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Squirrel rescue mission, and a very dirty stinky pool!!.

Friday, June 17, 2011

This was a very strange day even for us.

This morning DH had a fasting blood work to do. I was up earlier and let him sleep so I did some Sparking. Got 10 on the wheel and after a while that bonus spin was 100 Spark Goodies I love those Woo Hoo, I was on cloud 9.

DH came home and I mentioned my beloved RV and reminded him he had to install the Carbon Monoxide sensor again. He did it yesterday but it did not work. So he was outside and I got on the floor of the RV to look at the other sensor for Propane and it was out too. I went indoors and called the RV manufacturer, I asked them if the 2 sensors were on the same circuit and they were.
I went back in to the RV and checked all the fuses and circuit breakers they all looked fine, but in very small print I saw one fuse that has CO and propane written on it. It was a 1 amp fuse.

I told DH about this. We had no 1 amp fuse in the house so we decided to buy some. We went to the RV place, Wal-Mart, motor supply stores no-one had 1 amp fuses. We went to another automotive store outside of town and a young man offered to help us look for one. There were none there.

We left and were driving from the car park and he was waving us down. He had found a multipak with a single 1 amp fuse in it. We bought the package happily.

Once home I put the fuse in place and the propane sensor came on. I switched off the battery disconnect and asked DH to put back the original CO sensor. He told me he asked the man in Bangor to recycle it. The replacement was the one we got the discount on last week but it still cost well over $50.00. I bit my tongue, “no use to cry over spilt milk“, as my Gran used to say.
DH wired the new CO sensor and it was all correct this time.

As we left the RV we walked across to the pool. The cover had ripped with so much snow and it was an old cover, it served us well. It was just covered in leaves. We used to be able to rake them off but there was too much water going through the tear so I told DH I wanted to just haul the cover off and let all the leaves drop in to the pool, We did just that. What a mess !!!!!

We were both pretty discouraged it is really hard work to do this but the pool people are too busy catching up with the new pools so they open just a few each week. We used to do it ourselves before so DH said we will do it again.

We went in for dinner and I was ready to weep. As we looked out of the window our neighbors cat was hanging his head over the pool, I thought he was taking a drink. Eventually I was overcome with curiosity so I went to investigate. In the deep end there is a rectangular hole called the skimmer and water flows in there when the pool is filtering. In the winter it is always propped open with an empty plastic bottle. There was a Clorox bottle in there and I saw a tail, when I leaned over I saw a furry body panting. I thought it was a skunk we have had two skunks in the pool but it was a squirrel.

We spent a lot of time trying to get him to move to the patio so we cold help him out. DH tried to touch him and the little thing panicked and was about to jump back in the water. I put the net over so he could not get out, he turned and tried to come up through the vent but the plastic sides he could not handle and fell back down and went back to the skimmer. I went inside and found a dinner plate to wedge in the hole. I scattered cashews on it and I went in the house and DH went to his train night.
As I started this Blog I heard a plate crash so I looked out just in time to see him run under the fir tree for cover. It made me so happy he was OK and it actually got me out of the funk I was in over the pool.
We were supposed to go to NY again but we have to take the old cover to the dump. The campground is still closed and flooded so we will stay in Maine instead. The way my arms feel after hauling that cover off I am glad to be staying home.
Pat in Maine, emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Phew! What a day! I hope you got some much needed rest! emoticon emoticon
    2502 days ago
    Those covers are heavy, especially if they are wet or covered with stuff. I have to clean the leaves out of my little pond every year too. It takes a lot of work. I'm so glad that you were able to get the squirrel out of the skimmer. I'm sure he's grateful too. It can be tricky trying to rescue sometimes, cause usually the animal is scared. It's good it wasn't a skunk.
    Hopefully, you'll get to head out to NY before too long.

    Love and hugs
    2503 days ago
    Those are pretty good ideas to make the rescue work! Glad to hear the CO sensor is finally working too. I hope you and DH get some great rest this weekend. Maybe take a mini-trip in the RV to the store or something?
    2503 days ago
    Geez Louise!!!! You must be exhausted!! What a day! Get some rest today, OK?
    2504 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    Wow - what a day. Glad you rescued the squirrel. Bless his heart. I woke to severe storm warnings early so definitely could not go back to sleep. I turned on the weather channel and mercy me, the storms raging across the midwest look huge. Yie, yie, yie - here we go once again.

    My brother is coming from New York this weekend and I had hoped for nice weather. That could still happen so not giving up on it as of yet.

    Take care and do have a Super Saturday.

    2504 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    We have hauled out a few drowned squirrels out of our pool after we open it,, they walk all over the cover all winter to poo, drink, etc, so when I open it, they think they can "pull a Jesus"(walk on water)! Birds, squirrels,, I have hauled all their bods out from the deep end..ick...

    I have a new pool cover and it worked fine, the solar cover is really old, like ten years or more,,
    I learned the first year we got the pool(1989) that I had to start siphoning water off the cover as soon as the snow started melting, even underneath a foot of snow, there is water,, so I cut a length of old garden hose, shoved it underneath the piles of snow, and started sucking on it.. the rest is history,, it really made a difference taking all that water weight off the cover..

    The leaves are a different story, one I have blogged about many a time..

    Pat, i am so glad you found the fuses, but maybe next time you could let your fingers do the walking first and save your gas and time searching for those fuses,,,

    You can fill that pool in,, in our part of the country they are no longer a selling point,, a neighbor filled his in about ten years ago..

    2504 days ago
    hope you have some rest this weekend
    2504 days ago
    Oh mY!

    What an adventure! LOL

    I'm glad you got things squared away, especially with the CO sensor. That stuff can be dangerous if not dealt with properly!...

    Kathy emoticon
    2504 days ago
    emoticon You two are having all the fun over there with that squirrel. As I type I watch squirrels in the trees outside my window here in the dining room. Several fall from the branches of the Maple trees that are say 50 feet from the ground.
    2504 days ago
    What a long day for all three of you! (You, your DH and Master Squirrel!) I hope you all sleep soundly tonight.

    2504 days ago
    Goodness, you two sure got a workout today!! I am glad that you solved the problem with the CO sensor.
    emoticon Glad that the Squirrel is OK, too!!
    2504 days ago
    Sounds like you had a very long day.
    2504 days ago
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