if we COULD just stop eating cold turkey. But, like you said, you have got to eat to live. I'm really starting to think maybe it would be easier to live off of meal replacement drinks. Nasty tasting ones. That way you don't have anything food related to look forward too. It would prob never work though and is a bit extreme. But, i'm like you, i'm just so frustrated and sick and tired of not losing and feeling like crap inside and out.
    2529 days ago
    I am so sorry you are having these issues. Perhaps - allow yourself to think about food once a week - then it is out of your hands. What I mean is plan for meals for the week - the portions, what to eat, when to eat. Do it and then you don't have to think about what to eat - because you have already done it. Plan it, buy it, make it, package it, then wait till the time to eat it.

    Keep moving those 10-15 minutes each day and drink water. I find that drinking water helps a lot. Make sure you are drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, each day - no matter what.
    2529 days ago
    I totally understand your struggle, I can relate. When people say its a mind thing its definitely the truth. But what I have found is that keeping God #1 & apart of everything you do really helps with the struggle in your mind. Maybe try getting up 1st thing in the morning before anyone in the house & just starting out your day in prayer & worship. Pray throughout the day if you have to & ask God to renew your mind & strength through the spirit. I do that & it helps me to stay on track with my goals, exercising, etc. When I dont do that I'm totally off track.
    You have done it before you surely can do it again, you just have to refocus start back at the beginning again. Losing weight is definitely a hard task we just have to remember to take it 1 day & 1 step at a time. If you fall off 1 day dont beat yourself up or give up on yourself you just have to get up & try try again. Keep trying, pushing & dont give up no matter what I know its easier said than done but I believe that if you keep doing that it will become a habit & before you know it you will be at your goal.
    Keep your mind focused on positive things & definitely surround yourself with positive people. I've ordered several books on eating healthy & exercise. I log onto Spark everyday even if its just to read the motivational pages & this helps keep me encouraged & motivated to just keep going. Hope some of this helps.
    I'll be praying for you & if you need an encouraging word, a listening ear or any support I'm here. Good Luck & I know emoticon !!
    2529 days ago
  • JCL129
    emoticon emoticon

    I know exactly how you feel, and I'm glad you got that off your chest. You have inspired so many here, myself included. Big hugs, much love and support to you...

    2529 days ago
    I can relate to what you're saying. There are some days when I'm obsessed about my food - meal planning, eating, grocery shopping, etc. i can't say that I have a complete handle on it, but I don't obsess as often as I used to. Now I just let my day take the path that it will and try to make the decisions that I can. It doesn't always happen that way, but I have more healthier days than not. You can beat this. Just take it one day at a time and put one foot in front of the other. One healthy day leads to another, and to another, and to another. Maybe you may want to look into local OA meetings so you can get the support you need from others who have also been crippled by the same problems you have with food and addiction. I would also recommend getting the book The Diet Cure. Oftentimes we are off balance because of our brain chemistry. Perhaps introducing some simple amino acids could help balance you out and assist with dealing with the cravings. In any case, lean on the spark community for support. We're all here and have each others' backs. Stay in the fight! emoticon
    2529 days ago
  • THOMS1
    Yeah, being addicted is pure hell but you have to dig yourself out of that hell hole. It takes lots of hard, hard, work and a whole lot of discipline, support from your loved ones and more support from yourself. Stay away from your trigger foods and keep yourself within your calorie range and that means healthy foods. Not all calories are created equal. Exercise such as walking helps and read all of the articles on spark about healthy foods that you can. Believe me it pays off. Good luck now. emoticon
    2529 days ago
    Trust me I can relate to you!! Beating yourself up about it is only going to make it worse, I promise! Take it one day at a time and before you know it, you will be back to where you want to be! It is hard, I too am a food addict. I consider my recoving emotional eater. I laugh when I say it but I'm for real! I notice that whenever I say that, I stay in line! Whenever I'm about to slip, I say "Kenya, remember you are a recovering emotional eater, do you really need to eat that? Think about how bad you are going to feel about 2 seconds after you eat it all! Don't do it" So far it's working!!
    2529 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I relate very much, but I need to gently say consider trying to let go of making a case for how hard this is. Once you get a handle on this, and I am betting you will, I think you'll look back and be very glad it wasn't crack cocaine that was your drug of choice. And remember that the self-crticism afterwards IS PART OF THE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR CYCLE. It actually makes it more likely that you will binge again if you get mad at yourself afterwards for it. I don't say that to make you feel guilty, but to encourage you that if you can stop that, you can also whittle away at the eating, too. Trust me! There are people who do recover from this and go on to maintain sane eating for the rest of their lives, but just about all of them did everything you're doing now at one point. Then they did some supportive things and some unsupportive things again over and over until they were doing mostly supportive things and very few unsupportive things! It really is much more logical than we give it credit, but we can get so caught up in our fear that we can't see it.

