A long week with smiles, tears, pictures....

Sunday, June 19, 2011

It has been a busy week. Work all week, running errands, celebrated my anniversary, two birthdays, and had a HUGE marital meltdown. Began the process of organizing the tiny space I call home. Proudly, I did all of this while still eating within my points AND doing some sort of thoughtful activty every day.

Monday was my mom's birthday. She and I have had a rocky relationship over the years. I think she means well, it is just that she is so critical and negative that I literally dread every call and most visits with her. My Monday birthday call to her started out no differently, but ended well. I think she is beginning to get the message that her being mean to me means me calling less... but since this subject is something that would require several blogs all of their own, I am moving on.

Monday was also the day my little boy got his yellow belt in Mixed Martial Arts! He has finally found a sport he likes AND he is more active. I am a proud mama.

Tuesday was my anniversary. I am REALLY an upbeat positive person, but I wasn't expecting any acknowledgement or even my husband to remember. That is not me being a Pollyanna either. My husband has a history of forgetting dates that are important to me. I had gone the weekend before and bought him some much needed summer clothes and a nice card. (my husband has hole-y t shirts and stained shorts, he doesn't shop) I had planned to give them to him after work. Half way through the work day, my husband had called and asked why I had not reminded him of our anniversary. I told him that for me, the important thing was for him to REMEMBER and acknowledge the day for what it was, it was NOT for him to run out and get me a gift. I told him I was glad he remembered. And I was. I was glad to be acknowledged and appreciated for being the good wife that I am. When I got off work, he had cooked dinner, and had bought me an air purifier for my room and some candles. Very sweet.

Wednesday I get a call from child support services. My ex is in jail (again) and wants his child support order dropped from $376 a month to 0 while he is in jail. Not that he pays, but I at least want the arrears to accumulate. So, since I refused to let him off the hook (I mean, my bills keep accumulating if I am not working), I will be heading to court.

Thursday and Friday were kind of the same old work, cleaning, running errands. I am slowly working on increasing the amount of time I run when I go out to work out. Eventually, I would like to be able to do a whole 5k while running. I should start the C25K program again....

Oh yes, the "fight". I pretty much had a hysterical meltdown on my husband. He is a kind man....but EXTREMELY lazy. When I say extremely, it is no exaggeration. I have begged and pleaded with him for help around the house, help with doing what needs done, and he agrees. He then "forgets" to do his part, leaving me to do about 90% of everything. Long story short, it sometimes gets to the point where I have a huge meltdown before he actually sees that he isn't doing what needs done. I know I was probably extreme, but I took off my ring and told him I was leaving him if he didn't start acting like a partner and not like a teenager. So Thursday was not pretty...but what am I do to when I repeatly (and nicely I might add) ask, beg for help and get ignored. I mean, this goes on for MONTHS before I find myself YELLING LIKE AN INSANE WIFE. DO YOU NOT SEE I NEED HELP?????? Anyway, I *think* I might have gotten through to him, because he acknowledged his lazy ways and committed to helping me. I am going to be optimistic..

That leaves yesterday. I literally spent ALL day Saturday with a mission in mind: cleaning and organizing my kitchen. I started by taking a visual inventory of my cabinets. It was a sad reality. While there is a semblance of some thought how I organized my cabinets, the space is FAR from utilized to its fullest potential. And in a home that is about 1300 square feet for 4 people and 2 fur babies, space it at a premium.

So, I started by taking one cabinet at a time and making a mental note about what the problem was with each area. My "baking goods" cabinet was just a sad story. There was no organization at all, just rolled up bags of sugar, flour, brown sugar. There were boxes piled up on one another, just haphazardly tossed in. The food coloring, flavorings, were hard to find. Things just didn't have a place. So, I made a list of what I thought I needed to tame the messes in my cabinets.
And off to shop I went. Shelf liners, containers, shelving, labels, you name it, and I bought it. A big job requires big supplies.

So I got home and it began. I vaccuumed out all the crumbs and whatever else you find in a messy cabinet. Wiped them all down and let them dry. Put down some liners. Threw out old, expired, contaminated items (tiny bugs had gotten in to my powdered sugar...eeeww). I carefully went through everything....and I did this all day.

While I am not done, I HAVE made great progress. I was too mortified to make a "before", but here is my after of one of the cabinets I re-did.

I even took some time to pull some weeds and I picked some of the flowers from my yard.

The best part of a busy Saturday: Not only did I get a LOT done, I burned 3244 calories for all my hard work. My legs are VERY sore from balancing on ladders, squatting in awkward positions while I vaccuumed and dusted. This goes to show you and me that every bit of movement and activity DOES add up.

Sunday. I am going to spend the day doing some of the less strenuous chores that need done, such as laundry, some picking up so I can be ready for the next wild week ahead. We will also celebrate Father's Day with the hubby and kids. My husband is a good father and deserves to enjoy his day.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday!
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  • AWOLF24
    Wow! You had a lot going on this week! But sounds like you handled it all really well! emoticon
    2859 days ago
  • PORTO44
    Congrats on staying within your points, despite what sounds like a very stressful week. Great job! emoticon

    It's amazing how much you got organized in just one day! Way to go! I need devoted to that!
    2860 days ago
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