Challenges and aims for this week :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

My challenges and aims for this week

1) Exercise 3 times (minimum!)

2) Yoga every two days

3) Eat mindfully and take my time (wait 10 seconds before eating a snack - do I really need it?!)

4) Drink more water

5) Keep the salad with my meals up and remember to eat more fruit!


- Make sure to eat a balanced breakfast, not sugar full!

- Make sure not to leave long gaps between meals then spluuurge

- Take the time to consider a snack or picking at something - do I need water instead?

- Smile and realise that you are an amazing person and that you are doing this for YOU, to make YOU feel stronger. My aim is to rise above my challenges and to make myself feel proud of who I am more and more. Acceptance is the key.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!


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