A special boy makes a special Daddy happy...

Monday, June 20, 2011

I wanted to post this poem as it was my feelings for a special little boy BamBam who made his Dad happy for a few special minutes, although, these are my thoughts in the poem, it was how I thought my husband must have felt when he received that special card on Fathers Day.

You have 8 kids u raísed for years
U watched them grow u soothed their fears.
U loved them all with all ur heart,
From the beginning, & forever, right from the start.

As the years go by u try so hard to keep them happy,
They say that they luv u that’s cuz ur their Daddy.
U notice one of them, cares more then the rest,
He always let's u no, that u r the best.

It's Fathers Day again 2011 is the year,
And here comes the special one who holds u so near.
His name is BamBam, who loves u and cares,
As u read his card,u start to cry, and he stares.

He doesn't no how special he made u feel,
The others don't care, Fathers Day, no big deal.
But it's not important, that the others don't care,
Happy father’s day Dada, Bam bam and Daddy did share.

I wrote this poem after watching Bam bring his Dad a hand made card with the most beautiful words that no Hallmark could ever reproduce. This poem just came from my heart as I watched a son and Dad really share feelings.

Thank you Bam for making your Dad feel so special...mima loves u so...
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