    You must hold out the vision for yourself, even in the midst of "failure," that you can turn this around, and after awhile, it won't even take strength. It will be natural, at least 90% of the time. And that's probably all you need. That's what faith is: belief in the absence of proof. But that entire process takes a few years. Start now. emoticon
    2529 days ago
    It's like quitting smoking for me- i don't NEED them and can just avoid them altogether but food is another story- you need it to survive!

    Unfortunatly being addicted is a fact you can't change but you CAN change the control it currently has over you!

    I am not going to give you any speals on what to do foodwise/exercise! It's time to work on your brain my friend! You KNOW what to do to lose the weight! It's the WHY your not getting it done that you need to work on!

    I recommend you go out and get a book on this subject and read it. Geneen Roth is FANTASTIC and she has MANY books on the subject as she is addicted to food. Go to amazon and search them and find the one that sounds right for you today! It helps i know i am not alone/weak/helpless helps to know what helped them to overcome and to know they could.

    This will give you hope!

    I am still trying to find my way out of the addiction. For me choosing to ban/lable foods bad has corroded my thinking. I am compeltely brainwashed with false beliefs. I'm beginning to read "Intuitive eating" once again. It's time to "stop the insanity" of doing them same thing over and expecting different results.

    You can do it too- we can do it together! Explore a whole new way of looking at this jounrey!!!

    I promise- we can do it!!!
    2529 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/20/2011 1:38:15 PM
  • BUTTONS973
    You know what Cassandra, I felt the same way about 3 months ago. I gained all my weight back since the last time i was on SP. I even gained a little more. Three months ago I topped my highest weight ever of 227lbs. I got comfortable and went back to my old eating habits and i stopped exercising. Slowly but surely, my clothes kept getting tighter and tighter. When i started wearing the same old five outfits to work every week, and my kids guessing my next one, that's when i realized i had to do something about it. My kids literally checked me everyday.

    I didn't go out and buy me new clothes, not because i couldn't afford them, but because i REFUSED to buy my actual size. I was like that for months and then finally, i got one sparkbuddy on FB to send me a message, never met her, and that sparked me back.

    So far i have lost 26lbs. I'm back in a few of my clothes now, but i still got a long way to go to reach my goal. Cassandra, you got to FOCUS and stop letting this food addiction or whatever else that's bothering you take over you. Yeah, we all love food. I do too. And that's why i gained it back. But you know what, i look at losing weight and getting healthy as a job right now. It's just something i got to do right now if i wanna get paid. Getting paid of a better sound mind, a happier lifestyle, and just plain old joy from life.

    Now to be honest with you, i started drinking shakeology, a meal replacement, one to two times a day. It helps to curve my craves and keep me on track. I eat a sensible dinner and i exercise 4 to 5 times a week, using TurboJam, Leslie Sansone, or whatever will help me to burn 500cals with each workout.

