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Pretty disgusted

Friday, June 17, 2011

I usually don't write about stuff like this and just keep my thoughts in my head. But I gotta say something about the massive amounts of idiots that showed their true colors in vancouver on wednesday night. My facebook is STILL blowing up with people talking about all the destruction and people "liking" pages set up for people to tag their friends or family that were part of the destruction. My heart goes out to the people who were trampled and for the police who I'm sure tried their best and are getting pooped on because they didn't have a better handle on the situation. And BIG HUGE KUDOS to those who were up bright and early the next day to help Vancouver clean up it's streets after those monsters destroyed what they did.

Really people? This is how you choose to react? I feel sick that this was a FUN thing to do in some people's eyes. I hope the ones that get tagged in photos and are caught on video have huge consequences to deal with because you really sickened alot of us trying to give Vancouver and Canada a bad name. This is NOT who we are as a city or country. The vast majority of us do not condone this kind of behavior at all.

Oh and those of you blaming your actions on being drunk? GROW UP! I saw a few posts on the group page of people trying to blame their actions on having too much to drink. If this is how you behave because of a few drinks don't try to blame it on alcohol. It's no excuse for being a dumbass. AND STOP DRINKING if you can't freakin control yourself.

Sorry for this rant but I was just so upset with these idiots.

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    I don't actually live in Vancouver so I haven't seen the wall or any of the stuff.. but as a canadian i just figured we were a better country than this. I mean canadians are known for their hospitality and for being friendly but this tarnishes that rep which is very sad because of one small stupid group of people. I did see on the news last night about a water polo athlete who was under age who actually got a court order to make a public apology.. but I'm not entirely convinced it was real. He was suspended from his team among other things I think so I'm sure he did it try to to get in on the good side of his coaches. Or forced to by his parents. But in any case I do hope they do make a big deal about the ones caught to show that we don't put up with crap like this.
    2710 days ago
  • no profile photo NINJA_SMOO
    It had nothing to do with hockey or drinking. Who brings bear spray downtown to a party? (I read in the news that some people got maced by 'fans'). Degenerates just looking for any excuse...

    I heard on Friday that the kid who posed with his hockey stick smashing in the front of the BMO was found and has been expelled - from highschool. He's not graduating this year now. What a winner.

    Have you been down to Apology Wall? I saw it yesterday on my way home. Some very touching notes on it. Chilling reading it all. There are still people signing the boarded up windows and photographers taking pictures.
    2710 days ago
    I'm in Alberta myself, but I'm very much a BC girl and this made me sick to my stomach. I have family living in the heart of that mess. I agree that it was uplifting to see the response the next day when the REAL Vancouverites came out to make it right.

    My sister and her fiance took a ton of footage on their HD camcorders as they made their way home through the riots. The cops have already made good use of what they sent in, and I hope they continue to catch every one of the idiots responsible for this.
    2710 days ago
  • CHENRY1173
    I am with you 100%. Unfortunately, DisneyParis is right. It seems to happen everywhere. It's really infantile. We lost, let's destroy stuff! We won, let's destroy stuff!! Maybe if your government cracks down on these degenerates then it will make other countries hold their rabble-rousers responsible as well! (This seems to happen a lot here in the States, just sayin'.)
    2710 days ago
    Very well said.

    I live in Scotland, but visited Canada in 2002 and thought it was a wonderful, beautiful country, people were friendly and welcoming, so it saddened me to see this on the news, but unfortunately it happens the world over these days.

    2713 days ago
    Yeah made me ashamed to be from BC. I'm not even a canucks fan and didn't jump on the bandwagon. I don't understand (and don't want to) what goes on in peoples heads when they do something like this.
    2713 days ago
  • MOM2FAT1
    2713 days ago
    I didn't get to watch any of it because I was out of town but I definitely heard about it. I don't know how destruction is supposed to be celebrating but it sounds pretty juvenile to me. But it seems to be a worldwide thing, so no worries, we're all surrounded by idiots. I'm sorry you're having to live in the middle of this. I hated it here in Texas whenever the Cowboys stuff happened and we had over 80 arrests in one night.
    2713 days ago
    I think you are absolutely right.
    2713 days ago
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