Big bargain, and my version of junk food.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yesterday, Shannon and I went to a Dragon Boat Festival held in a nearby town. I pretty much knew I wasn't going to have any time for strength training, or any other structured exercise, so I decided to do some walking. I love this little town = Blind River - on the shore of Lake Huron. I took a stroll down to the town marina and checked out the sail boats, and the expanse of the lake... It was such a beautiful sunny day, but not too hot because of lake effect.

The dragon boat race is held on a small stretch of the Blind River, right in the centre of town. So, I walked from the docks to the river, then down to the grocery store to check things out there in the strip mall.

Now, when you hear about my amazing find, please be aware that BR population is about 3500 with more in the summer from tourism. At The Bargain Shop

I found a fantastic swim suit!! Of course this is not me...

For... wait for it....



Remember I said I was sure I'd be paying at least $75 for something that fits?

HA HA!!! I am the Bargain Queen!!

Anyway, it looks good!! And when I looked it up on the Internet, I discovered it is retailing for 20 pounds or so... It's a German company Naturana.

No photos of me today, although Shannon took some for my BEFORE photos (Remember I have until next March to look PERFECT in it!). These photos are on his camera, along with a bunch of silly photos from yesterday. You will see them tomorrow...

So, I'm spending all this time walking in Blind River, and I discover that I haven't planned terribly well. I brought my first snack, so I'm looking for some lunch. Stop at the grocery store for a small plain yogurt and a pear. I can get a bagel at Tim Hortons maybe? and share it with Shannon. So I go in and there's no way... I'm NOT waiting in that lineup!!

And I'm still hungry... and time is passing... It's almost time for a second snack... So, I'm looking for a corner store... They'll have something.... I notice a video store with an ice cream sign in the window. So I say to the guy..."If you sell ice cream, you must sell other "junk food" too, right?" and he's like... Yeah... lots of stuff here.

And there was, ice cream, candy bars, soda, chips of every kind... So what does Kat pick? What currently passes for "junk food"??

You'll laugh... or cheer...


It wasn't this brand, but we were surprised to find it was unsalted (yay!!) I shared both these with Shannon.

You know you've been eating super healthy when THAT is "junk food!"

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