    Girl, stop letting all that temptation and stuff get the best of you. Attack it with a baseball bat and knock it right out of the park. Only you can do this, no one else can. Now i am here for you if you want help. But you first got to set in your heart and mind that you want to do this. So FOCUS girl...and K.I.M. (keep it moving).
    2529 days ago
    Take a deep breath relax.....There is a solution, this can be done. Just keep persevering I have found lots of comfort and hope on the 21 day LBF thread. I can say I have periods where the obsession with food is gone. This feeling is part of the disorder. You need to start right now and stop beating yourself up. because you will continue binging if don't...
    I have to say that crack addiction is much worse. I am not trying to make light or disregard your feelings but help you find some perspective.It is not as simple as just stopping and never going back. Seeing what families and loved ones go through is truly haunting. The wreckage one creates is devastating. I volunteered at a rehab for seven years and what some people addicted to crack do to their children is sickening.

    2529 days ago
  • JOIE501
    It is hard but that is why you are on Sparkpeople =) Take it one day at a time and make mini goals for yourself to achieve. Good luck girl!
    2529 days ago
  • ACCT1908
    I too can relate! If I didn't control myself I could easily gain 50lbs a year! I've done it before..Recently. Hey girl just STOP WHATEVER IT IS YOU ARE DOING and refocus. TODAY. Don't let another day go by....

    I know it is hard, but you can do it, you've done it before. Make some small changes..i.e today I won't drink soday.

    ((HUGS)) this stuff is hard. Especially when you lose and gain it back (I KNOW THE FEELING) but all you can do to remedy the situation is start anew. Accept where you are and make changes to lose it again.

    Overwhelming? HECK YEAH, but think about where you will be in 6mths if you don't start TODAY! emoticon
    2529 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I completely understand where you're coming from, as I am in this same boat. You can't help but not be consumed by the thought of food only after you begin the journey of losing weight.

    Think of this as your withdrawal time. When you quit, your body is mentally & physically fighting this change. During this time of withdrawal, you must replace the negative behavior with positive ones. When I quit smoking, I was given tips on what to do to replace the act of lighting up. I hope that some of these can be used to help you:
    1. Avoid places that trigger the action.
    2. Carry water with you wherever you go.
    3. Drink water/chew gum to replace the act.
    4. Exercise.
    5. Practice meditation/journaling.

    The article on this website relates to smoking, but I think you will find it useful in potentially mastering food cravings.
    2529 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/20/2011 1:32:13 PM
    You make a good point that a lot of people just don't understand. There is an addiction there.Unfortunately this is an addiction we can't just turn our back on. We have to figure out how to take it from addiction/obsession, to what we need to survive and stay healthy.

    You are not alone in this struggle.We all face this to some degree or another.

    I wish I had something really insightful to say. All I have is don't give up. This is a battle we can all win.
    2529 days ago
    I completely understand and relate to this. At least with drugs you can get help to walk away from them and never go back to them because they are not a daily need. Food however has to sustain us. How do you look at it and change the mind set that you don't need to eat cuz it will make you fat but instead that it is just to sustain you. I think that if I could convince myself to only eat EXACTLY what I need, I could do ok and then I eat and I don't want to stop.
    2529 days ago
    I hear you. I've been there. I can't really explain why I changed, but I did. I had my epiphany 2 months ago that I HAD to change or I would end up needing a cane or worse and I changed. I've gone down almost 20 pounds in 2 months and I'm sticking with it. Why is it working this time and not all the other times I tried? I can't really say. But you will know when the moment comes.

    This is a saying I got from the online divorce group I used to belong to:

    You will make the changes you need when the pain of staying becomes greater than your fear of change.

    It works for weight loss too.
    2529 days ago
  • FIREFLY1967
    I can soooo relate to this blog! I am in the same boat as you. Anything can be an addiction. And so true, how do you not become addicted to food when we need it to live?

    I would love to know the secret switch to turn on and change this!
    2529 days ago
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