Where has the time gone!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wow I can not believe that it's going on emoticon for me. All I want to do right now is cry cuz so far I have not lost as much weight as I should have by now. I don't have a scale cuz I know that it would make me sad. So I just wait still I go to the doctor's each month and get weighed there. One of my mine problem is treating myself with emoticon every now and then. I call myself eating 1200 calories a day to lose those pounds but it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any subjection's?

Dealing with depression and diabetes is not fun at all. On my bad days, all I want to do is throw things but instead I punch my pillows. emoticon I would like to go outside and walk but the temperature has been up in the 100's for the past month. Oh bty remember when I was having problems with my AC, well it's finally fixed. emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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    Hi there. I've also been doing spark for about 6 months and I've lost about 5lbs during this time. I'm trying to not let the numbers get me too low or too high. I've had a couple periods where I just flat out was not willing to track food and that always led to me re-gaining a bit of weight. I am trying to look at all of this as a long term unstoppable process in which there will be up and downs, and most likely things will go waaay slower than I would like. What I often ask myself is am I getting healthier? Do I feel better or look bettter? Yesterday I had to go to a memorial for a relative who died suddenly. I kept getting compliments on how good I looked. I know the scale has changed, at most about 5lbs since I last wore this outfit. I'm just getting "back on track" after a couple weeks of getting slammed by all the estate related business (and grief). So these compliments were extra nice to hear. I said thank you and did not try to minimize the comments by saying oh, its just a few pounds, etc. I said thank you period. Internally, I thought to myself, even through these up and downs, I am going in the right direction. Am I just for today committed to this process? I can so easily "go negative" on all this, so I have to break it down like this. I hope some of this could be helpful to you today. hugs, zensteph
    2490 days ago
    Have you read the articles on how the body goes into starvation mode if you are not eating enough? If you are exercising 30 min.aerobicly a day- you aren't eating enough calories! Are you using the SP tracker? If you put in there how much you want to lose and a date and how much aerobic exercise you do each day/week they will monitor your progress and tell you if you are eating enough or too much! I have to lose around 10- pounds too and my calorie intake is 1700-2100, since I walk quite a bit. It is getting harder to walk in the 90's though, but I usually go for 20-30 min. drink water as I go and it isn't that bad! I used to hate to sweat and now I just feel like hey, wear a sweat band, take a towel and believe it is sweating the fat out! If it is too hot-heat index over 100, I do exercise in the house with Wii Fit, chair exericse and ST. I even walk around the house sometimes!
    At 1200 calories that doesn't give you much room to enjoy a treat like chocolate once in awhile! That is probably a good calorie limit if you do not exercise at all. But, from your fitness minutes, looks like you are. Your body needs fuel or it will think it is starving and keep the fat it has and not let you lose weight to protect itself! Two pounds a week is a good goal-losing slower is better medically for everyone. Who knew losing weight had to be such a science! Hang in there! emoticon
    2497 days ago

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    6 months is a short period of time. Who decided how much you should lose in 6 months? Was it a realistic number. You can exercise in the house, even in a chair. That is how I had to start. I have been here much longer than 6 months and have lost the same 5 pounds over and over. I just started back at the gym, had to take my oxygen of course. But starting over, and the good Lord willing I can go 6 months without having medications that put weight on in a week. Instead of beating your self up, look at what you have accomplished. How long did it take you to put the weight on? Give thanks for what you have and just keep working at it. Another 6 months, then more progress.

    Nothing but good energies and prayers coming your way. Hang in there, YOU CAN DO IT!


    2498 days ago
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